Mother’s Day Special: Do you share your secrets with Mom?

The trade of keeping secrets is a very complex affair. That’s mainly because everybody’s after secrets. If anybody ever finds that you have been keeping a secret, they’ll track you or leap at you like a sniffer dog in order to dig up your secret. It is a universal truth that people starve for secrets even more than they starve for food. Such is the pull or magnetism of a secret.

You will be able to  keep anything in your custody safe and sound except for a secret. That very instant people makes out that you have a secret, they’ll pester you till you go nuts and divulge out your secret in utter frustration. At times, keeping a secret requires involvement with another  person. This can be an absolutely frightening state as you won’t know whom to rely with your secret.

The individual whom you think will keep your secret competently is perhaps the first and foremost person to go and tattle out your top secret to your colleagues, neighbors and so-called buddies. Or he or she may swindle you, pretending to keep your secret although they are  functioning for your adversary. The person might trick you into thinking that they are trustworthy to you by revealing to you your adversary’s top secret. By this line of attack the person is a confidant  to both you and your adversary while they are functioning for neither but themselves. Accordingly you can well envision the perils of trusting anybody with your secret.

Who Can Keep Your Secret a Secret? Mum’s the Answer

A secret can be in any form like a secret affair,a secret action, a secret wish, a secret thought, a secret letter, a secret happening, a secret meeting and any other type of secret. This planet is encompassed with secrets and many of us believe  that we have been born here to discover the secrets of the Earth.

Almost every one of us has some secret that we want to keep tightly locked within ourselves. But at that the same time, during some occasion, it is very difficult to keep even our own secrets. We, human beings often feel the excruciating want to let loose our minds in consequence of being burdened down by secrets, to share our secrets with a close associate most preferably a friend. However herein lies the hitch. Who is to take up the position of a close friend? Studies have revealed that mothers are the greatest secret-keepers.

Moms have a natural compassion and love for their kids that actually prompts them to keep their children’s secrets utterly secure and safe. However apart from your mom, it seems that there is nobody else you can risk with your top secrets. Associates and buddies nearly always let the cat out of the sack to have a good humor on the sly. If you inform a close friend that something’s very secretive and to be kept mum, the friend will without delay spill the beans to yet another associate or friend saying that it is a secret and supposed to be kept mum. Ultimately, you’ll find everyone is talking about you and your top secret in a hush-hush mode.

Spouses have a general tendency to misuse secrets when they are having a quarrel.  The moment you squabble, whatever you have told them when both of you had been together will be used wrongly and made public. Siblings, on the other hand also have a good laugh at your cost if they are privy to your secrets and make out that you have something to hide. Your weak points then become a great prospect to siblings who believe themselves to be your rivals and who try to win every possible chance to get hold of family attention. Fathers of the old school, who are arrogant, ambitious, egotistic and proud, cannot be considered as good keepers of confidences simply because they are unapproachable.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions. There are friends who would die but never leak out their buddies secrets. There are spouses who would gladly play the cloak-and-dagger sport to disguise the surreptitious moves of their spouse. There are siblings who would walk out of their means only to help and support their erring sisters and brothers, to cover-up their inadequacy. Excluding all exceptions to all set of laws, mothers are the best shield of their children and their children’s secrets.

I share all my hope, desires, dreams, wishes, conspiracy and even the deepest secrets with my mom, do you share your secrets with mom?


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  1. 🙂 a little speechless.. i feel .. all i want to say is thanks for the read .. I love my mum the best friend.. whose importance I realize only in trouble …. when I am left on the mercy of loneliness .. she chips in and saves me someway or the other !! She has kept the secrets intact that I still cry .. like her half pant kid when in pain and once hugged by her .. for she knows no matter how much I show off I have grown up , I am still her kid who needs her by many a times and the only difference is I wont utter it !! Thanks yet again Deepti for this beautiful peace of writing ! 🙂

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