Let me play, the #DovePlay style

Celebrities have it, Fashionistas surely have it and even some of my friends have it – How about me? Well, my crowning glory is the same every day, either open or with a pony tail. If only I could trade my boring hair with different hair style for everyday…

Sometimes wavy, Sometimes straight,

Different style to enhance my trait,

Look at my hair, black and brown

Shining of top like an angel’s crown…

Different hair style for each day, aha wouldn’t that be fun? Oh, well, I really want to play with my hair, style it differently and look like that amazing girl with beautiful hair. But, but, but, since my knowledge and information on styling hair is as poor as the quality of my hair, I cannot keep up the style withstanding for more time. Failing to groom my hair, I usually end up doing oooooo, aaaaaa when I see other girls dressing up their hair while I just keep on wondering how do I play with my hair…

Am in love with messy hair styles..You know the mess that makes the hair bumpier, sexier and hot as ever…Whirlwind, energetic and full of life, it not only makes one look confident but even embellishes the overall beauty

Messy Elevated Pony Tail Inspired by Amy WineHouse

Amy Winehouse, the diva along with her melodious voice had a great taste in fashion. From black koel eyes, tattoos to beautiful long hair, the rockstar knew exactly how to adorn herself. While, I appreciated everything in hair something that really flattered me was her hairstyle. She is the one who made messy teased hair appear very beautiful. Surely a hairstyle larger than life, I wish to play my hair into a mess so that I get a hairstyle inspired by the rockstar. I actually tried doing it with all that I had, but never did I come up with such a style


 Image Source: Sketch of Amy Winehouse

Buns Are Fun Especially the Messy Bun

Indians are in love with buns, easy way of carrying the hair with all the glory as well as fun. While, many would want a plain, neat and well tied up bun, I am in love with messy bun. Something like the below picture:


Image Source: Bun Pictures

I would say is I want a messy bun just the way the above pic is and the below line illustrates

Jo bane mere baalo ka shaan

swavare jo ulajthe baal,

thoda theda, halka sa bhikra,

aisa ho mera juda, mere bhikre baalon ka shaan…

Side Messy Braid, Oh Somebody Help Me to Get it Laid…

Braids look beautiful especially when it is swept towards a side. It emerges gracefully while you sit, walk or even have a talk. Oh, I try to play with my hair, still getting the braids is something beyond my capacity. Well, I surely need confidence to do as I cannot manage doing it, neither I am aware which direction should I twist and twirl. Maybe I need to experiment with my hair, go beyond trying..Aha, perhaps just like the girl in the #DovePlay video. “Utho Aina Dekho, Bohut Khubsurat Ho Tum…” Aha, that is inspirational for a plane jane like me to twist, twirl and bounce the hair….

Messy and Twisted Pony

twisted pony

Image Source: Twisted Pony

Twist it here, and turn it there, roll a bit round and that’s the hair style newly found…I would love to play with my hair and make it messy so messy that it looks hot, sexy and wild…

Inspired by the #DovePlay Video, I think I too can play with my here and come up with my own version of such beautiful hairstyle which can make me a celebrity in my own way…

Chalo, then Let me play, the #DovePlay style

This post is Written for Indiblogger and Dove’s Go Play Contest