10 Unique Super Power In My Phone To Do What Other Can’t Do!

Ever since I had my black and white phone with yellow and then blue light, I always wondered if it would do something unusual like buying me movie tickets, flight tickets or letting me play some game just like my PC or video game. Few years past and my wish was granted, thanks to the revolution in technology. Being a human, my expectation increased and I started craving something like scanning barcodes and transferring money from my phone and even something like Intel Inside My Phone. Yes Asus ZenFone comes with Intel Inside! Today, now that I can do all these things, I like a typical human in search of incredible, wish my phone to have certain unique super powers to Do What Others Can’t Do:

Here are the list of super power that I would want my phone to have so that it distinguishes myself from the rest, help me explore the endless possibilities, see what others can’t see and yes, let me do what others can’t do: 

1. Travel Straight At The Stadium from the Live Streaming Match I Watch On My Phone 

Just imagine, you are watching a football match live from Brazil on your phone, and the super power in your phone takes you straight to the stadium where you can watch the match without any ticket, visa or a passport. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Well, this will be the first super power I would want for myself.


2. Google Maps Won’t Just Tell Me The Direction, But Take Me To The Place and Direct Me

While everybody would sit and check out the boring lines and landmarks on their phone, my Google Map would literally take me to the place and give me a real experience as to how the place is and which right or left should I take. So, whether, it is way to Eiffel tower from a “X” road or traveling from India to Thailand by road, the Google Map shall give me a real experience and feel of the place by taking me there.


3. Not just the Number, But Even the Caller’s Location Along With their Face Would Blink On My Screen

Ah, yes I want my phone to have a superpower which not only tells me the number from which the person is calling but the exact location from where he/she is calling along with his current face and not what I have stored in my phone. Also, whenever I call up the power in my phone gives me the information yet again. So, if my bf tells me, “Honey, I’m busy doing work!” I know its not the work but football match. Besides, I’ll know he is still in Andheri before he tells me just 5 minute 😉 Now, that reminds me of the #IncredibleZen phone of Asus which comes with its own Zen UI layer atop. Yes, yes, after ages, we finally have a Android phone (Zenfone 5) that comes with a user interface!



4. L L L L L L Lie-O-Meter

I want my phone to have a lie-o-meter acting as my golden eye so that a beep goes up when a person starts giving me crap on a call and a red color appears in their texts or chat messages whenever they lie to me. Yes, I can’t just sit and be a punching bag of the girls who come to me, rant about their relationship and then, the very next day goes on a date with the same person or brags about him on social media. Such girls, “Mera Superphone tumhe maaf nahi karega” 😛


5. Snooping Will Be My Phone’s Baye Haath Ka Khel

Its fun to be snooping around especially to pull your friend’s leg. So, I wish my phone to have a super power in which I not only get all the chat history of me and my friend talking but of all the person and the others in their list. Just imagine I can get some many confidential stuff, raunchy items, gossips and not to forget, the real faces of the people. No wonder, I’ll get to know who all are my real friends and who all just act. This super power in my phone will be super fun since only I will have access to their info and not the other way around.


6.In Search of Incredible, I Want My Phone As My Remote Control

I have been craving from long with this idea that my smart phone becomes genious and start acting like a remote control device, so that I continue to relax while my phone does all my stuff. For instance, if my Mom tells, “Please switch off the gas after 5 minutes”, I just switch it off from my phone after 5 minutes without dragging off my ass from my room uptil the kitchen. Same goes for the Tap, oven and every small things that require my presence.


7. My Phone Will Be Independent of Any Internet Service. Well, Who needs it When Internet Runs On Oxygen In the Air?

The Super power in my phone will be independent of any internet connection or wifi. Yes it will only require oxygen in the air to supply me internet. Now doesn’t that mean, Internet, Kahin bhi, kabhi bhi? Precisely, dude that’s one of the super power I desire in my phone and in that case, “Jab tak meri sasein chalengi mera internet chalega.” You never know if my phone extracts half of your GBs and MBs without the wifi hotspots or letting you know. Sounds fun? Hmm, that’s the feeling of awesomeness when you do what others can’t do!!!


8. My Phone Will Never Run Out of Charging

Half of the time my life is in deep shit just because my phone discharges when I need the most. So, I am in search of incredible super power in my phone that will keep it charged always. Yes, by the heat of my body when I’m using it, and through the oxygen in air when it is away from me, that is on the table! So, while all the people yell, no internet, no charge, I’ll always have a naughty smile on my face 😉


9. My Phone Will Have the Capacity of Deleting the Mails Not Only from My Inbox But Others As Well!

How many times have I been in mess for sending a wrong mail to a wrong person for all the wrong reasons? No wonder, my boss thrashed me and my client showed me as a proof of my commitment. But, what if the super power in my phone would give me the access to their inbox and even give me the power to delete all my mails without leaving any trace? Aha, ache din aa gaye samjho 🙂 In between, do you know that Asus ZenFone 5 comes with an inbuilt feature to record the telephonic conversation. Well, I know this feature is very small but, none one of the android phone comes with it 😉


10. No, No one can Steal My Super Powered Genius Phone

Because it not just need my thumb prints but my voice and the hold of my hand, and the moment it knows that it is not mine, it is ought to buzz me on a device with me, by giving me the exact location even in its switch off mode which makes the phone a complete waste for anybody who tries to use it, except for its owner that is me!


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