…Since Real love is love in its purest form

“I love you too” Pragati said struggling on her hospital bed as tears of joy and happiness rolled down her cheeks.

One of the most momentous days of my life till today, it was the day that made me experience true love in the form of my best friends, Pragati and Siddhant. It was a day when love triumphed breaking all the hurdles, eventually sowing a seed in my heart, so much, that today, even I dream of such an auspicious day in my life – The day of eternal love that is not only everlasting but also timeless.

“All men are indeed dogs!” I used to say and why not as all the guys I usually came across were either interested in physical beauty or concerned with the attractiveness of any girl they dated. Siddhant was no exception. However, his transformation for Pragati’s love made me change my opinion.

Siddhant was like Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor in most of their movies, famous for chivalry among the females. Happy go lucky he was more interested in wine and women like most of the college dudes than participating in causes and movements till I forced him to join National Social Service (NSS). The reason, well it could get me few additional marks on our mark sheet. Besides, I didn’t want to do it all alone and so I compelled and even terrorized him to join me all in the name of friendship.  From all the things we had done earlier in our lives, this was drastically opposite. Here, we were not smoking our fags or our parent’s money but doing something that was not only serving the society and human race but also helping ourselves in moving towards happiness and self satisfaction.

From volunteering at booths of free eye check up in Tardeo and working in the camps of Clean & Green Mumbai at Dadar Chowpatty to teaching underprivileged kids, our initial rounds of Social Service was more of hanging around with friends than working for a cause until we started working on a Project based on Women empowerment. Me and Sid were allotted as volunteers in the Sexual violence section.

It was during this period when Pragati came in our lives. A headstrong, career-oriented woman of the 21st century, she entered the office premise as a damsel in distress. She wanted our help as she was facing sexual tensions in her office. Her boss was harassing her day in and day out. She was of the same age as ours but since she was not originally from Mumbai she had thought of supporting her college and hostel expense by working in shifts. Me and Sid decided to help her at personal levels too after we met her outside the office. Back then, I too had my own medical issues and so I couldn’t give that much time to the NGO but Sid seemed determined and he was helping Pragati in a way that it was his moral duty to help any girl. Soon, Pragati got a job elsewhere and she quit her job. However, not before defaming her boss who had attempted to sexually violate her and others in the office.

This entire process brought the two together and Sid-Pragati became couple. However, after two months, Sid informed me that Pragati after moving from Mumbai was no longer in touch with him and after few days ditched him over the phone and had broke all the ties, leaving him completely lost and lonely.

I couldn’t believe my ears as Pragati was a decent girl and how could she ditch Sid, who was the world to her. I tried her number but of no avail. The woman on the line always declared it to be off. Contacting her through her Orkut account was of no use too, since she hardly went online there. Sid, on the other hand, went in depression as he thought it was all due to his past deeds. Things turned ugly and I was helpless. However, one of my usual doctor’s visits brought me face to face with Pragati. Their Pragati was sitting in front of me, weak and pale with a deformed face. At once, I couldn’t comprehend that it was her but the moment, I went near her wheelchair, I knew it was her. I controlled my tears and asked how she was. I waited till she went to the doctor’s cabin for her usual check up and accompanied her to her hospital bed along with the nurse. As soon as the nurse went and we were alone, she broke down and told me why she had sent that cruel SMS to Sid. She didn’t wanted to be a burden to him as he had his own life ahead. Besides, her face had deformed majorly and she had no clue when will she recover completely. Her audiometric results showed that she had lost 50% of our hearing power in her left ear. She was not the one who could tolerate sympathy towards her nor could she bear the sight of Sid rejecting her and so after knowing her condition, she took the hard decision of sacrificing her love for her love.

She begged me not to tell Sid anything about this and requested me to call him in order to hear his voice. I called him up and couldn’t control my tears and asked him to reach as soon as he could in Wockhardt hospital at Mulund. Within an hour, he was outside the hospital, I went below to bring him upstairs and told everything about Pragati. Something was running in his head which I couldn’t understand nor could analyze. But, the moment he saw her, he was shocked though he composed himself at his best controlling his tears. He went near her, kneeling on his one toe and did something which he had never done before, proposed Pragati for marriage.

“I love you Pragati and no matter what I’ll always be there for you, will you marry me?” he asked for her hand.

“Yes, yes, yes.” She almost cried with joy.


I had heard love is unconditional but had never witnessed, here I saw true love sparkling between two souls who promised to be together forever. Their love is still strong and they are now married with a beautiful baby girl. A love so very pure is synonymous to none other than the incomparable metal, Platinum which doesn’t tarnish or grow fainter with passing day but always stay true to its original form. That is why, among all major jewels that the world’s most fancy holds precious, “The Platinum” stands paramount especially when it is that timeless moment when you feel enigmatic in the delightful company of your eternal love – Celebrating Love in its purest form!


This post was written for Indiblogger’s Contest, “Platinum Day of Love

To know more about Platinum, click here PreciousPlatinum


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