Achievements of Congress Led UPA Government

BJP is campaigning across the nation on the grounds of growth and development which the party did in a single state. Citing Gujarat as an example, the Narendra Modi led party claims to improve India as a whole prior to the 2014 assembly elections. Then, on the other side, AAP is vowing to change the face of India by promising moon and stars. What Congress is assuring? Nothing as such!

1378808450rahul gandhi.jpg 380x300 Achievements Of Congress Led Upa Government

Well, it seems like Congress rather believes in delivering than promising. Astonished? Let’s dig into the achievements of Congress led UPA Government in the last 9 years:

1.    Passed a list of Acts that benefits only the aam aadmi and not the politicians.

Congress led UPA government will always be remembered in the Indian history for passing RTI, Right to Information Act in 2005. The act helps in clean governance by providing information to the common man. It encourages citizen participation and maintains transparency in governance. Besides Information, the government also gave people the right to job, education and food through the MNREGA, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in 2010, Right to Education Act which makes education compulsory for kids in between the age of 6 and 14 and Food Security Bill in 2013.

2.    Uplifted the hands that feeds India, “the farmers”

From Rashtrya Krishi Vikas Yojana to Seed and Interest funding schemes, Congress led UPA government has made sure that the farmer’s requirements are taken care of. In addition, grant in loans by the government, further gave farmers the breathing space which they always yearned for. The BJP led NDA Government may talk about growth, progress and development but did they ever care about farmers? Last heard, they are not in favor of FDI.

3.    Women and Children were given importance and not sidelined

A separate ministry – The Ministry of Women and Child Development came alive in 2006. Integrated Child Protection Scheme was also launched. Laws were passed for child sexual abuse and sexual harassment of women in workplace in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Stringent anti rape laws came into existence during this period and voyeurism became a non bailable offence. Also, NMEW, the National Mission for Empowerment of Women was started by the Government in 2010 on International Women’s Day to reinforce the inter-sector union.

Several other achievements of Congress led UPA government includes upliftment of rural girls, provision of better health facilities as well as reforms in Railway, Power, Health, Agriculture and Education sector. While, urban middle-class seems to be criticizing the UPA government over social media and other platforms, the rural India, the real voters are in fact benefiting from these achievements of Congress. Now, isn’t the gain of the rural India, gain of India?

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