5 Things That Add Zest In My Life

Life for me, is all about getting up in the morning, doing the routine chores, going to work, coming back home and then sleep. But then there are things that stop this mundane routine and add, that required and much necessary zest in my life. Strange but true, I get all the enthusiasm and energy by these super zesty things that transform my world from dull and boring, to interesting and fun. Not to forget, they even add the much needed pace in my life. Here they are:

1. The Technology

Oh, what my life would have been without the mercy of technology – Absolutely nothing! Every thing from my smart phone to smart watch, kindle, electric cooker, coffee maker and the small machine that checks the level of sugar in my body contributes in my smartness. For instance, just imagine with zero experience in web designing and SEO, what kind of blogger I had been without WordPress? Perhaps I would have not started blogging. Oops!


Besides, had there been no smart phone, I still would need my camera, barcode scanner, and many ancillary things to carry every time I moved from my home to office. It is true without these technology, I would not die and would still survive, but don’t you think it would have been very dull and boring, taking half of my day in doing something which now requires only 5 minutes? Now that even reminds me of NEFT and India’s first 1.2 Litre MPFi Turbocharged petrol engine in Tata Motors Car – Zest and Bolt.

2. The Downfall In My Life

Believe it or not, every time I failed, I was determined to do something better. My failure never became my weakness but my strength to do bigger and better. Like a true realist and optimist, my downfall only increased my potential and doubled my zest. Though I am not much found of failures, but trust me downfall in life often give you that energy and enthusiasm which success isn’t aware of.


So while success attracts many good things, failure actually gives you the path to achieve success. For instance, had Paulo Coelho’s first book, Hell Archives would not not have failed, he would have not given us great books like Alchemist. Perhaps, he would have been just another writer. The failure of his first book gave him immense zest to write much better and so we had the revolutionary Alchemist.

3. The Quest For More

I am never satisfied – I always need more – More Knowledge, More Money, More Technology, Better Life, Better Car, Better Health Equipment for my Parents, so on and so forth. And I think, if something that really adds up the zest in my life is the quest for more, the hunger for perfection and the thrill to look beyond the latest to the next. Oh yes, latest is not new, “NEXT” is!


4. Travel and Adventure

Sitting in my office, working, dreaming about all the good things, trying to achieve all I want – yes, that encourages me, energizes me! In addition, comes the two word – “Travel” and “Adventure”. All you have to utter these two words and see how the eyes roll, the body jumps and the genuine smile races up on the face.


Yes, wandering like a traveler, risking your life for an adventure, planning a trip to an offbeat place, instantly adds zest in my life. All, you need to say is “Deepti, let’s go to GOA” and see how I do a mini bungee jumping from my couch on to the floor, no matter how gloomy I may be few minutes ago, I’ll be giggling thereafter!

5. The Love of My Life – My Boyfriend!

Love is not life, but just a part of your life they say – True! And what if that special part adds value to your life, compliments you, and is the better half of you? Sounds fun? Well, my boyfriend is precisely that special part who adds zest in my life – sometime by his simple gestures, his encouragements and motivation when nothing can beat my negativity, and sometimes simply through his existence!


And yea the funny fights. Strange but some times his “No’s” actually activates my brain to do something, eventually making me realize his “No” was only to make me say “Yes” and try beyond my capacity to achieve things!

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7 Reasons Why Banking with Kotak Jifi is Fun & Hassle Free!!!

The word “banking” is not only time consuming but involves lot of involvement – Yes, right from opening the account to getting all sorts of things like debit card, cheque book and even the user id along with the password of your best buddy – “The Revolutionary Internet Banking“. No, wonder the very term “Banking” not just bring heaps of tension but involves lot of work, making it a tedious part of every person. However, breaking the stereotype comes the Kotak Jifi – The 21st Century digital account with unparallelled benefits, making banking not just fun, but Hassle free.

Here are the reasons, one by one – Why Banking with Kotak Jifi Is Fun & Hassle Free – 

1. Because You Can Open Your Account Without Going to the Bank


When I signed up for Kotak Jifi account and filled the form online to open my account, all I did was filled the form. And guess what, my job was done because, soon, I got a call from the executive and a date was fixed. On the decided date and time, the Kotak executive reached my place and collected the required documents. And then what? My account was opened right from the comfort of my home. Yes, when you choose Kotak Jifi, collecting the documents in the Mumbai monsoon became the Bank’s headache, not yours. No wonder, this step itself makes it a winner as it values its customer’s time.


2. Kotak Jifi Gives You An Opportunity to Earn Points Through Referrals

Sharing is caring, isn’t it? But, what if sharing can earn you some brownie points which can convert into money? Sounds fun, well, that’s precisely what Kotak Jifi does – Every successful referral  earns you 100 points. What’s more? even if you share it with your Facebook friend, you earn 10 points from each friend. So, if you have 300 friends in your list, you get 300 x 10 = 3000 points. Bingo!!!


Let me tell you with only 50 points I could get Rs. 300 of on domestic flight while booking through MakeMyTrip. Now, isn’t it exciting, fun and also pocket friendly? In addition, the offer is till December, 2014 so even you can get it if you choose KOTAK JIFI now. Not just Make my trip there are various sites linked such as Jabong, Ebay, BookmyShow where you can redeem your points, and earn benefits by literally doing nothing.


3. Transfer your Points Just the way You Transfer Your Money


Have you heard anywhere that can you transfer the points to your friend or your mother/father can transfer the points to you? Now, doesn’t that mean, it is time to sign up your parents and siblings to in KOTAK JIFI, after all their point will all be yours 😉


4. Kotak Jifi Is Just A Tweet Away!

While, in all your traditional accounts you have to go to your home branch for all sort of enquiries including questioning when shall you receive cheque books, debit card etc. Here at Kotak Jifi, all you have to do is just put a status with #JifiStatus and everything related to your bank and query is DM’ed you. What’s more you can even tweet a cheque book request by a simple tweet. Now, doesn’t that make you feel modern and contemporary? I’m sure it surely does!


5. No Minimum Balance Required

Oh yes, with zero balance in your account, you can actually keep and maintain a Kotak Jifi account forever. No jhanjhat at all of the minimum balance thing. It surely relaxes many of the people like me. who hardly has anything left in the account during the month ends.


6. Platinum Debit Card

With Kotak Jifi, Banking just got social, however, the bank doesn’t deprive you from the debit card which is now one of the basic things of any living being. So, with Jifi Platinum Debit card you cannot only shop for Rs. 2 lakh but even withdraw Rs. 2 lakhs from your account. What’s more, the card comes with few complimentary insurances. “COMPLIMENTARY” & “FREE” are two of my favorite words 🙂


7. Wherever You Go Kotak Jifi Travels With You


Normally, the moment you are out of your town or city, your banking comes to a hault, however, with social bank like Kotak Jifi you can not only order your things to be done through Twitter, but use the kotak Apps for paying bills and doing majority of things. Once, I remembered the last date of paying my credit card bill while trekking. Back then, I could only pay through ATMs. so I couldn’t pay it on time, and you know I had to pay a heavy penalty. But, with customized mobile apps on phone, I’m sure such last minute stuff won’t be a problem.


Kotak’s #JifiIsHere! Visit the Official Jifi website to explore the fun and happiness. No, wonder it is a revolution in the world of banking.

Thank You Indiblogger and Kotak Jifi for giving me an opportunity to witness the mega launch of #JifiIsHere, which made me one of the early birds to open my 21st century contemporary bank account here!


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10 Unique Super Power In My Phone To Do What Other Can’t Do!

Ever since I had my black and white phone with yellow and then blue light, I always wondered if it would do something unusual like buying me movie tickets, flight tickets or letting me play some game just like my PC or video game. Few years past and my wish was granted, thanks to the revolution in technology. Being a human, my expectation increased and I started craving something like scanning barcodes and transferring money from my phone and even something like Intel Inside My Phone. Yes Asus ZenFone comes with Intel Inside! Today, now that I can do all these things, I like a typical human in search of incredible, wish my phone to have certain unique super powers to Do What Others Can’t Do:

Here are the list of super power that I would want my phone to have so that it distinguishes myself from the rest, help me explore the endless possibilities, see what others can’t see and yes, let me do what others can’t do: 

1. Travel Straight At The Stadium from the Live Streaming Match I Watch On My Phone 

Just imagine, you are watching a football match live from Brazil on your phone, and the super power in your phone takes you straight to the stadium where you can watch the match without any ticket, visa or a passport. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Well, this will be the first super power I would want for myself.


2. Google Maps Won’t Just Tell Me The Direction, But Take Me To The Place and Direct Me

While everybody would sit and check out the boring lines and landmarks on their phone, my Google Map would literally take me to the place and give me a real experience as to how the place is and which right or left should I take. So, whether, it is way to Eiffel tower from a “X” road or traveling from India to Thailand by road, the Google Map shall give me a real experience and feel of the place by taking me there.


3. Not just the Number, But Even the Caller’s Location Along With their Face Would Blink On My Screen

Ah, yes I want my phone to have a superpower which not only tells me the number from which the person is calling but the exact location from where he/she is calling along with his current face and not what I have stored in my phone. Also, whenever I call up the power in my phone gives me the information yet again. So, if my bf tells me, “Honey, I’m busy doing work!” I know its not the work but football match. Besides, I’ll know he is still in Andheri before he tells me just 5 minute 😉 Now, that reminds me of the #IncredibleZen phone of Asus which comes with its own Zen UI layer atop. Yes, yes, after ages, we finally have a Android phone (Zenfone 5) that comes with a user interface!



4. L L L L L L Lie-O-Meter

I want my phone to have a lie-o-meter acting as my golden eye so that a beep goes up when a person starts giving me crap on a call and a red color appears in their texts or chat messages whenever they lie to me. Yes, I can’t just sit and be a punching bag of the girls who come to me, rant about their relationship and then, the very next day goes on a date with the same person or brags about him on social media. Such girls, “Mera Superphone tumhe maaf nahi karega” 😛


5. Snooping Will Be My Phone’s Baye Haath Ka Khel

Its fun to be snooping around especially to pull your friend’s leg. So, I wish my phone to have a super power in which I not only get all the chat history of me and my friend talking but of all the person and the others in their list. Just imagine I can get some many confidential stuff, raunchy items, gossips and not to forget, the real faces of the people. No wonder, I’ll get to know who all are my real friends and who all just act. This super power in my phone will be super fun since only I will have access to their info and not the other way around.


6.In Search of Incredible, I Want My Phone As My Remote Control

I have been craving from long with this idea that my smart phone becomes genious and start acting like a remote control device, so that I continue to relax while my phone does all my stuff. For instance, if my Mom tells, “Please switch off the gas after 5 minutes”, I just switch it off from my phone after 5 minutes without dragging off my ass from my room uptil the kitchen. Same goes for the Tap, oven and every small things that require my presence.


7. My Phone Will Be Independent of Any Internet Service. Well, Who needs it When Internet Runs On Oxygen In the Air?

The Super power in my phone will be independent of any internet connection or wifi. Yes it will only require oxygen in the air to supply me internet. Now doesn’t that mean, Internet, Kahin bhi, kabhi bhi? Precisely, dude that’s one of the super power I desire in my phone and in that case, “Jab tak meri sasein chalengi mera internet chalega.” You never know if my phone extracts half of your GBs and MBs without the wifi hotspots or letting you know. Sounds fun? Hmm, that’s the feeling of awesomeness when you do what others can’t do!!!


8. My Phone Will Never Run Out of Charging

Half of the time my life is in deep shit just because my phone discharges when I need the most. So, I am in search of incredible super power in my phone that will keep it charged always. Yes, by the heat of my body when I’m using it, and through the oxygen in air when it is away from me, that is on the table! So, while all the people yell, no internet, no charge, I’ll always have a naughty smile on my face 😉


9. My Phone Will Have the Capacity of Deleting the Mails Not Only from My Inbox But Others As Well!

How many times have I been in mess for sending a wrong mail to a wrong person for all the wrong reasons? No wonder, my boss thrashed me and my client showed me as a proof of my commitment. But, what if the super power in my phone would give me the access to their inbox and even give me the power to delete all my mails without leaving any trace? Aha, ache din aa gaye samjho 🙂 In between, do you know that Asus ZenFone 5 comes with an inbuilt feature to record the telephonic conversation. Well, I know this feature is very small but, none one of the android phone comes with it 😉


10. No, No one can Steal My Super Powered Genius Phone

Because it not just need my thumb prints but my voice and the hold of my hand, and the moment it knows that it is not mine, it is ought to buzz me on a device with me, by giving me the exact location even in its switch off mode which makes the phone a complete waste for anybody who tries to use it, except for its owner that is me!


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