Bagan: The Ancient Lost Temple City of Myanmar

“The finest things in Bagan are found when you are not looking for them at all. “

Across the world, there are many large places but with just one prominent monument. However, have you ever heard of a less traveled small place with more than 2000 temples in a given area? Well, that’s precisely Bagan, the heart and capital of the first Burmese Empire in the ancient Myanmar (earlier Burma).Home to around 2200 temples and pagodas (stupas), these temples were built by numerous kings and leaders in Burma from the 11th to 15th century. An ancient place with lots of remarkable archaeological sites and amazing pagodas, it not only lets one embark on a historical but also a spiritual voyage as one ventures from one temple to the other in the arid central parts of Myanmar situated on the eastern banks of river Ayeyarwady.

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Let’s have a look into this beautiful town and dig out some ancient temples here at Indiaopines