Recharge your hair, recharge your life!

Events and parties that start straight away after travelling and work, usually gives us ladies a lot of headache specially in the hair department. Yes, a change of dress and shoes can modify us, a speedy make up can lighten up our facial appearance but what about the hair? Sadly, nothing concrete can be done about the hair.

However, by my experiences, I have come to the point that, if we get a chance to recharge the hair, it will surely recharge the overall appearance. Had I got the opportunity to recharge my hair at those moments, my life would not have been the same as it is now, it surely would have been recharged..

Let’s have a look at all those instances of my life where a simple recharge of hair would have changed the face of my life:

Instance 1: When I was a teenager, just out of school

I had a crush on this guy, let’s call him “Mr. X”. I was supposed to be introduced to him at a friend’s place. Unfortunately, that day I was having a bad hair day. While, I tried my best to look good by trying all the pretty dresses nothing really appeared fine, credits to my hair which were adamant to look messy and chaotic at that evening of rendezvous. Therefore, somehow I managed it by applying oil in the hair so that it could rest at peace on my head without messing up my face. Now, as soon as I entered her home, I was greeted by her elder brother in front of my crush as “Tailu (Greasy)”  Now, because of that, my crush, the brother’s friend also called me tailu and even addressed me as sister since I was friend of his friend’s sister. However, on the other hand, he was caught staring at my other friend, who of course escaped from being termed as “sister”. Later, I got to know that the two started dating after this meet, which was actually hosted for the start of my love affair. Yes, if only I knew how to recharge my hair, I would have started dating right at that point of time. Just imagine, the fun I would have had

Instance 2: When I joined office as an intern

Working hard as an intern, I once got an opportunity to accompany one of my seniors to a corporate party. Unfortunately, I had to start for the party right after my work in a span of 15 minutes. Well, that day most of my time was spent in the shop floor,  due to which, my hairs were tied up inside the shower cap to ensure nothing falls in the machine room.

Once I was done for the day. I went in the loo for a quick change and I could not believe what I saw. My hair went all crazy, reluctant to obey the language of my comb. Somehow, I tried to manage it and with that look I went into my manager’s cabin. He looked at me from top to bottom and then said, “Deepti, I think you are too tired for the day and since you stay far off in Navi Mumbai, I would rather request Miss “Y” to accompany me to the party. So, how see, how my messy hair took away an awesome opportunity from me. No, I’m not talking about dating my senior but of meeting the manager of another company who selected Miss “Y” for a project, credits to her communication skill. Now, going by her records, she is not as good as me when it comes to communication, only if my hair wouldn’t have ditched me. I would now be working with that manager in a top MNC.

Instance 3: When I hiked the whole day

During one of my hiking few years back, I became so tired that I drenched myself into the waterfall the whole time. Now, you know how the hair becomes when it faces lot of dust and rallies up with water. Enjoying water, I had no mercy at my hair. Actually, to be honest, I was not at all bothered. However, I started worrying when it was announced that we would have a campfire in the night. Now, we were supposed to dance by the camp fire and that was the end of my fun.

In the evening, when the entire pack of girls danced, shaking and moving their body as well as hair, I was sitting in a corner watching them like a killjoy. The entire episode still makes me go nuts, so much that whenever I see those girls I feel like yelling at top of my voice. I somehow, do not like those girls but going by the news by a gossip monger, they have become a gang of friends now. If only I had something to recharge my hair, I too would have been part of that girly gang…

Instance 4: When I had a safari ride in the deserts

Safari ride in the desert – What can you expect? Well, hair full of dust, dirt and clots. And on top of that, if you are hosting an event at a festival where tons of foreigners are expected to see you as a host, what can be the outcome? Well, I wasn’t even given a second glance, courtesy the hair that messed up my look. I not only lost the chance to host other events but also lost the entire chance of hosting from that day. If only looks lied and vocalizations did not.

Having faced the worst situations in the above mentioned four instances where I lost the chance to get my dream boy, dream jobs, and happening gang, I have now realized why recharging my hair is very important for recharging my life.

Had I got the opportunity to recharge my hair at that time, my life would have been recharged with lots of things which I am now deprived of.

This post is for Indiblogger’s and Sunsilk’s contest – Recharge Your Hair, Recharge your life

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