Stand, Hold and Tilt: A Better Way is here with New Yoga Tablets from Lenovo!

“Thud” I threw my phone and started working on my laptop. After working on the software almost for 2 hours began my usual cribbing and cursing. Still a day left for the submission, I thought of reviving myself by catching up a movie.

While the laptop was busy with the writing work on my software. I thought of using my Android tablet, my close companion which always comes to my rescue when my laptop and smart phone ditches me.  And I started watching my favorite movie on my tab leaning it against a support. Oh I know, setting my tablet inclined is a dicey practice no wonder it has been dropped thrice up till now but then what else can I do to put the big rectangular slab at rest?

Well, I can definitely buy those folios and cases to watch my movie comfortably but then again a new purchase. I certainly hear my mom shouting at me, “Paise paed pe lagte hain kya.” After spending so much on the product, she would never give me extra money to spend another few bucks to get me a case to prop my tablet up. Well, that’s how all the mothers are aren’t they? Actually, that’s how we all Indians are! Being pakka Indian we would never want to give extra money for the pain that an expensive product is giving us. Perhaps that is why Lenovo has come up with an entire new way out to solve our problem.

Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet,” (Yes, that’s what the name is) gives us an altogether better way to use Android tablets. While all these years we have been adhering to the rigid technology and their setting, Yoga Tablet is flexible and adapts to the way we want to use our tab. Stand, tilt or hold, these three unique features help you to use tablet like the way you never did before. For instance, if you happen to grasp the weighty plane of the Tab and switch it on portrait mode, you are utilizing the “hold mode.”  On the other hand, if you put the Yoga Tablet on a surface in such a way that the round circular parts faces towards you then it is the “tilt mode” and lastly the stand mode is that mode where the tab stands on its own with a kickstand. We can watch movies on Yoga Tabs or even bring it into play with a Bluetooth keyboard just like a workstation.

My favorite mode is the tilt mode as although it may not look fascinating it is actually very useful and handy. Just prop up the Yoga tablet at an angle and see for yourself how comfortable typing is. That certainly means no extra money required to purchase those cases.  What’s more, with 18 hour battery life and incorporated kickstand, each possessing front faced speaker, Yoga Tablet is perfect device for marathon TV spectators and regular flyers.

Now, that Lenovo Yoga Tablet has clearly solved one of the most important problem faced by the major users of tablets I would want the makers to check my ideal specification for an ideal Tablet, if at all they are feasible, technological accessible and possible:

With size anything between 8 and 10 inch and processor with 4 core, display resolutions must inclined towards 1080p north. Sleeky and slim, just the way the sexy Yoga Tablet is, so that I can carry it in one hand and move freely. For storage space, I was wondering if something upgradeable like SSD, or perhaps two memory cards slots can be fixed. Then, my ideal laptop would definitely require a big battery just like the Yoga Tablet running 18 hours with a way better wireless strength.

RAM should beat the 4 GB score and SoC has to be more and more potent as multitasking is one of the prime requirement of today and will be in the future. Inductive/Wireless charging along with NFC is definitely a need of the day for tablets. Screen resolution would be minimum 1440 x 900, AMOLED screen, 400 nits with stereo speakers anything between 1.5 to 2 watts. My ideal tablet would definitely have optional dock which comprises HDMI, VGA, Ethernet and 4 USB/Thunderbolt. Lastly, with all these features my ideal Tablet would be that tablet which I can easily operate with my single hand just like Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet.

This post is written for Indiblogger’s Lenovo Yoga Tablet – Better Way Contest.

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