Moving On…

Sometimes, it is just so important to let off certain things. To liberate them, to cut loose and detangle yourself from them! You must try to realize that no one is playing with palpable cards; there are times when we prevail but then, there are times when we mislay. Don’t ever expect anything in return; don’t expect credit or recognition for your hard work, neither expect your brilliance to be revealed and appreciated nor your love, affection to be recognized. But still, complete the circle, move onNot out of arrogance, pride or failure but simply because whatever it was, now, it is irrelevant and no more fits in your life. Close the door of the past, revolutionize the record, dirt free the house of yesterday, get rid of the dust of the past and STOP BEING WHO YOU WERE AND BECOME WHO YOU ARE!!!!

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  1. well.. I would remain happier with … the lines being intact – stop being who you were and be who you are .
    Well,its all about -EXPECTATIONS !! the day we give up on this word.. life will stop asking questions,life will stop being sorrowful and yes , life will never remain a loner , ever again!!
    Nicely penned down, moments of sudden despair, sense of self realization or reconciliation! 🙂

  2. Moving away from past is not that easy.But we should try.Lot’s of expection we have from others and more of expectation they have from us.We try to make ourself fitin others life according to them.At the end nor we remain happy neither others are happy with us.The best way to live is as u saidand i too belived-Stop being who you are not and to be what you are.

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