Aashiqui 2: A simple heartwarming love story…

It’s been a while, perhaps now years I didn’t come across a simple sweet love story that would make me fall for it. But, Aashiqui 2 did it. I have not seen the original Aashiqui, so I do not know how it was but this movie is simply heartwarming and very touchy. It has illustrated the perfect way how unconditional love is. Surprisingly, if you’ll tell any person who doesn’t know about the movie to watch it, he won’t believe that it a Bhatt Camp production. Yea, it’s that clean (Wink)

Besides, the movie can be like a balm to all the ruined hearts who think they have lost it in life -especially those who are addicted to various vices. Really inspirational, I wouldn’t be surprise if a young bloke may think of ceasing his drinking habit after watching it.

And I’m so happy the movie depicts the girl supporting unconditionally. Thus, conveying that not all girls’ are bitches. Sigh! Everyone who is or have been madly in love sometime or the other would definitely love this simple yet effective movie. Worth a watch!

P.S. – No, I haven’t been paid even a single penny to write this. But I loved the movie so much that I felt like penning it down.

You can watch the movie in the theatre or if you love streaming latest movies on your Laptop then watch it here like me


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  1. well… Aashique was a nice movie for that era … its been decade and lot more 🙂 So should the sequel be .. i suppose and with you putting your signatures in favour … let me mark it as a weekend must 🙂 …
    Unconditional Love !! Worth a life in exchange –
    Lucky are those who get Love…and Luckier when its unconditional…
    courtesy -Jack(ed) Roberts 😉

    1. Neither it is bounded nor it is a compulsion yet you want to do everything for that one person….that’s the magic of unconditional love! They I think could portray very well…Besides, all who are/was madly in love will surely love it….Watch it, will be eager to hear your feedback and comments…Meanwhile eager for your next doodle 🙂

      1. looks like Deepti is already drowning in the sea called Unconditional Love …!! I am … at least .. I confess and i know what it means … 🙂

    1. Hmm…Music sometimes can be a real crowd puller. We all love soothing music. If you love the song Tum hi ho, you’ll probably will be glad to see the song keeps on repeating 🙂

  2. Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Everybody please readddddddddddddddddddd

    I dont what is going wrong with indian cinema director MOHIT SURI DIRECTOR of ashique2 i should say film is just awesome the actresses shraddha kapoorrrrrr is just too good in her acting and role in the movie and also ADITYA ROY but i dont know what happened to him and story writer till end the it is good to watch but in the end the hero died spoiling all the charisma and romance of the movie.
    The fool generalist of news channel who quoted that romantic persons should watch but if they loved ever they should know that where is the love when one person dies.
    And the directors should know why dilwale dulhaniya completed its 500 weeks hum sath sath sath hai dabang & dabang 2 inc trp everytime because of itz happy ending vaise hi itne gum hai duniya mai ek saala movie mai bhi yehi shuru kar diya. Before watching ghazni i loved kaise mujhe tum mil gai song but after watching movie i never want to hear that even though song is great my hello tune is song tum hi ho but now im thinking to change because that make me remember the tragedyyyyyy in ashique 2. Well mohit suri you spoiled my craze of watching your beautifully directed and too good star cast………………………..
    Mani Pandey……………………………………………

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