11 Reasons Why Zee Zindagi Indiblogger Meet Was An Event to Remember!

Indiblogger meets are always fun and interesting! After all, the moment it is announced, we bloggers start facebook(ing), twitter(ing) and whatsapp(ing) in order to find out who all are coming. Zindagi Indiblogger Meet was no exception. But, the interest level exceeded to another level since we were suppose to meet and interact not just with our blogger friends from Mumbai, but also Delhi along with the director, scriptwriters and the Pakistani actor Imran Abbas from the upcoming channel Zee Zindagi!

Zee Zindagi – Now, doesn’t that name bring a certain type of fresh breathe with it? It surely does! No wonder, Zee Zindagi along with the awesome Indiblogger team made sure we bloggers have a great day and here I tell you how and why –

1. The Theme of the Meet – #JodeyDilonKo

Oh yes, we were invited to a meet where the theme was “Love” and that too across borders. For a change, we were not seen appreciating Sachin and pulling Shahid Afridi down but recollecting olden days of Pakistani serials which we cherished, the mesmerizing songs which all the Pakistani singers have given us and of course showering our rare admiration to our neighboring brothers. No it wasn’t show off, it really came out DilSe because somewhere deep down, we have a soft corner for them when it comes to “Talent”, “Arts”, “Music” and few more things except Cricket.


2. The Awesome Technicians that Connected Mumbai with Delhi & Even Pakistan!

Many of the times I have attended meets, seminars and weddings where I have seen mikes are not working, AV takes time to start, or worst there is a huge sound disturbance. But, here I saw the technicians not just connecting us to the ongoing Delhi Bloggers Meet Live but also the beautiful Sultana (Siddiqui) Appa,  director of Zee Zindag TV‘s first show – Zindagi Gulzar Hai live from Pakistan – Surely deserving a round of applause for a completely flawless job!


3. Mumbai Vs Delhi

If India Vs Pakistan is a war, Mumbai Vs Delhi is no different ball game. This was quite evident in the conversation when the dudes and dudettes of both the cities came out in defense of their respective city. It was quite a funny moment to see how deep both the city representatives went to show “WE ARE THE BEST” especially when Delhities and Mumbaikars started defending their weather. One of the best moments of the meet, the debate made us LOLing and ROFLing when people went out to defend the humidity of Mumbai and even the extreme summers as well as winters of Delhi.



4. The Cool & Poise Behavior of Imran Abbas Even When People Bored him by Asking Political Questions rather than his Experience with the hot babe Bipasha Basu

We have all sort of people everywhere and here too though it was an event of arts, talent and love people brought out “politics” & “war” and that too with an actor who had dubbed till 8 am in the morning. Imran Abbas, our heart went out to you, we at the back tables only wished if the topic changed fast. But, we appreciate, the way you replied! *claps*



5. The One Liners of Anoop Johnson & The Reaction of Nihal Lazarus

Though the entire team of Indiblogger deserves a name here, I have dedicated the slot to Anoop and Nihal for being the excellent host & dost. No one can beat the punches and one liners that Anoop manages to say effortlessly. The best part here in the Zindagi meet was when Anoop wanted Nihal to call upon the winner of the MOTO G and Nihal couldn’t hear what Anoop said and kept on repeating what should I do, To whom should I call. Finally, Anoop said nothing but, “Give him the Moto G, dammit!” 😛 😀


6. Imran Abbas – The Singing Sensation

When nobody asked anything personal to Imran and they kept focusing on “political ties” with India and Pakistan, we, the listeners were rescued by the Zee team when they mentioned Imran Abbas is an awesome singer. Believe me, it was a pleasure to hear that soothing, calming and beautiful voice. No wonder, I was busy searching the video and I got one shared on Youtube by Blogwati Gee. I will share the same video here as well, you see I’m no meany 😀

7. The Audio Visual Display of the Promos of the Upcoming Zee Zindagi Channel

Indiblogger and Zee always make it a point that we bloggers get a first glimpse of channels and shows with a complete insight. Here too, we were shown a lot of promos of upcoming serials whose ads I have still not come across on the channel. Besides, connecting us with the legendary Sultana Siddiqui was another moment to remember which I think we all shall remember and boast for ages now.

To be honest, I wasn’t aware of any of these shows except hearing from my co-blogger friend Fatima. I am glad for a change I got to see the promos of shows like Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Aunn Zaara, Kash Mai Teri Beti Na Hoti and many more!


8. The Table No. 7

Oh well, the tables weren’t really numbered that’s one of my own sobriquet. Anyways our Table No. 7 was interesting in itself. The reason, well we had some of the most intriguing people on the table who had a great sense of humor. Ah yes, we even had our own moments of selfie too.


9. The Thai Chicken & The Rasmalai

As usual I couldn’t focus on the veg section but let me tell you the Thai Chicken served was to die for. Luscious and delicious, almost all the adjectives will be short if I tried to describe it. Again, the flavors of rasmalai and caramel custard was something that I had in my mouth right till the High Tea until I had some more chicken, bhajias, fish finger chips. Now, do I sound like a Bhukkad? Well, at times I feel proud of being one!


10. Anukriti Sharma

It had been long since I met one of my very first blogger friend Anukriti. Here, in the meet I not only enjoyed her presence but even got to meet, talk and dine with her for long hours. Karan Shah, no I won’t miss you here! You, are of course an awesome companion from Vashi to all the destinations 😉 And I appreciate you did not keep me waiting this time. Sud, my sabu you were missed. Then, as usual it was a pleasure to meet and talk the very cheerful Ekta Khetan, and how can I miss the laal tamatar Fatima!


11. Pictures With Imran Abbas & His Autographs

It is always fun to get clicked with a celebrity and post it on social media. We get all the attention in the world, don’t we? And here, we had an opportunity to meet the upcoming star who is not only a tele actor, a great singer but also the future BOLLYWOOD STAR starring opposite Bipasha Basu! Thanks, Indiblogger and Zee Zindagi, we have memories not only itched on our Facebook Wall, Twitter Page and our blogs, but also in our mind and heart ❤ Did I hear correct that someone even sent a love letter to Imran Abbas? :p

Selfie_IMRAN_ABBASThe Cutest Pic I Came Across

Image Source: Indiblogger



  1. Hey Dee, you have written such a wonderful blogpost! Hats off! And thank you for writing about me. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you. What would I have done without you. Love you always! ❤ :*

  2. Hey Deepti
    It was nice coming across your blog with this post.

    That last ‘Cutest Pic’ which you’ve used, is with my daughter, whose birthday it was, on that day.

    And you’ve encapsulated the Meet, very well.
    Nice coming across ‘Universal Rover’ 🙂

    1. Thank you Poonamji. I remember seeing you. Yours is the perfect blogging family 🙂 Your daughter is cute and I found that pic really mesmerizing, innocent and sweet 🙂 It only enlightened the blog post more. I’m glad you came across the blog. Thanks for visiting 🙂 Hope to meet you again 🙂

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