Discovering A New Me in 2015 – Because I Can!

Journalism and Photography are two things which I’m highly interested in. Though I’m a writer and I’m writing a lot these days, I’m lost  somewhere in the world of ‘Trending Articles’ where I write only on the basis of what’s hot and what has the potential to sell.


Somewhere down the line, I have forgotten that writing was once my passion – A way to express myself, to express what’s right and wrong, a medium which gave happiness to me no matter who frustrated – I would be.

My first resolution this year is to be a writer I once was. I really plan to write stuffs that interest me, stuff that brings happiness to me, and stuff that I want to write – Rather than stuff that my boss wants me to write.

So, basically, 2015 should start with a bang where I’m a writer for me, and myself.

Besides, writing if something I like is Travelling and Photography. Off late, since I’m giving too much importance to work, I’m missing all the fun. Neither am I travelling much nor I’m clicking the pics of those beautiful places I once travelled.

So starting from 2015, I shout out out loud that Traveling and photography is something I’m going to follow religiously.

Besides, Now that I have a Tab in hand – Micromax Canvas Tab P666 with great camera, screen resolution, and lightning speed, the device is not going to stop me from any future hindrances. After all, a true gadget is a true friend of a dreamer. Needless to say, a device actually makes its owner run their dreams and passion –  Then whether it is a Mobile Phone with Great Camera, or a Laptop, Sports Car or a Video Game!

So the Canvas Tab of Micromax will not just help me to take photographs but also help me to write on it. Browsing is fun and easy. I can quickly download Word doc from Google Play and get going without depending on my laptop.

No wonder my Tab has an Intel processor, hyper threading technology for smooth multitasking, burst performance technology and 1 gb RAM.

Besides, I can research a lot of things on Tab and also read lot of books before I start writing. And yes, multi tasking is easy too. Moreover, it doesn’t consume much battery.


These Three Passion – Writing, Photography, and Travelling are something that I wish to rediscover in the coming year. Although New Year resolutions often break but, this year, I’m not going to do so. I have already set a reminder which keeps reminding me my new year resolution. I’m going to stick to my Resolution this year.

How about you? Are you set to rediscover your passion like me?

This post is written for Micromax Canvas Contest in association with Indiblogger.

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11 Reasons Why Melbourne Is the Most Liveable City in the World!

Melbourne this year was declared as the Most Liveable City in the World. Here are the reasons why:

1. Because It Is Artistic – Yes, the Gothic Laneways Is Highly Alluring!

Ever dreamt of a place where you stroll through lanes and arcades which flaunts colors and arts? While,you might witness in your dreams, but this is a reality for all the locals in Melbourne. A Look one of the most artistic street in Melbourne – the Hosier Lane!


2. Because It Has One of the Best Transportation

With buses, trains and trams, one can easily Travel to and fro in Melbourne. In fact, Melbourne’s Tramway Network is the largest Tramway network in the world! These world famous Trams pick up and drop you to each and every corner of Melbourne.

Bank_of_Melbourne_tram_side (1)Source

3. Because of Its Pleasant Weather Throughout the Year – Ah, that’s an added advantage!

Melbourne is neither very hot nor very cold. In simple terms, it has the best weather to live in. The average Temperature in summer is 25 degree Celsius, while 14 degree Celsius in winter. Whatever time of the year it maybe, Melbourne is the best destination for all the time.


4. Because Melbourne Is a City Which Believe in Multikulti – Making It Very Easy to Adjust

A Multicultural City, Melbourne is a home to people across every nook and corner of the world. People of 140 cultures live here in harmony which includes Europeans, Asians, Africans and Americans. In fact, Chinese and Greek came to Melbourne during 1850s.


5. Because It Has Many Beautiful Parks and Gardens

Melbourne is fully surrounded by gorgeous gardens and parks. The Royal Park of Melbourne covers around 181 hectares and is hub for various sports including Cricket, Hockey, Fotball, Soccer, Netball and other sports. A perfect place for your kids.


6. It is a Musical City – Perfect For A Vibrant Lifestyle!

Melbourne Hosts Australia’s biggest Music Festival Big Day Out where both Local as well as International bands perform. An eclectic city, Melbourne has various types of night life options. In addition, you’ll find dance clubs, underground bars and even jazz cafe around the streets. Melbourne also has one of the biggest Casino which hosts around 500 tables.


7. Because of Its Magnificent Victorian Architecture – Gorgeous City to Live in – Indeed!

Architecture and Infrastructure are the two things which instantly describes a city and Melbourne’s prime feature is its architecture. The Victorian Architecture of 1800 can be seen in Melbourne along with the new type of architecture.


8. Queen Victoria Market 

A global city, Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market is a global shopping place where you get everything. A perfect place, for both the locals as well tourist to shop for the utilities.


9. The Perfect Place For Children – Zoo, Acquarium, Water Sports etc

Melbourne has 3 Zoos, A large acquarium and a botanical garden. In addition, the vibrant city has several water sports and activities going in the Yarra river, which is undoubtedly the heart of the Melbourne City now.


10. Because of Its Great Variety of Food, Restaurants, Cafe and Bars…..

From Italian, Chinese to Viatnemese and many other delicacies, you get to taste almost all the flavors. There are great number of restaurants in Melbourne.. Yes, yes, there are budget eatiers too.


And Lastly,

11. Because It Has the Best Lot of Folks, check out here

And Yes Melbourne Welcomes you with Open Arms.

Not just these 11 Reasons, but there are plenty more reasons to stay in Melbourne, click the link to explore – Visit Melbourne

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Pre-Marital Sex Is Not Immoral Says Ancient India

Earlier this year, a Delhi court labelled ‘Pre-Marital Sex’ as immoral further adding that it is against the ‘tenets of every religion.’ The court also said, “No religon in the world allows pre-martial sex.While the Indian court straightforwardly tagged pre-marital sexual intercourse as unethical, I wonder why did it miss the basic Vedic literature of Ancient India, which not just had any objection on this conception, but also favored a relationship based out of ‘only love.’ 


Pre-marital sex in modern day world is highly thought of as a ‘sinful’, ‘wrongful’, ‘impure’, ‘shameful’ and ‘dishonourable’ act. However, let me tell you it is just a modern day philosophy! In fact, ancient Hindus would have found such a judgement or perception as ‘alien.’ Yes, Pre-marital Sex is not at all wrong, impure or sinful as it is highlighted. 

Besides, how can something be wrong and sinful when it is based out of love and is purely consensual? Not convinced? Well, then lets dig into some of the many rationale to support my stand for ‘Pre-marital Sex!’

Many People are of the Opinion that Sex before Marriage is Wrong  – Mainly Because they assume It is Against the Religion!

In Hinduism, there are 8 types of marrriages and out of those eight, one is ‘Gandharva Vivaah’ – A marriage purely based on mutual attraction which was highly practiced in Ancient India. In this type of marriage, a woman selected her own partner. They then consensually decided to stay together and it was sensual passion that consummated their relationship. Mind you, Gandharava Vivaah neither needed any parental consent nor any approval from the so called society. And if you scroll the pages of Kamasutra or Adi Parva in Mahabharat, you’ll find that ‘Gandharva Parva’ is the most promiment of all forms of marriage.


Poonaam Uppal’s Book – ‘A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story‘ too gets the chord correct as she rightly quotes ‘True Love as the only Religion of the Future!’

What is Morality and Promiscuity – Lets Give it a Thought Once Again!

If you read the renowned neuroscientist Sam Hariss’ book ‘The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values’ where he tries to draw a third path between religionists (who believe that morality is given by the supreme God along with the scriptures), and secularists (who say morality is highly subjective), you’ll see that, he rightly defines Morality scientifically and measures it as a function of neuroscience and evolution.


Ultimately, concluding in very simple language – “A behavior or an act is moral if it amplifies collective bliss and immoral if it attempts to minimize the felicity.” Now, intimacy before marriage, neither diminished happiness in the past nor it does today (because it is consensual) so how can it be termed as immoral?

Claiming Pre-Marital Lovemaking as Wrong – Viewpoint of the Misogynst World?

Women are the better halves of Men, however, right from the medieval times women were oppressed and people even commoditized them. In fact, it was thought (which is still applicable) that a woman who indulges into pre-marital sex is out of patriarchal control, and she should be immediately punished – at times people even boycotting her. No wonder, the prejudiced minds irrationaly declines feminine sexuality as they fear sexual expressions of females.


To be honest, this misogynist thinking is actually immoral which denies natural exploration of one’s sexuality.

How can men obstruct something which is natural, who are they to restrict someone’s happiness? Isn’t sexual indulgence a significant feature of human life? Who are these men, people or society to shun the natural feelings of a human being? Who are these people to term ‘immoral’ to something which is so ‘natural’ and ‘intrinsic’?

Do you still think Pre-marital sex is wrong? Do put your thoughts ]and let’s continue the conversation from there.

Also, do not miss reading “A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story” by Poonaam Uppal where she rightly highlights the essence of True Love.


Rise Above Fear to Claim Victory!

Fear is something from which we all suffer. In fact, it is the biggest hindrance to all our victories, whether it is at personal level or professional level. But, until you rise above fear, you can never claim the real victory. For instance, just taking risk in an adventure. You know how rewarding the experience is, if you take risk and go down a alley of adventure!

Today, I’ll share my personal story on how I could rise above fear by listening to my heart, to claim victory in life. Yes! you heard it right!

I’m a blogger, a full time freelance writer today, but few years ago I was a human machine working in an Indian conglomerate. My day revolved around me, working as a machine round the clock. Yes, getting up in the morning, running to catch the train, making sure I reach on time, working in the office, trying to do something which my heart didn’t allow and ultimately returning home like a loser. Yes, I felt like a loser!

I always thought what I’m doing isn’t right, because, I was dodging my real self, I wasn’t following my heart but the so called rat race until I realized that this is not what I have to do, This is certainly not what I should be doing.

Then, what is the one thing I should be doing? Well, I didn’t know back then,where and what I should do, but I knew for sure, the mechanic me, is not my real self.This really needs a stop.

However, there was a constant fear in my mind. What if I leave this? What if I have no money? What if my friends go ahead,and  I’m left behind? You know the usual stuff until I risked myself and trying to hear the call of my heart.

Obviously I struggled hard, but, then I began writing, blogging, and today as a freelance writer, I earn more than what I used to earn before.In addition, my new love gave me an opportunity to be a solo Traveler, something which I only dreamt, butnever risked in real life.

As a solo Traveler, I have been traveling and enjoying life the way I should have been few years ago. But I have no qualms. Had I not risked then, I would have still working like a mechanic in a cubicle like any other corporate employee.Well, I don’t have anything against it. But, well, that was certainly not my cup of tea.

When I left my job, and had no clue what I would be doing next, friends and even some of the family members acted weird. but, then, nothing big in life comes until you take a risk. Rising above risk is only the first step towards achievement.Then whether, the risk is in in career, or a small matter, you have to take risk!

This post is written for the campaign Rise Above Fear initiated by Mountain Dew.As rightly Said by Mountain Dew, “Kyunki Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai!”



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Airbnb – Make a Wish and Stay At Your Dream Destination!

Ever since I saw the movie ‘The Holiday’ starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winselet, I too thought of sharing a large home in other part of the country/globe. Like a beautiful cottage in a village , a castle in a historic town, a luxury home in one of the most happening place of the world or maybe a gorgeous little home in one of the most isolated place. While, I was still wondering about my wish, I got an invitation to the website Airbnb from my friend Ankit Jain.

Logging in to the website, I realized, the website is just like what I have been thinking from years. Yes, I too can stay in other part of the world in a home like I want, at an affordable price, of course less than all those rates of a hotel. To my surprise, prices of a beautiful cottage in France is less than hotel prices in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala and so many other places in India.

No wonder, Airbnb compelled me to make ‘My Wishlist‘. Here they are one by one as per by budget:


Holiday in Rome

Being a history buff, I have been dreaming about all the ancient places from time immemorial now. It would be a dream cume true if I get to visit Rome and spend a day wandering the streets of this historic place. So, I am keen to visit this place listed in Airbnb – One of the first 100 closest  apartments to the Colosseum. Here’s a snapshot for you to see as well!


A Country side vacation in United Kingdom

We Indians have a great fascination for United Kingdom after all we have grown up watching those fairy tales where there are beautiful cottage with a small farm, where they have cute little pets.I’m definitely visiting villages in United Kingdom. While, browsing, I got something that exactly suits my wish. Here it is as cheap as 4k per day:


A Peaceful Escape in Sillery Gaon, India

Northeast is the best escape in India, especially when you are bored of your fast paced life in Mumbai. Nestled in forest and pine trees, the place always lures me. Although I have never been to Northeast, I’m definitely dying to visit Sikkim. And in Sikkim, I would love to visit this beautiful cottage located at the topmost position of the forest. Want to have a look, here you go:


A Rocking Holiday in Amsterdam, Netherland

Amsterdam has always lured me, not for one but many reasons. The vibrant place is really into wishlist of many people and I’m the one, looking forward to get a chance to stay there, and ride my bike to explore this pollution freeand noisless city. While browsing on Airbnb, I got this beautiful place.


Holiday in Bali

Bali in Indonesia is a paradise of all the party lovers. Though I’m not much into party, I’m fascinated by Indonesia’s culture and living. Not to forget, its historic connection with India along with its marvellous beauty. In Bali, I’m definitelyy staying in this natural villa designed by an architect facing the rice fields. What an exotic dream destination that would be. Here’s a sneek peak of the place. No, its not a painting!


Login from here at Airbnb and get a coupon code of Rs. 1545

Or here

To know more visit the official website

Happy Holidays!

P.S: All the Images are my own Screenshots for the Android App of Airbnb downloaded from Google Playstore!