Fat Cat Lucky 6 Review: 5 Reasons Why You Should Download and Play Fat Cat’s Lucky 6?L

Online Gaming is fun and thrill. However, it is only virtual. What if these virtual excitement turns into life changing experience? Sounds like real fun, like a dream coming true? Well, your dream will soon come true because Fat Cat is launching their new unique online game LUCKY 6 where you can not just win cash but luxury holidays to your favorite holiday destination:

1. It is Very Simple To Start With, and Play

Just download the app on Android or IOS in few seconds and register yourself. You’ll get the below windows. The download process is pretty fast and quick and doesn’t take more than two minutes.


Registration Process


Once you have registered, you’ll get a mail, click the mail and confirm, you can now login. You’ll get a login option in minutes


2. Playing Game Is Easy, Quick and Enjoyable ~ You don’t have to be a Geek, a stock broker expert or a genious…Check out

When you login, the screen will first take you to a game tour where it explains you how to play the game, again a quick tutorial which doesn’t waste much of your time. You can play Lucky 6, the screen is as shown below:


3. You can Play Lucky 6 and Win Prizes of Your Own Choice – That Prize Which You Desire

Now, before playing the game you’ll have to select 6 brands from more than 100 brands. In case you change your mind, you can even de-select and select other brands. You can even select a brand to open the dashboard where you can find more about it. Once you select all the 6 brands you are all done and ready to go. The list has Amazon store, Bharti Airtel, Brittania Biscuits, Dabur, Dettol, Dish TV, Godrej, HDFC Bank, Raymond, Taj Hotels, Walt Disney, Wipro, Asian Paints and many more including FACEBOOK, Twitter and Google


Once you select any 6 of your choice you’ll have to confirm here and the below screen will appear – It is very quick. The game doesn’t have any bugs and allows you to select any brand of your choice.



4. It is transparent, and allows you to get competitive by winning Rs. 25 lakh

You can not just check your score but others score, the top ten players and also their profile too.You can check other people’s high score, low score, average score and number of tickets. Here it is:



5. You can share and increase your chance of winning

Every time you introduce a friend who plays Lucky 6 you increase your chances of winning. However, you’ll have to make sure that they enter your nickname when they sign up. Oh yea, Sharing is not just caring but Winning here. Now that’s exciting, isn’t it?

If you introduce a player to Lucky 6 and that person wins a jackpot, with him, you win too. How?? Well, you win a bonus aount of 25% of the amount they win. so if the jackpot if of Rs. 25 lakh, you win a whooping Rs. 6.25 lakh. However, to avail this benefit, make sure they have acknowledged your nickname in the referrer column while registration.


This is how your Profile Looks – Yes, it is as efficient, effortless and easy:


The App is coming soon on your Android and IOS operating systems. Don’t forget to download to have fun, thrill and a life time experience of winning some extra-ordinary booty.

To Know More You can click FatCat’s Official Website http://fatcatgaming.com/ and follow them on Twitter @FatCatGamingApp

Happy Gaming!


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