Top 10 Famous Alumni of Harvard University

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Harvard University has pumped up numerous accomplished individuals. From prominent leaders, entrepreneurs to great literary experts. The alumni of this soaring institution has always been a prominent name especially in politics, business and literature. TopYaps presents the top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University from the huge list of the celebrated graduates from this renowned academia.

10. Benazir Bhutto:

The first woman prime minister of a Muslim realm, Benazir Bhutto graduated from Harvard with a B.A. degree in comparative government in 1973 before getting into Oxford for International Law and Diplomacy. Daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the founder of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), she inherited leadership of the PPP after a military coup led by General Mohammad Zia ul-Haq overthrow her father’s government and hanged him on charges of authorizing the murder of an opponent. She won election in 1988 and became the prime minister of Pakistan. She was killed in 2007 in a suicide attack after she returned to Pakistan from an extensive exile.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

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9. Al Gore:

Currently a businessman, author and environmental activist, Albert Arnold Al Gore Jr. was the 45th Vice-President of the United States under the presidentship of Bill Clinton. He is the co-founder of Current TV, senior advisor to Google and a member of the Board Directors of Apple Inc.  His book “An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What Can We Do About It” Won a Grammy award in February 2009 for best spoken word album. He also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 along with the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

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8. T.S. Eliot:

One of the most important English poets of the 20th century, Thomas Stearns Eliot before becoming an elite poet, playwright and publisher went to study philosophy at the Harvard University. The poet earned his bachelor’s degree in just three years instead of the normal four. A year later he started working on his poem, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock which earned him name and fame. He won many honorary awards in his lifetime including the Nobel Prize in literature for his outstanding contribution to present day poetry.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

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7. Bill Gates:

America’s business patron, William Henry Bill Gates III is  the co-founder, chairman, president and CEO of the pioneer company of computer industry, Microsoft Corporation. One of the wealthiest persons across the world, he has also authored two books, The Road Ahead in 1995 and Business @the Speed of Thought in 1999.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

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6. George W. Bush:

The 43rd president of the United States, George Walker Bush holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and till the date is the only American President to earn this degree. The eldest son of the 41st US President George W.H. Bush, he is the man accountable for pronouncing a global war on terrorism, organizing an invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan and promoting policies on education, health care, social security reform and economy.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

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5. Barack Obama:

Barack Hussein Obama II, is the 1st African-American in the United States to become the President of US. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he again created history by winning the 2012 US presidential election by beating Mitt Romney, again a Harvard graduate. The African-American president has now become the first Democratic president after Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) to triumph the majority of the popular vote two times.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

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4. Mark Zuckerberg:

In 2007, at the age of 23, he was in the list of youngest billionaires of the world. The computer programmer and Internet Entrepreneur, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg founded trendiest social networking site, Facebook, while attending at Harvard University for majoring in Computer Science. From 2010, Zuckerberg has been one among the hundred most influential and people in the world.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

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3. John F. Kennedy:

Until his assassination, JFK served as the 35th US President. An ex Lieutenant in the US Navy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was also a Senator and US house of representative from Massachusetts. One of the youngest presidents of the United States, he continues to rank greatly in public outlook ratings of US president. Enrolled in 1936 in Harvard University, he completed his graduation in  Bachelors of Science with honor in international affairs.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

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2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

FDR, till 2012 US presidential elections was the only president to be elected for more than two terms. One of the most favored presidents of the United States, FDR was involved in direct assistance to the individuals. During his tenure, he also brought up new jobs for the unemployed. During the World War 2, he supported countries particularly the Great Britain in fight against the Nazi Germany.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

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1. John Adams:

The Founding Father and one of the prominent names in the American Revolution, John Adams was also a Harvard Law graduate who had won a scholarship to attend Harvard University at the age of 16. John Adams served on the First Continental Congress and assisted in drafting the Declaration of Independence. He became the first vice president of the US for two terms and then went to become the second President of the United States.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

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Kotak JIFI is What My Grandfather Recommends!

21st century brought a revolution in almost each and everything around us. Telephones were replaced by cellular phones, computers were superseded by laptops, TV sets were exchanged for LCDs/LEDs and media became social media. However, one thing that remained same was “Banking” where revolution came in the form of Internet Banking and few things but it couldn’t revolutionize completely.

Wait a minute, Banking just got social. Check out here how my social media fanatic young cousin introduced the new age Banking to me and our Grandfather:





Day 2

Dadaji – “Beta, how was your exam?”

Me – “It was good Dadaji….Where is Chintu?”

Dadaji – He should be here soon!

Me – Okay, dadaji, let me brief you about the REVOLUTIONARY KOTAK JIFI BANK ACCOUNT!

First of all, for this bank account you need not go to bank to open your bank account. All you have to do is login to the website, hit “APPLY NOW” and fill in the form. This is how the form looks like:


Once you fill the form, you get a call from the executive and they come to collect the documents to open your account. Yes, it is as simple as that. Meanwhile, if you want to connect with them, they are a tweet away

Dadaji: “Oh, wonderful!” this is really simple! I must appreciate the young bud knows more than us!

Dadiji: Didn’t I tell you my Chintu is the best?

Dadaji: Oh Ho, you just can’t stop boasting about your favorite grand child, can you?

Me: Dadi, one of the key features of this bank is something which you are looking from along. You always wanted to have a “NO MINIMUM BALANCE” account in private bank, don’t you?

Well, now with KOTAK JIFI account you can have that privilege – Isn’t that a sone pe suhaga thing?

“And one of the best feature of this bank is…..” Chintu came from the kitchen slurping kheer from his mouth

“Is what?” Dadaji asked in curiosity.

Chintu: “Well, you earn points through referrals. Every referral earns you 100 points. What’s more, every share with your fb friends earn you 10 points. So, if you have 50 friends in your FB list you can earn 500 points straight.

Dadaji: Aha, time to make some FB friends now 😉

Dadiji: What did you say??? Come again!

Dadaji: Nothing Nothing!

Me: And these points will give you discounts to many things. From online shopping at Jabong, to booking movie tickets on Book My Show and even at Make My Trip 😀

Chintu: And best part is that, if you don’t want to spend it, you can always send it to your friends like me who can spend it all 🙂

Dadaji: You mean the points are transferable?

Me: Oh yes Dadaji, it is!!!

Dadaiji: Now that sounds interesting. Till now, I had never come across something where you could actually transfer points!

Dadiji interrupted,,,,,,

“Beta do they give us any debit card?”

Chintu: Haan Dadi, they give you platinum card along with complimentary insurances. You love insurances, don’t you???


Dadaji: That’s really modern banking, I must say where I will get everything by sitting at my own home and without bugging any of my grand children to do my work.

Dadiji: Ah, finally my kids can relax!!!

Dadaji: Tum chup raho…..acha bacho tell me what is Kotak Jifi’s Twitter handle and how can I get my status once I fill the form?

Me: Dadaji, the handle is @KotakJifi and you can get the status of your bank and everything related to your account here at #JifiStatus.

Chintu: Dadaji make sure you download the KOTAK app in your phone so that your bank follows you unlike your old bank where I had to follow everybody.

Dadaji: Agreed Chintu,,,, I think till all these years this is the first thing which you did was really worth appreciating and thanks for introducing this revolutionary banking to an oldie like me. It is really beneficial. I hope all the young generation kids like you both teach their parents and grandparents about social media so that even they take an advantage

My Grandfather is telling me to spread the word and so you too log in to the offcial Kotak Jifi website, fill the form and change the definition of Banking altogether!

Visit the Official Jifi website to explore more!