Xtreme Drive with Xtreme Indibloggers (Man) and the Xtreme Tata Safari Storme (Machine)

Here it goes the Tata Safari Storme Sport Utility Vehicle (S.U.V.)

Like a beast in wilderness;

Driving us off the road in style

Like a Smart Utility Vehicle (S.U.V).

With a new generation 2.2L VARICOR engine

And a power of 140 PS and 320 Nm torque

It is like the man with the mask on,

Spinning, tiding and swirling like the gushy winds in cyclone.

Climbing through the see-saw,

Making its way through the rumblers,

Descending swiftly across the 45 degree incline,

The monster kicks off even in the dwindlers.

Without the push, without the bumps,

Like a machine on the humps,

Through the arid, across the road of strive,

Oh what an adventurous Xtreme Drive!


Ready to have some thrills on the real SUV with the bloggers, I reached the venue, the Chitrakoot Grounds sharp at 5 pm. My second Indiblogger meet in a span of 3 days and I was more than excited to indulge in the activities once again. By now, I have realized what amazing fun the Indiblogger meets brings. Oh yes, I am looking forward for more….

Ok, coming back to the venue, me along with my blogger friends went inside to register ourselves for the event, the Tata Safari Storme Xtreme Indiblogger meet. Still wondering what the event may unveil, we began chattering among ourselves and greeting-meeting the newcomers. Then began a game of numbers where we had to think of a number and every number had a prize hidden in it. From sleeping bags to banana along with a swiss knife and a private lap dance, the mystery of the numbers came with all the fun and frills. Next, the 30 seconds of fame came into light and we began introducing ourselves. This time, even I got the chance to boast.


All this while, the twitter contest was on, where we had to tweet our retort as a backseater in a car. All the humor rolled out on twitter as well as on the venue and the best tweets even had the privilege of Nikon Camera along with other amazing booties. The fun had begun and we were given the testaments to fill for the xtreme drive. The bloggers roared in delight anticipating what the subsequent agenda would be.

Next, we were exposed with the features, specifications and the beauty of the beast, the machine which we were looking forward to have a hand on. After a detailed session by the brand manager of the most awaited SUV of the Indian market, we were asked to split ourselves in 20 and name our team. We gave the sobriquet of “Storm Ryders” to our amazing team of 20 and started clicking a team photograph before avenging towards the grounds to meet the sexy machine in “person”. Thanks to the Indiblogger team who always ensure that the bloggers get a firsthand experience on the elite stuffs before its launch, all in advance.

Five teams out on the ground to experience the real fun in the real SUV. But, wait a minute, there was something unexpected here. The team of 20 had to indulge in a “Tug-O-War” with the rigid machine, the Tata Safari Storme. Here, began the man and the machine saga, with few falling, few screaming, few engulfed behind their cameras, but all immersed in the euphoria of enjoyment.


The Storme Ryders

Once the thrill of the “Tug-O-WAR” was well accomplished, we, the proud bloggers started venturing towards the real adventure. Ah, we were waiting for the fun all this while, weren’t we? Based on the cards which were given to us individually (A, B or C) we started making our way into the machine for various activities – Off the road, Bumble Bee, See-Saw, Terra Pod activity, Rumblers, Dwindlers and Drift.



The interior of the machine was class and so was the comfort inside. Although, the ride was supposed to involve a lot of twirls and jerks, it was quite amazing that we were stable and safe and could easily enjoy the climb on the inclined/suspended path as well as witness the excitement while ascending-descending on the 60 degree bridge. And personally, I was extremely happy to witness the tornado of dust, the Storme was creating on the ground.


See – Saw Activity

The Powerful Real SUV inclined at 45 degree


A perfect piece of machine for all the enthusiasts, travelers, off-beat drivers and harsh roads, the new Tata Safari Storme has all the incredible features that a real SUV would serve and I was more than glad to get a taste of Xtreme drive on it, thanks the entire team and staff of the Tata Motors.

And finally, after the euphoric drive, we were served with some delicious vegetarian food along with luscious faloodas, icecreams and gulab jamuns. What more can I ask for – Xtreme drive with xtreme food and fun amidst the Xtreme bloggers. Not to forget the Xtreme Indibloggers tee too. Xtreme fun indeed!



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