5 Things That Add Zest In My Life

Life for me, is all about getting up in the morning, doing the routine chores, going to work, coming back home and then sleep. But then there are things that stop this mundane routine and add, that required and much necessary zest in my life. Strange but true, I get all the enthusiasm and energy by these super zesty things that transform my world from dull and boring, to interesting and fun. Not to forget, they even add the much needed pace in my life. Here they are:

1. The Technology

Oh, what my life would have been without the mercy of technology – Absolutely nothing! Every thing from my smart phone to smart watch, kindle, electric cooker, coffee maker and the small machine that checks the level of sugar in my body contributes in my smartness. For instance, just imagine with zero experience in web designing and SEO, what kind of blogger I had been without WordPress? Perhaps I would have not started blogging. Oops!


Besides, had there been no smart phone, I still would need my camera, barcode scanner, and many ancillary things to carry every time I moved from my home to office. It is true without these technology, I would not die and would still survive, but don’t you think it would have been very dull and boring, taking half of my day in doing something which now requires only 5 minutes? Now that even reminds me of NEFT and India’s first 1.2 Litre MPFi Turbocharged petrol engine in Tata Motors Car – Zest and Bolt.

2. The Downfall In My Life

Believe it or not, every time I failed, I was determined to do something better. My failure never became my weakness but my strength to do bigger and better. Like a true realist and optimist, my downfall only increased my potential and doubled my zest. Though I am not much found of failures, but trust me downfall in life often give you that energy and enthusiasm which success isn’t aware of.


So while success attracts many good things, failure actually gives you the path to achieve success. For instance, had Paulo Coelho’s first book, Hell Archives would not not have failed, he would have not given us great books like Alchemist. Perhaps, he would have been just another writer. The failure of his first book gave him immense zest to write much better and so we had the revolutionary Alchemist.

3. The Quest For More

I am never satisfied – I always need more – More Knowledge, More Money, More Technology, Better Life, Better Car, Better Health Equipment for my Parents, so on and so forth. And I think, if something that really adds up the zest in my life is the quest for more, the hunger for perfection and the thrill to look beyond the latest to the next. Oh yes, latest is not new, “NEXT” is!


4. Travel and Adventure

Sitting in my office, working, dreaming about all the good things, trying to achieve all I want – yes, that encourages me, energizes me! In addition, comes the two word – “Travel” and “Adventure”. All you have to utter these two words and see how the eyes roll, the body jumps and the genuine smile races up on the face.


Yes, wandering like a traveler, risking your life for an adventure, planning a trip to an offbeat place, instantly adds zest in my life. All, you need to say is “Deepti, let’s go to GOA” and see how I do a mini bungee jumping from my couch on to the floor, no matter how gloomy I may be few minutes ago, I’ll be giggling thereafter!

5. The Love of My Life – My Boyfriend!

Love is not life, but just a part of your life they say – True! And what if that special part adds value to your life, compliments you, and is the better half of you? Sounds fun? Well, my boyfriend is precisely that special part who adds zest in my life – sometime by his simple gestures, his encouragements and motivation when nothing can beat my negativity, and sometimes simply through his existence!


And yea the funny fights. Strange but some times his “No’s” actually activates my brain to do something, eventually making me realize his “No” was only to make me say “Yes” and try beyond my capacity to achieve things!

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and BlogAdda.com

Image Source: Technology, Travel, Failure


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