We, the People Can Make India Clean and Green – Join the Conversation – #AbMontuBolega

For every other thing, we Indians, blame government. If there is violence, we blame goverrnment, if there is corruption, we blame government. Worst, even, if we pass through a filthy road, we blame government.

Why? Because we expect government to correct our wrongdoings. For instance, we, the people won’t think  twice before throwing a wrapper, garbage or any other waste on road. However, when the one-two wrapper and waste accumulates and becomes a pile of trash, we quickly blame the local civic body or sometimes even the government at the centre.

My question is how can one blame the Government for something for which we and only we are responsible?

Agreed, the government has to take corrective action for each and every wrong things which we do, like creating a pile of garbage. But, ever, wondered, what if we do not create a mess, in the first place? What if, instead of complaining later, we stop throwing  unnecessary waste outside.



We Indians, can apply the Japanese model, can’t we?

Now, what is Japanese Model?

Well, if you remember, during the football World Cup 2014 in Brazil, images of Japanese went viral where young Japanese were seen picking up all the trash in the stadium after the game was over. The trash included empty bottles, chips wrappers ad all sort of things which we normallly eat and drink in stadium or movie theatre. This is precisely Japanese model, where a young child  from his initial days in school, is taught to be a crusader of cleanliness. Since, each and everyone is a crusader of Anti-Garbage, Japan is one of the  cleanest country in the world.

Now, can you credit the Japanese Government for their accomplishment?

Well, it is the people of Japan, who actually deserves a pat on their back. Similarly, if there is filth around India, government, alone is not to be blamed. We, the people are also responsible for the same. And, if we, become responsible citizens, first, by not throwiing and creating a mess, and next by requesting/urging/educating the others, I’m  sure, India will no more be a dirty India like it is infamous all over the world.

Swachh Bharat Campaign

Swachh Bharat Campaign initiated by our PM is a noble idea,however, it cannot be a successful campaign until each one of us join the campaign physically and mentally. Campaign is just a start, it can only be successful, if we make the campaign our habit. Though I’m not a cleanliness freak, I’ve always kept my trash, either in my school bag or in my hand bag, later. However, there are many, who are cleanliness freak inside their home, but don’t think twice before throwing garbage on the road.

I raise my voice against these people – The Pseudo Cleanliness Freak, who keep their house clean but not their environment or surrounding.

I have been a silent spectator of their actions from ages but not anymore. I vow that I will continue to keep my surrounding clean, and at the same time educate others to do the same – Kyunki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega as the New Strepsils Campaign says!

Yes, the Strepsils Campaign #AbMontuBolega – What’s the campaign about?

Strepsils campaign #AbMontuBolega is a unique digital campaign, where individuals are asked to express and raise their voice on any and every issue of which they have been silent spectators from so long. The mascot Montu is a live example, who remains a silent spectator always, until, he raises his voice, and to his surprise, he is not bashed, but heard!


The objective of the campaign is to build awareness, and create a awareness amongst the people to raise awareness on various subjects including Enviornment, Infrastructure, Women Empowerment, Women Safety, Education, Sanitation and many more things.

Join the conversation with Montu and raise your voice!

To Know more about  the Campaign:

You can visit  their website http://www.abmontubolega.com/ or

Follow them on twitter – https://www.twitter.com/StrepsilsIndia @StrepsilsIndia

Or visit their Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/StrepsilsIndia

Image Source: Indiblogger


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