7 Reasons Why Banking with Kotak Jifi is Fun & Hassle Free!!!

The word “banking” is not only time consuming but involves lot of involvement – Yes, right from opening the account to getting all sorts of things like debit card, cheque book and even the user id along with the password of your best buddy – “The Revolutionary Internet Banking“. No, wonder the very term “Banking” not just bring heaps of tension but involves lot of work, making it a tedious part of every person. However, breaking the stereotype comes the Kotak Jifi – The 21st Century digital account with unparallelled benefits, making banking not just fun, but Hassle free.

Here are the reasons, one by one – Why Banking with Kotak Jifi Is Fun & Hassle Free – 

1. Because You Can Open Your Account Without Going to the Bank


When I signed up for Kotak Jifi account and filled the form online to open my account, all I did was filled the form. And guess what, my job was done because, soon, I got a call from the executive and a date was fixed. On the decided date and time, the Kotak executive reached my place and collected the required documents. And then what? My account was opened right from the comfort of my home. Yes, when you choose Kotak Jifi, collecting the documents in the Mumbai monsoon became the Bank’s headache, not yours. No wonder, this step itself makes it a winner as it values its customer’s time.


2. Kotak Jifi Gives You An Opportunity to Earn Points Through Referrals

Sharing is caring, isn’t it? But, what if sharing can earn you some brownie points which can convert into money? Sounds fun, well, that’s precisely what Kotak Jifi does – Every successful referral  earns you 100 points. What’s more? even if you share it with your Facebook friend, you earn 10 points from each friend. So, if you have 300 friends in your list, you get 300 x 10 = 3000 points. Bingo!!!


Let me tell you with only 50 points I could get Rs. 300 of on domestic flight while booking through MakeMyTrip. Now, isn’t it exciting, fun and also pocket friendly? In addition, the offer is till December, 2014 so even you can get it if you choose KOTAK JIFI now. Not just Make my trip there are various sites linked such as Jabong, Ebay, BookmyShow where you can redeem your points, and earn benefits by literally doing nothing.


3. Transfer your Points Just the way You Transfer Your Money


Have you heard anywhere that can you transfer the points to your friend or your mother/father can transfer the points to you? Now, doesn’t that mean, it is time to sign up your parents and siblings to in KOTAK JIFI, after all their point will all be yours 😉


4. Kotak Jifi Is Just A Tweet Away!

While, in all your traditional accounts you have to go to your home branch for all sort of enquiries including questioning when shall you receive cheque books, debit card etc. Here at Kotak Jifi, all you have to do is just put a status with #JifiStatus and everything related to your bank and query is DM’ed you. What’s more you can even tweet a cheque book request by a simple tweet. Now, doesn’t that make you feel modern and contemporary? I’m sure it surely does!


5. No Minimum Balance Required

Oh yes, with zero balance in your account, you can actually keep and maintain a Kotak Jifi account forever. No jhanjhat at all of the minimum balance thing. It surely relaxes many of the people like me. who hardly has anything left in the account during the month ends.


6. Platinum Debit Card

With Kotak Jifi, Banking just got social, however, the bank doesn’t deprive you from the debit card which is now one of the basic things of any living being. So, with Jifi Platinum Debit card you cannot only shop for Rs. 2 lakh but even withdraw Rs. 2 lakhs from your account. What’s more, the card comes with few complimentary insurances. “COMPLIMENTARY” & “FREE” are two of my favorite words 🙂


7. Wherever You Go Kotak Jifi Travels With You


Normally, the moment you are out of your town or city, your banking comes to a hault, however, with social bank like Kotak Jifi you can not only order your things to be done through Twitter, but use the kotak Apps for paying bills and doing majority of things. Once, I remembered the last date of paying my credit card bill while trekking. Back then, I could only pay through ATMs. so I couldn’t pay it on time, and you know I had to pay a heavy penalty. But, with customized mobile apps on phone, I’m sure such last minute stuff won’t be a problem.


Kotak’s #JifiIsHere! Visit the Official Jifi website to explore the fun and happiness. No, wonder it is a revolution in the world of banking.

Thank You Indiblogger and Kotak Jifi for giving me an opportunity to witness the mega launch of #JifiIsHere, which made me one of the early birds to open my 21st century contemporary bank account here!


Image Source: All Snapshots from Kotak Jifi. Gif – 1, 2, 5, 7, Indiblogger



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