Airbnb – Make a Wish and Stay At Your Dream Destination!

Ever since I saw the movie ‘The Holiday’ starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winselet, I too thought of sharing a large home in other part of the country/globe. Like a beautiful cottage in a village , a castle in a historic town, a luxury home in one of the most happening place of the world or maybe a gorgeous little home in one of the most isolated place. While, I was still wondering about my wish, I got an invitation to the website Airbnb from my friend Ankit Jain.

Logging in to the website, I realized, the website is just like what I have been thinking from years. Yes, I too can stay in other part of the world in a home like I want, at an affordable price, of course less than all those rates of a hotel. To my surprise, prices of a beautiful cottage in France is less than hotel prices in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala and so many other places in India.

No wonder, Airbnb compelled me to make ‘My Wishlist‘. Here they are one by one as per by budget:


Holiday in Rome

Being a history buff, I have been dreaming about all the ancient places from time immemorial now. It would be a dream cume true if I get to visit Rome and spend a day wandering the streets of this historic place. So, I am keen to visit this place listed in Airbnb – One of the first 100 closest  apartments to the Colosseum. Here’s a snapshot for you to see as well!


A Country side vacation in United Kingdom

We Indians have a great fascination for United Kingdom after all we have grown up watching those fairy tales where there are beautiful cottage with a small farm, where they have cute little pets.I’m definitely visiting villages in United Kingdom. While, browsing, I got something that exactly suits my wish. Here it is as cheap as 4k per day:


A Peaceful Escape in Sillery Gaon, India

Northeast is the best escape in India, especially when you are bored of your fast paced life in Mumbai. Nestled in forest and pine trees, the place always lures me. Although I have never been to Northeast, I’m definitely dying to visit Sikkim. And in Sikkim, I would love to visit this beautiful cottage located at the topmost position of the forest. Want to have a look, here you go:


A Rocking Holiday in Amsterdam, Netherland

Amsterdam has always lured me, not for one but many reasons. The vibrant place is really into wishlist of many people and I’m the one, looking forward to get a chance to stay there, and ride my bike to explore this pollution freeand noisless city. While browsing on Airbnb, I got this beautiful place.


Holiday in Bali

Bali in Indonesia is a paradise of all the party lovers. Though I’m not much into party, I’m fascinated by Indonesia’s culture and living. Not to forget, its historic connection with India along with its marvellous beauty. In Bali, I’m definitelyy staying in this natural villa designed by an architect facing the rice fields. What an exotic dream destination that would be. Here’s a sneek peak of the place. No, its not a painting!


Login from here at Airbnb and get a coupon code of Rs. 1545

Or here

To know more visit the official website

Happy Holidays!

P.S: All the Images are my own Screenshots for the Android App of Airbnb downloaded from Google Playstore!


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