Soulmate Intimacy : Heal It With A Touch #BringBackTheTouch

Relationships are complicated but there are modifiers to make it simple, easy, fun loving and happy. While a certain gesture can make it worse, a little shared moment can mellow everything. Discover what these gesticulations are that can simply turn you into soul-mates from mates.

Sometimes grand gestures, fireworks and huge spending don’t create that magic, than the obvious that makes the relationship stronger and happier. An authentic connection between the couples, simple shared moments, passionate touch, feelings of trust, closeness, transparency and caressing has tremendous potential in jazzing up their life in a special form, making them more closer and intimate.

You might wonder what are these simple moments? If you think that intimacy is all about sexual arousal and satisfaction, think again. It has more to do with romantic shared moments than sexual connections.

Let us find these simple tricks that can boost your love and make your relationship all the more better and worthwhile –

“Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.” ~ Francois Rabelais

Love – Sometimes the greatest justification that your partner loves you and you are well appreciated is when he or she makes small unexpected gestures. Yes, planning a romantic dinner and a weekend getaway is always valued and cherished. However, buying your wife a heart shaped earring simply because you happened to walk by a store, see it in the display window and know she would love it, will truly create an impression. It’s actually a “no-real-reason” feeling that makes the entire gesture mean so much.


“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.” ~ Mother Teresa

Caress – Most of the couples divide their chores. For instance, the wife does the household chores and it is his duty to throw away that trash. But once in a while, when he is really knocked down with all his work and its pressures, instead of nagging him for not observing the spilling over a dustbin, throw it out for him. When you love someone deeply, you pitch in, even if you might not be asked to do so. Little gesticulations to make each other’s life easy makes you remind as to why you put up with her snoring or his stinky feet, in the first place. In addition, giving your mate a break makes him a bit relaxed which makes it easier for you two to appreciate each other’s company.


“Action speaks louder than words and expression more than letters.”

Feel – Let’s face it, telling your better half how much she means to you can feel kind of silly or corny. But expressing them in a unique style can bring color to your relationship. Without expressions and feelings, you might risk yourself in falling into “taking each other for granted” syndrome. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to pen down long love letters for emotional emails but small notes like, “I love you” or a “kiss” in the morning, a gentle touch while going out for office.


Our smile will always be one of my favorite things like backward barbecue’s and front porch swings and evening breezes through window screens ~ Josh Turner

Discover – Trying to do something just for the sake of your spouse make them feel on top of the world. For instance, if you attend her nephew’s birthday party although you are not that social person to indulge these activities, she is ought to love you for this. Similarly, if you are too tired yet you indulge in sex because you know he would love it, will make him really happy. Sometimes saying “yes” for your usual “no” can lead to that intimate pleasure which has no comparison.

Let these romantic touch build up your chemistry and sizzle your intimacy. All ready to #BringBackTheTouch?

This post is part of the #BringBackTheTouch campaign initiated by Parachute Advansed Body Lotion and Indiblogger


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