When the Dead, the Alive and the Fictional chat on WeChat

Of late, my Android phone has become my constant companion and its apps my muse, the latest being WeChat where I love connecting with my friends, clients and associates from all over the globe instantly. With features like voice messages, video calls, sharing pictures, and instant messaging within a group, I am hooked to it almost 24×7. And why not, after all talking is my birth right and chatting, the proof of my existence in this highly social networking world.

The non-stop chats on the WeChat group (College Friends) is a daily midnight agenda where we discuss almost every aspect. From casual topics like beauty tip, gossip, travel to serious like war, conspiracy, greed, social issues, corruption and even preventive measures like world peace and spiritualism. However, yesterday night I went dizzy and slept amidst the discussion only to get up and witness Marilyn Monroe in my group list sharing pictures of her heydays which I had never seen before.

One of the most admired actresses of all time, Marilyn was not only acknowledged for her beauty but also for her wits and sense of humor. Since a teenager, I was fascinated with all the good and attractive things about her and even more towards her journey from a troubled childhood to becoming one of the world’s most enduring and biggest sex symbol.  I thanked her for her photographs and asked her the secret of her hourglass figure without forgetting to mention about the Marilyn Monroe twin towers in Toronto. I was glad that WeChat has voice message option and that is how the sex symbol could reveal me how great she felt about the news.

Further, I complimented her by saying that even now, no one can compete with her despite all the cosmetic surgeries and boob implants. She was curious to know about these developments and I was more than happy to bitch about the new heroines and so called sex symbols without realizing that I had even included the Drama Queen, Rakhi Sawant. I apologized Rakhi by saying that I did not mean to hurt her sentiments, on the contrary, always wished to talk in person about her thoughts, beliefs, opinions and her obsession of being always in the news. Rakhi threw some tantrums on me but was glad that I was being honest to her and allowed me to ask her questions. My main question was why she wanted to be Ramdev Baba’s menaka when she had a huge line of guys waiting to marry her. The loud mouth went on and on revealing that she was more than attracted to men with unconventional looks like Baba Ramdev. It is always a pleasure to hear Rakhi speaking but it was a lifetime experience to converse with her.  Marilyn Monroe too was amazed by Rakhi Sawant while the Item Queen was more than glad to see the legend talking.

Even Rakhi loves WeChat and she told me about the feature “Shake” which helps her in connecting more fans. I used mine only to find Chacha Chaudhary in a mere distance of 1 km, I quickly sent him greetings to make him friends and welcomed him in the group. He cordially accepted my request and was impressed that he was my hero all through my childhood and I would still depend on his fast decision than any other high tech machine. I inquired about his health, chachiji and had a list of questions regarding his plans and strategies to curb the wrong happenings in our society. The main reason being, I wanted to know witty solution to aid me and my friends in resolving daily issues like robberies, thefts and helping girls get rid of eve-teasers.

Along with me even Rakhi was so impressed that she expressed her desire to marry Chacha Choudhury. Sabu was not at all happy with this and there began a war of words against them. No one can beat Rakhi so I wished if Munnabhai along with Circuit could come and join this group to apply their Gandhigiri

Having rendezvous with Munnabhai and getting his jaadu ki jhappi was something which I was longing for a while. Besides, I also wanted him to spread Gandhigiri among the politicians as well as civilians. Through the Facebook connect, I logged in and rolled the duo through their Facebook page. I shared a video displaying the statistics of domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual violence. Munnabhai went emotional, I told him all the ruthlessness and horrendous activity of these demons disguised in men. As desired by me, he ordered Circuit for immediate action. Consequently, booking his flight to Delhi wherein Circuit would manage the criminals (both Politicians and civilians) through his style and Munnabhai would try his best to console the victims through his jaadu ki jhappi.  Not to forget, Munnabhai meanwhile, sent smiley of roses to Rakhi Sawant in the WeChat group and she was more than happy to receive the gesture.

I was happy that my connections of WeChat was helping me towards some social causes but at that instant I got a message from Reliance Securities reminding me the 1 lakh which I invested in share market have only gone down to become 40,400. At that instant, I wish I could connect with Harshad Mehta, the Bull who had the ability of doubling anyone’s money through share market. I started wondering that Harshad Mehta is in my group and I am asking him the best scripts wherein I can invest my money to earn huge returns on my income.

In my exclusive tête-à-tête with Harshad Mehta, I ask him the reason for the market downfall and his tips which can help in leveraging my investments. To this even Munnabhai messaged that he wanted some special advice too so that he could donate his profits towards a hospital dedicated to the mentally challenged.

I was on the verge of dreaming money and spending it like a princess, when suddenly I got Marco Polo’s image by the sea where he had discovered a new island. Aha, Marco Polo, my traveler friend from the past whom I always wanted to ask about his quest, voyage and thrill in discovering new places. I asked him about his journey in the prehistoric times when he travelled all the way from Italy to Asia, his stay in China along with all his legendary travelling tales. He was glad that I gifted him the New iPhone which could not only help in talking, sending pictures or voice messages but could help him even in finding new places easily and effortlessly through GPS. Impressed by WeChat app, he was further flattered when I mentioned him that the software is a product of a Chinese company, the country where he spent some vital years of his life.

I was busy witnessing the spellbound pictures of landscape, island and beautiful scenery in my Phone when all of a sudden something rang loudly. I got up, only to witness that my alarm was ringing and it was time to say good-bye to Marco Polo and the other imaginary figures. Soon, I got a WeChat push notification from a Real Life friend Avi asking me whether I wanted to join him for a documentary movie on Marco Polo. Co-incidence I say!

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Leave the past, live in present…


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. “Love has no desire but to fulfill itself.  To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.  To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.”  ~Kahlil Gibran

Our first kiss, our first date and our first love are the reminiscences that have quite an everlasting effect on ourselves. We might forget our greatest grief but it becomes very intricate to forget those moments which we had once cultivated from the threads of feelings and trust. What happens once when the equation fades, the thread ruptures and the person who was everything goes away from our life. What do we do then? Do we drown ourselves in self pity or try to come out by my moving forward.

Stalking his Facebook status, walking past through his home, waiting long near your ex office and call him from unknown numbers will do no good. Although it is difficult but it is better to forget about something that has been tarnished rather than trying to give it a shot every now and then.  Life doesn’t stop with one failed relationship but goes on. So, we need to accept the future with open arms and try to live each day blissfully like they say, out of the heart of the darkness comes the morning light.

Indulge with your buddies, pamper yourself, get a make -over or perhaps do what you feel the best. The idea is to get over the past to enjoy and live in the present. Not to cry for a lost relationship and the love of your ex but celebrate life as it comes!

You still cherish the gift he gave you on the first date? No matter how beautiful it may be, it is now worthless because as soon as your eyes go on it, you sink once again in the memory lane. False hope will only ruin and never heal you. Love letters, sovereigns or anything related to him will only remind you of your failed relationship. Trash it, dump it or throw it, but never try to hold it.

Often you and your ex may have common friends and acquaintances, avoid asking them about him and till the time you are completely over him, avoid connections or meeting with the common acquaintances. Stop putting his name in the Facebook search box to check what’s happening with him. The new girl in his pictures will only make your head spin. Unfriend him, stop peeping into his life and by any means do not let it become an obsession.

One of the essential part of loving is to let him go, so delete his number, stop chasing him or visiting his folks. Do whatever it takes to stay busy and get away from all that sick feeling of loneliness and seclusion. Remember, love is just part of a life and not life. Besides, the absence of your ex who has no significance in your present should not become a constraint of your future.

Close the chapter, let it go and get back to your road to happiness. Life is beautiful and is eagerly waiting for you, are you ready to start yet again?

Mother’s Day Special: Do you share your secrets with Mom?

The trade of keeping secrets is a very complex affair. That’s mainly because everybody’s after secrets. If anybody ever finds that you have been keeping a secret, they’ll track you or leap at you like a sniffer dog in order to dig up your secret. It is a universal truth that people starve for secrets even more than they starve for food. Such is the pull or magnetism of a secret.

You will be able to  keep anything in your custody safe and sound except for a secret. That very instant people makes out that you have a secret, they’ll pester you till you go nuts and divulge out your secret in utter frustration. At times, keeping a secret requires involvement with another  person. This can be an absolutely frightening state as you won’t know whom to rely with your secret.

The individual whom you think will keep your secret competently is perhaps the first and foremost person to go and tattle out your top secret to your colleagues, neighbors and so-called buddies. Or he or she may swindle you, pretending to keep your secret although they are  functioning for your adversary. The person might trick you into thinking that they are trustworthy to you by revealing to you your adversary’s top secret. By this line of attack the person is a confidant  to both you and your adversary while they are functioning for neither but themselves. Accordingly you can well envision the perils of trusting anybody with your secret.

Who Can Keep Your Secret a Secret? Mum’s the Answer

A secret can be in any form like a secret affair,a secret action, a secret wish, a secret thought, a secret letter, a secret happening, a secret meeting and any other type of secret. This planet is encompassed with secrets and many of us believe  that we have been born here to discover the secrets of the Earth.

Almost every one of us has some secret that we want to keep tightly locked within ourselves. But at that the same time, during some occasion, it is very difficult to keep even our own secrets. We, human beings often feel the excruciating want to let loose our minds in consequence of being burdened down by secrets, to share our secrets with a close associate most preferably a friend. However herein lies the hitch. Who is to take up the position of a close friend? Studies have revealed that mothers are the greatest secret-keepers.

Moms have a natural compassion and love for their kids that actually prompts them to keep their children’s secrets utterly secure and safe. However apart from your mom, it seems that there is nobody else you can risk with your top secrets. Associates and buddies nearly always let the cat out of the sack to have a good humor on the sly. If you inform a close friend that something’s very secretive and to be kept mum, the friend will without delay spill the beans to yet another associate or friend saying that it is a secret and supposed to be kept mum. Ultimately, you’ll find everyone is talking about you and your top secret in a hush-hush mode.

Spouses have a general tendency to misuse secrets when they are having a quarrel.  The moment you squabble, whatever you have told them when both of you had been together will be used wrongly and made public. Siblings, on the other hand also have a good laugh at your cost if they are privy to your secrets and make out that you have something to hide. Your weak points then become a great prospect to siblings who believe themselves to be your rivals and who try to win every possible chance to get hold of family attention. Fathers of the old school, who are arrogant, ambitious, egotistic and proud, cannot be considered as good keepers of confidences simply because they are unapproachable.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions. There are friends who would die but never leak out their buddies secrets. There are spouses who would gladly play the cloak-and-dagger sport to disguise the surreptitious moves of their spouse. There are siblings who would walk out of their means only to help and support their erring sisters and brothers, to cover-up their inadequacy. Excluding all exceptions to all set of laws, mothers are the best shield of their children and their children’s secrets.

I share all my hope, desires, dreams, wishes, conspiracy and even the deepest secrets with my mom, do you share your secrets with mom?


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Flashback: Hell Yeah, that was the day!


Escaping the mundane and experiencing the remarkable was our one stop mantra back in the college days. After all, we were just out of our school-like junior college all set for a quest to find the beauty of our existence. There was a period when academics played a vital role in our lives but at this point of time, it was perhaps the last thing on our mind. All we wanted was to experiment things, live life to its fullest and enjoy every moment as if it was the last day of our life. And till date, it gives us the nostalgic feeling. Those were the days, the graduation days! Out of many such glorious days in those three years, the one day which has been embedded in my mind like it just happened yesterday, is the last day of our first year final examination.

Summer of ‘04


“Deeps, did you cover the Mechanism of organic reaction in the Organic chemistry section?” VJ (that’s short for Vijaylaxmi) asked me hurriedly while having the last minute revision.

“No, ya.. I don’t even have the Xerox copy, how am I supposed to know what it is. Besides, I just bought the Inorganic Chemistry book last week if you remember and not Organic.” I murmured while busy searching for something in my other friend’s bag.

“Yaar Musarrat where is the camera?” Don’t you think we should click one right out here in the Science building corridor?”

Musarrat, totally unaware of my question – “Deepti, what’s the plan after this hysterical stuff getting over finally?” I wanted to check out some really good stuff (junky jewelries) in Colaba Causeway…

“Oh yea and I wanted that funky Osho Chappals, I am waiting for it from almost 2 months now.” VJ joined in Musarrat.

We soon began clicking pics and talking about after exam adventure. Our reverie and fun was shortly interrupted by the final bell signaling it’s time to get in the exam hall. I received the question paper and the three hours went in cursing the education system, myself, writing some hypothetical as well as valid equations, finally waiting for my two friends to finish the paper. All in the rush of after-exam adventure, we three came out of the exam hall a good half an hour before.

Selling in our chemistry books in half rates at the Book store in the college campus, we began our photo session. Oh yes, how badly we wanted that few more bucks to enjoy our day. Besides, who anyways wanted that Chemistry books, after all we were Microbiology students.

We then rolled out of the college campus all set out to eat at our favorite joint, the Noorani’s right in front of Mumbai’s first mall, the Crossroads, opposite Haji Ali and also a lane down from our college. If you are passing by that area, don’t ever forget to relish some tasty food there if you love Non-Veg food.

The awesome Biryani, the delicious butter chicken and the legendary two Mangolas between three of us – Oh, what a royal lunch it was after a month of hard work! (Studying for two hours during exams was surely a toil back in those days)

The next stop was 15 minute cab ride to Gate way of India and we were right there for a ferry ride in the Arabian Sea. Enjoying the freedom as if we have completed our graduation, we ventured into the ferry to experience the thrill. What a pleasant half an hour it was!

By the time, it was evening and we were right below the Mumbai skyline, at our final destination, the Colaba Causeway right at the street at Café Leopold and Café Mondegar. Before this day, we were never together after sunset in this busy happening street. So, this day was special. The shopping, the girl fun (now that something cannot be revealed here), the freedom which we were experiencing was out of the world. That evening we walked from Colaba Causeway to CST (VT station) passing through the fountain, Fort and Fashion street in our own euphoria. Finally, reaching for CST station at almost 9 pm. We got our mobile phones in the second year. So, there was no mobile phones ringing reminding us to reach home quickly.


Lastly, not to forget our home was 1 hour from CST station by the local train. And we did not even spare the train from the fun. And why not, as it was the last day of our final exam and we had all the rights to have all our pleasurable moments…

Time after that has flung and I have had many such euphoric moments yet this is the day which I crave to relive again and again.

No career tensions, no work dilemma, no daily trauma – Just a free life out in the cosmic world with my like-minded buddies. Happiness indeed!


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Aashiqui 2: A simple heartwarming love story…

It’s been a while, perhaps now years I didn’t come across a simple sweet love story that would make me fall for it. But, Aashiqui 2 did it. I have not seen the original Aashiqui, so I do not know how it was but this movie is simply heartwarming and very touchy. It has illustrated the perfect way how unconditional love is. Surprisingly, if you’ll tell any person who doesn’t know about the movie to watch it, he won’t believe that it a Bhatt Camp production. Yea, it’s that clean (Wink)

Besides, the movie can be like a balm to all the ruined hearts who think they have lost it in life -especially those who are addicted to various vices. Really inspirational, I wouldn’t be surprise if a young bloke may think of ceasing his drinking habit after watching it.

And I’m so happy the movie depicts the girl supporting unconditionally. Thus, conveying that not all girls’ are bitches. Sigh! Everyone who is or have been madly in love sometime or the other would definitely love this simple yet effective movie. Worth a watch!

P.S. – No, I haven’t been paid even a single penny to write this. But I loved the movie so much that I felt like penning it down.

You can watch the movie in the theatre or if you love streaming latest movies on your Laptop then watch it here like me


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