$300 House: An Idea that can change lives globally!



The Design of Christian Sarkar and Vijay Govindarajan

$300 House is a project initiated by Christian Sarkar and Vijay Govindarajan. It all started through their blog post in Harvard Business Review and by reading the blog and watching the video, I witness many of the developing nations problems(not just housing but several others as well) including India’s vanishing off.

Read here to know more http://indiaopines.com/300-house-an-idea-that-can-change-lives-globally/




  1. A very Nice concept and if Implemented properly will surely do wonders.. 🙂
    Loved the Message you delivered through you Cartoons.. 🙂
    And Good Luck for the Contest.. 🙂

  2. Deepti .. you have taken the words of Mr Sarkar one step further .. his is one of the most pratical efforts .. I have noticed .. along with all others .. in the caravan idea list .. but India needs this real badly .. trust me …. a proper dwelling is mandatory ..
    you have actually depicted the impact it can make on the thinking of the dwellers ,, very rightly through the toons ..
    I have been impressed since the day I heard Mr Sarkar and your article has fueled me up to do my bit .. to see a better India,happier India and disease free India

  3. The concept is innovative and cost-effective.Given the slums littered all over India, this concept, if implemented properly. will provide dwellings to those who are without homes. It also, to an extent may solve some socio-economic problems.

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