Different Seasons of Life…

As every season seems best to us in its turn, so the coming in of spring is like the creation of Cosmos out of Chaos and the realization of the Golden Age.”


This is what Henry D. Thoreau thought of Spring as he reminded us that spring is a time of revitalization. And for as long as I memorize, it has always been my darling season. Spring has always given me a reason to get excited about something.

As a kid, spring bestowed thrill and adventure mainly as it announced the closing stages of the school offering summer holidays of liberty and freedom. Also, as a grown up, it is the season of my travel, trek and adventure across diverse parts of our country

A season of rebirth and growth, it doesn’t just make the world alive once again after the ruthless winter but also brings out the joy in me making me ready once again to celebrate life in many ways.

The twittering birds, the blossoming flowers, the polka dotted beetles, the cheerful mantis and the lively grass is the enormity of spring which it brings every year during its spell. To me, the greatness of this beautiful season is the inspiration to make a fresh start and forget the past woes.  Since, it is almost the beginning of the year, the new canvas which the season unfolds brings a new hope in me to achieve my dream, goals and most significantly, happiness.

I have always been in awe with the spring sunrise because unlike the other seasons the morning sunlight has never bothered me but awakened me gently. The hurly-burly it brings each year is not only amusing but also blissful. Besides, all the young as well as old gets wrapped up in this season of joy because its advent is the end of the freezing woes of the elderly and the start of the fun ahead for the kids. And for me, the beautiful season is even more special because it brings with it, the most awaited day of the year – My birthday!

As a kid and teenager, spring was always filled with fun. However, as time passed, I started trading it with my stressful job and other adult consuming duties. Soon, it became difficult to find time to value its splendor but still, the childish marvel of spring subsisted in my heart. And today, as a footloose wanderer and traveler, spring is the season of capturing the beauty of nature behind my lenses and losing myself amidst the marvelous landscape and mesmerizing natural milieu.

Many of us may not relate to spring at all since we Indians have the habit of classifying seasons mainly into three categories –winter, summer and rainy (monsoon) but none of us would deny the pleasure the cusp of winter and summer brings which is none other than my favorite time of the year – ‘Spring.’

Monsoon was never dear to me during my childhood but as the years went by and I became a college going girl from the school going tomboy, the monsoon magic soon started ruling my senses. So much that I started ignoring the potholes, traffic disruptions and sewage problems. Now, along with the millions of other Bombayites, I too started waiting for monsoon as the skyline changed it shades of crimson to blue and finally gray.

To watch scenic Gateway of India from a watery miasma, observe Marine Drive beset by the vehemence and sound of the high tide, walking from the Colaba causeway sipping cutting Chai, munching on the hot Bhutaa, eating hot Kanda bhajjiya and relishing the Bombaiya Wada Pav. Besides, allowing the wind to blow through my hair and letting the waves to kiss my cheeks throughout the high tide while sitting right next to the statue of the common man from RK Laxman’s cartoons at Worli sea face.

However, just when I was enjoying the rain and loving the feeling of getting drenched, something hit me real hard. Well, how can I forget the fateful day 26th July 2005 when the whole Mumbai was submerged in the rain and I for the very first time did a night out amidst strangers at GTB station, one of the worst and shabbiest of all stations on the Harbor Line. Following which I had to walk in neck deep water all over the Eastern Express Highway from Sion to Chembur only to find a stranger pulling me near Akbarallys at Diamond Garden. I started crying. No, it was not a goon but out of nowhere it was my brother who had come to search for me and luckily even in such a huge crowd could get a hold of me. I was brave and mighty all through the night but no sooner I saw my brother tears rolled down my cheeks.


Ever since that fateful day and night, the continuous downpour brings me chills and I fear moving out or boarding a train in the heavy monsoon. It is 2013 and 8 years now but the terrifying incident still gives me goose bumps when I think about it – eventually making monsoon a terrifying season for me.

Summers also have never gone well with me as it brought a lot of woes with it including the maladies of body, mind and soul. From sunburns to diarrhea, dehydration and break offs, summer through its humidity and sweat always pricked me and my relationships. I have nothing significant to say about summer besides the redundant chapter of my lives and of course the scarcity of water India faces every year. If spring is the month of blooming and prosperity, summer is the season of scarcity. Look at the menace of the summers – The same soothing sun which is so warm and friendly in spring suddenly turns out to be fiery and hot, blazing everyone from the innocent to the guilty.

Winter too shared love-hate relationship with me. Love mainly because it brought with it the holidays of Dassera and Diwali where I could spend some time with my grandparents back at my native place. Hate because, the dry weather would rupture my body completely and so I throughout my childhood was not allowed to venture out of the house in the evening to play or chill out. Moreover, the plight of waking up every day with a stuffy nose still irritates me to the core. And now that I have grown up its not stuffy nose but aching joints.

The seasons in a cycle come and go and keep on revolving, but the king of all the season is the one that has always remained close to my heart – the season of bloom, happiness and joy, “the spring.” For it embraces me in spite of all the negativity in me and give me a chance of reviving myself all over again. As Thoreau rightly mentioned that it is the time of the Renaissance and revitalization.



  1. so much agree with you on your love with the cusp of winter and summer 🙂 Although I love the cusp of monsoon and winter too 🙂
    you remind me of Mumbai rains .. bit of which I have experienced between 2006 and 2011..
    Well, in this part of the country .. I think Summers are as horrible as Mumbai .. and thats all.. you can actually love to be a part of all other seasons..
    I remember the first winters of Mumbai … that was for the first time I have visited a place where I never needed a pull over 😀 … and specifically when it comes to Mumbai .. I would select December to April

    1. Glad you came after 2005 and did not witness the Floods but had you, you could have seen the true Mumbai spirit :)…I don’t like summers, ditto. Winters are pleasant too and has its own charm…But, then I agree with your favorite months i.e. Dec-April, no doubt, you wont have any weather woes during these months… 🙂

      1. well .. when in Mumbai.. those months are very romantic as well 😀
        feels like there is some Yash Chopra music playing all by itself all around the city .. its an unique experience when you have fallen in love with the city and its ambiance ..
        I loved spending Spring there all the more coz I have been a loner since childhood and thankfully even the ones who know you dont bother you in the city .. u can stay aloof .. amid your thoughts .. enjoying the breeze .. the fragrance .. the sunlight …
        you made me revisit Spring in your city 🙂

  2. That’s wonderful write. I would rather say a ‘spring of write’. Spring, the ‘Queen of all seasons’, make the planet earth a heavenly abode with its bloom. Enjoyed every word of the write.

    1. Rightly said, “Queen of all seasons”. It is really the best time of all the seasons, not only for us, humans but also the nature as whole. No suffering just blooming. I am glad you liked my compilation, Sir. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  3. hey hi deepti… you always make me remember which I have forgot to cherish or remember my life associated with.

    It was really hard, when you said about the Mumbai rain, and how you and your bro meet. In fact you two were mentally strong enough who took it has a challenge.. hats off to you two.

    Now when you say about the weather, my childhood was spent in such a pleasant atmosphere, where temp during summer never encroached you, it was the rains and the winter which was for longer time. In fact I still remember rain in my hometown, wherein it drizzles in such way like someone is spraying sprinkle of water from the top. No matter winters were chilled, I did enjoy all these seasons only in my hometown and now always moving, I never felt any metro city was close by to it.

    1. Ahh, I know how you must be missing your place so much….And I am glad I always make you remember your good old days, Really happy to know that 🙂

      Yea, the way my bro met me was quite dramatic…Out of nowhere I see him….God, I have never had such a relaxing to the mind moment after that…

      I am sure your monsoon would be pleasant with those drizzzles and light summers…I would love to visit such a place…And regarding the metropolis, try to get used to their weather, I am sure you would relate to it soon in good way ;D

  4. Everybody will relate themselves with this Article….Agreed some may have good memories, some may have bad…..but its definitely touching, taking you in the memory lane.
    Nicely written

    1. Yea true, some may have fond memories of one particular season and other may not….Yep, the onset of every season takes me down to the memory lane bringing some good and some not so good things of the past …

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