WeChat: What an incredible new way to connect!

Congress or BJP, Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi, who will be able to translate their popularity into votes in the upcoming election? Besides, who actually deserves to be at the driver’s seat of the nation? The media is going blah blah blah over it. But the question still remains unanswered – Will our country progress under the guidance of a young leader like Rahul or shine if Modi proves “yamraj” to Congress?”

These were the last few sentences of my boss when we finished our meeting yesterday and while I was busy fiddling with my phone all the time throughout the meeting, the conclusion of the meeting blew me away completely. No, my boss did not answer the questions asked above but gave me the duty to analyze the situation and opinionate it. “Dammit!” was my first reaction after all Politics is not my genre in writing.

“Sir, according to me someone should tell Rahul that he is not a philosopher and India doesn’t need him. On the other hand, India doesn’t even need a “self marketing man” like Narendra Modi” I chucked as I said that.

“Oh Deepti, I do not want you to speak but write a thorough article on the topic. Meet me tomorrow with the article in the first half” He snapped at me.

I reached at my home all gloomy and miserable. My mom started ranting about her daily woes. I interrupted her by asking what she felt about Congress or BJP, she had just one answer – Congress. My phone beeped it was a notification of WeChat. My boyfriend had messaged me. I asked him the same question but he replied, BJP and Narendra Modi. It was 1-1 and the answer came from the two most important persons of my lives whom I always run for advices. Ask me about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, I can write pages and pages, but inquire me about Politics, I am equivalent to a ‘layman.’ My boyfriend calmed me a bit and gave me a lot of information (Congress Policies, History, Indian Politics etc) while we were chatting on WeChat. He is a bureaucrat with a Ph.d in International Politics. An avid follower and fan of history, he started telling me how the Indian leaders would react to this mess. I listened to him mentioning Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subash Chandra Bose, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Muhammad Ali Jinnah but could not concentrate and gradually while talking to him on WeChat, I went into my slumber assuming that these veteran leaders of contradicting views would come to my help, debate and give me their insights for my post.

Congress or BJP, Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi? Will our country progress photounder the guidance of a young leader like Rahul or shine if Modi proves yamraj to Congress?





imagesI don’t know..I have lost hope in Indian PoliticsAnd I don’t support any party…







I tell you child, you should go for the Congress and even vote for the Congress which brought Independence under our Great Leader Gandhiji.




images Oh Nehru ..Please stop relating me to the Congress Party. You have already used my name for political gains.




NehruBut GandhijiYou are misunderstanding me.






I think you should help the child here rather than arguing about your personal agendas.

I will say its better if you consider BJP and even vote for them. Mr. Modi is a real leader.



NehruYes a real leader like Hitler himself… He will take India to the depths of misfortune…





Jinnah Yes, Nehru for a change is saying something that is making sense after a long time..Modi is a monster, a communal person. It is only because of a man like Modi, we had to make our land of pure, “Pakistan.”

Every Indian is like Modi that is why the minorities are dying in India where as minorities along with the majorities are flourishing in Pakistan

imagesGandhi: How long this hatred will grow, aren’t we part of the same country? I tried so much to convince you Jinnah, but…





Whhhhhat? Part of the same country, UNACCEPTABLE! Does it mean that India sees Pakistan as its own part?







Leave it Jinnah, I am wrong





All you veteran leaders, plz guide me and solve my issue, who should I photoconsider more while writing this opinionated article?





NehruSee Beta, Modi will do no good to our nation





netaji As if it is doing very well under the royal Nehru Parivar..





images Ty Bose for saying just NEHRU parivar





netaji 😉





NehruPlease don’t team up against meGandhiji you are supposed to be on my sideSince I have always been on your side





imagesWere U?:/





netaji LOL






Don’t laugh BoseYou should stop supporting the fascist Modi..Ahh, whom am I lecturing..U were too under the fascist fold, taking Hitler’s side and Tojo’s help in the Independence of our Sacred Motherland



netajiYes, because they were my enemy’s enemies. I could have even made a deal with the devil for India’ independence,,,,,I have told you so many times…




NehruYeah, yeah..But that doesn’t make Modi any betterI tell U let Rahul be the PM once and you will see how far he takes India.



Thank U for your advice chachaji 🙂 photo





netajiOh, please!!! India needs no more Nehru’s in the form of Mamma’s spoilt boy







How dare you call him that





netajiThat is what he is





images You two, please don’t fight make it a valid debate and not argument





Meanwhile, with the help of the WeChat “Shake” feature, I found that Tagore Sir was in a mere distance of 1km. I quickly greeted him and welcomed in the group.

tAGOREHey guys what’s up..What’s the discussion about? Art? Literature? Or is it Music?





images Welcome my friend…. It’s about Politics.. who should one support in the upcoming 2014 Lok Sabha Election





netajiNomoskar Gurudev





tAGOREEhhh..Not again..There is so much better things to discuss about..





imagesI agree but Deepti wants to know our opinions..And Bose-Nehru are quite vehemently  supporting their views





I see..So, Deepti, are you in politics? Is that why you are so interested in this mess?





No, no Sir, I am a journalist/writer and blogger. Although my niche is not photopolitics, I have been given a topic to write about. However, I am more into short stories and poems.





Poems and Short stories, wow, that’s the way to go, young Grasshopper 🙂 But, what is a blog?





Sir, it’s an online platform where you can write about your opinion, view photoand majorly, go gaga about what you like and dislike…

tAGORE gitanjali

That’s a gift from me, beta..

 Whoa, Thank you so much Guruji photo





(Again Bose and Nehru starts arguing)

netaji Nehru has gone so quiet..I Guess Nehru has accepted his defeat and agrees that Modi is the right man for India.





NehruNot in the least…I will never support a man who is into communal politics





Oh, so does that mean we should not support communal politics? photo

netajiI agree but do we have any alternative today???…Even your Congress plays vote bank politics based on religion.




Netaji, I agree and support totally you for this pointphoto






Nehru But..Look at the development Congress has brought, The employment yojna, the Sarva Shiksha Abhijan etc etc..





netajiBose: U really call them development? The Economy has almost stopped growingThe industrial output has dropped to 2%. Look at Gujarat, it is far ahead than the rest of India..I tell you, this Modi guy is the right man or at least the best man among the current leaders who can lead India..All these Congress schemes have become new breeding grounds for corruption.


imagesIf you ask me I think Aam Aadmi Party is the better than most of the parties. In fact, they are nearest to my Gandhi Policy of Decentralisation and more power into the hands of the people. The best Government is the government which governs the least.



NehruBut Gandhijiwhat about Congress, it’s your party after all. This Aam Admi party will only led to Anarchy..





images To me an ordered Anarchy is better than a failing corrupt system.




 What an idea sirji photo





tAGORETo me no party is good enough until and unless they prove it to the people that they are efficient and corruption free.



  Point to be noted Sir! photo





imagesTo that, I totally agree





netaji Even I agree to that. My own party Forward Bloc has lost its way..Now every party is involved in some sort of corruption. The efficiency which is needed and which I myself fought so hard to maintain in Congress during my President ship and in the INA has disapperead altogether from the Indian Political scene. Not a single party is perfect. Though to me, BJP is the best of the not so good parties in India.


NehruThough I support Congress but it has totally threw away my socialist principles and ideologies out..I support just because it is close to my heart.





Just like my mom 🙂






imagesHahahaAt least we agreed on something and came towards the common conclusion that – No party in India is perfect or very good. Hope the situation changes in not so far future.



Jinnahji, you there? photo






NehruForget him






tAGORESo we all agree? Let’s end it with Rabindra Sangeet, shall we?





imagesAhh been a long timeWud love to listen to ur melody






Go for it Gurudev!










Wow that’s Ekla Cholo re in Guruji’s Voice…photo





tAGOREYes, for all the encouragement for the post as well as for your future.





Thank you guys, I love you all for your support and giving me ideas to photoform a strong analysis for my article. I am sure, I’ll come up with a dhaasu (awesome) article… muaahhhsss

P.S. When I woke up, I checked my WeChat only to find out all the analysis was sent from my boyfriend’s number on WeChat along with images and videos by his colleagues to support the article. Yes, my WeChat group of intellectuals 😉 helped me complete my work towards promotion as Wechat not only allows you to send text, pictures and videos but also voice messages. Besides, you can add huge number of people in a group. Whoa, WeChat – What an incredible novel way to connect!


This post is part of Indiblogger’s WeChat-The New Way To Connect Contest. 
Find more about WeChat at WeChat’s Youtube channel.





  1. Great Deepti….Actually felt talking to all this guys , good way of putting your idea as if u are promoting we chat.. Ek teer se do nishaan

  2. What I would give to listen to ekla chalo re in tagore’s voice… magnificent writing covering all aspects of the political ideologies that exist. .. kudos Deepti…

  3. Loved it when I read Gandhi say: ‘Oh Nehru ..Please stop relating me to the Congress Party. You have already used my name for political gains.’ The political complexion is nicely blended with the chatting format!

    All the best for the contest!

    Arvind Passey

    1. Congress always uses Gandhi names..I sometimes, wonder what the old man would be wondering if at all he is seeing all this stuff from above..So. the lines….I am glad Arvindji, you liked it…Thanks for the best wishes…Glad you liked it 🙂

  4. I am missing great articles these days ! Thank God I Shaked up your site 😀 I wish you all the luck for the contest Dips !
    Well presented .. although,offlate I have understood one thing – rahul gandhi the young face is a fine individual and he is the only right man in the entirely wrong party … No matter whosoever gives whatever reasoning .. I know I can debate to win .. over those bunch of opportunists who took over the reign of India once the foreign opportunists left 😦
    practically speaking,BJP has lost a face called ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYEE and none can even stand him even from the history — Sardar Patel and Lal Bahadur Shastri being an exception !
    Modi alone cannot drag the party to win … as in the south BJP has spoilt its name .. and moreover even the literate minorities are against him ..
    Even I WAS ! but he is the only man who has done enough to self -market himself others sing songs all fake including 45 year-old still young Rahul Ji .. god knows how long will people refer him as young !! 😀
    I know Modi wont .. and again the Corrupt congress supported by minorities will takeover..as BJP has axed its own chances supported wrong leaders.Both are corrupt parties … and a third front is going to spoil the left over economy !!
    God Knows what is the future of Indian Governance !!
    But Congress has done its homework well ahead .. if there comes a president’s rule , still Sonia ji will would be the ruler … if we all recall .. the President is Pranab Da 😀

  5. Very well written and the debate on the subject is also lively and the conclusion is also nice.
    in my personal view media and journalists must not concentrate on persons. Now all parties follow the same policies. It is neither capitalist, socialist or communist. No one could be supported on the basis of the policies. It must be party and not the person the voter must support. Ours is a parliamentary democracy where we elect the party and not the person so the debate who should be PM by the media is too absurd. However, for the blog contest the presentation is very well written.Congratulations.

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