Game of Blogs

BlogAdda’s newest initiative is to #CelebrateBlogging with a series of contests, starting with one called a Game of Blogs. Teams of bloggers take turns creating a round robin story of sorts that they post to their individual blogs.
Team: Blogsters 

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Though it was half past seven in the morning, there had been no sunrise. Only a change over from a dark black to a greyish sky . Jennifer Joseph looked around at the beauty of the countryside – myriad hues of green and brown, divided by the broken farm bunds.

She blew on her hands trying to bring some life to her fingers. Kashmir was colder than she had imagined. She hadn’t been able to sleep the previous night as she had shivered the whole night in the flooded regions of Srinagar – until she was airlifted by the Army. She was safe—but her constant companion, her better half, the Canon EOS Rebel T1i was destroyed forever!

Being a travel photographer, her camera was as much a part of her as one of her limbs. She’d come all the way from God’s own country to God’s heaven to fulfill her dream of capturing heaven with her lenses – but when the floods turned the heaven into hell, she had refrained from clicking the sad scenario.

Her eyes filled with tears as Jennifer envisioned her presence in Kashmir. Fortunately, Jen was only daydreaming while watching the news.

“Thank you Jesus, for saving me,” she said aloud, kissing her right hand that bore a tattoo of a cross engulfed in red flowers and its green leaves. And my camera, she added, feeling only a little guilty as she thought it.

Jennifer looked up as she heard footsteps on the stairs below her. Looked like her hunky neighbour was back.

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Me and my team are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.