Zindagi Ki Sunhare Pal in Nepal

Zindagi Ek Safar Yeh Suhana, isn’t it? Perhaps that is why travel brings happiness and big smile on our faces! In addition, don’t you think travel is about knowing different culture, religion, tasting new cuisine and also wearing an altogether different attire?

Exotic locations, stunning sights, good change of weather, breath-taking adventures – Oh, what a delight!

But when it is a family holiday, travelling can be a lot of chaos, cat-fights, disorder and blame-game.  Why not, after all what the nana-nani wants is seriously despised by the munna-munni and what the adolescent likes, the grown-up hates. Besides, the male crowd wants to have fun and adventure while their spouse, the aunties are in the mood of some pilgrimage. Then are the crazy folks who are ready to explore and flow in the mood whilst the quiet ones would insist sitting by the riverside and take the pleasure of the sunlight. Zindagi ke chotte motte nok jhok, hai na?

Moreover, a NRI cousin wants to set his foot to capture exquisite landscapes behind the lenses of his DSLR whereas the chubby dur ki chacha ki betia gaon ki chhori is eager to indulge in the local market to gulp the food. And finally the Bachcha party…Oh my God!

Various folks with a wide range of taste, choice and preference, chances are some might enjoy and some might curse the holiday. Haven’t you come across such a situation before? Hmm, we all have sometime or the other. So, I wondered what could be the ideal place that would make every traveler happy? And at once, retorted Scenic NEPAL, what else!


The gorgeous milieu, glorious monasteries, Jungle walks, Huge National Parks, breath taking Bungee jumping, grandeur art, craft and sculpture along with scenic falls and mysterious caves – Nepal indeed has the potential of attracting, both Travellers and tourists especially the ones looking out for some cross cultural studies.

Out for a family holiday in Nepal, our very first destination was Kathmandu. What else is the best place other than Pashupatinath temple to know the region better? Nothing can beat the experience of visiting the deities and feeling close to them.


Besides, being adventure fanatics we also enjoyed our hands at trekking, rafting and of course, Bungee Jumping. Some of us were so busy praying inside the temple that time just went by and we couldn’t realize more. The locales all around Kathmandu are polite and “HAPPY TO HELP” who make sure your trip in their area is not only worth this visit but worth your memories! Not to forget the Kathmandu streets which are full of life, arts and culture.

Bungee Jumping

The Wildlife reserves of Koshi Tappu our next destination again delighted the thrillers, adventure fanatics and also the kids. The boat rides, jungle walks and pleasant view of the migratory birds was not only a delight to eyes but also to the lenses. Aunties and Grannies who were not interested spent some time inside the various nearby temple and monasteries without bothering the fervent while others can get in action to experience the enthralling part of Nepal.

Patan, the oldest city of Nepal then was our next destination. It amused the silent ones, the oldies, the art lovers, the spirituals and of course the photographers. Strolling down the streets, Patan made us roll out together in excitement. The art, the architecture, the museums and the stupas was a real delight. Sometimes, I wonder though Nepal and India are two different countries there is so much same about each of us.


“You won’t experience the real Nepal if you won’t pay a visit to Pokhara” said my watchman who is a native of Nepal. The enthralling beauty, the mesmerizing scenery along with a chance to explore some amazing lakes and caves, Pokhara was ready to lure us with its captivating charisma. No wonder, we took solace in the pristine beauty away from the worldly chaos and mess.

To make sure the children of the family don’t complain, we made sure that we visit the Royal Chitwan National Park so that the kids celebrate a glorious time inside it – Glancing and discovering several species of animals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. In addition, the Safari drives and elephant made them happy and content.


Lastly, who would ever complain a view of striking sunrise and sunset by the mountains and peaks – No one, right? And so we finally concluded our Nepal Darshan at Nagarkot by screening the panoramic 360 degree view of the Himalayas! This reminded me of the sunset from Darjeeling hill post.

Nepal is not only exotic when it comes to natural beauty but also when it comes to its hospitality, food, arts and culture. A country close to my heart, the reminiscence still makes me nostalgic!


Image Source: Wikipedia, Nepal Map, Nepali, Family Travel

This Post is written for an Indiblogger contest in association with Zindagi TV



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