Rise Above Fear to Claim Victory!

Fear is something from which we all suffer. In fact, it is the biggest hindrance to all our victories, whether it is at personal level or professional level. But, until you rise above fear, you can never claim the real victory. For instance, just taking risk in an adventure. You know how rewarding the experience is, if you take risk and go down a alley of adventure!

Today, I’ll share my personal story on how I could rise above fear by listening to my heart, to claim victory in life. Yes! you heard it right!

I’m a blogger, a full time freelance writer today, but few years ago I was a human machine working in an Indian conglomerate. My day revolved around me, working as a machine round the clock. Yes, getting up in the morning, running to catch the train, making sure I reach on time, working in the office, trying to do something which my heart didn’t allow and ultimately returning home like a loser. Yes, I felt like a loser!

I always thought what I’m doing isn’t right, because, I was dodging my real self, I wasn’t following my heart but the so called rat race until I realized that this is not what I have to do, This is certainly not what I should be doing.

Then, what is the one thing I should be doing? Well, I didn’t know back then,where and what I should do, but I knew for sure, the mechanic me, is not my real self.This really needs a stop.

However, there was a constant fear in my mind. What if I leave this? What if I have no money? What if my friends go ahead,and  I’m left behind? You know the usual stuff until I risked myself and trying to hear the call of my heart.

Obviously I struggled hard, but, then I began writing, blogging, and today as a freelance writer, I earn more than what I used to earn before.In addition, my new love gave me an opportunity to be a solo Traveler, something which I only dreamt, butnever risked in real life.

As a solo Traveler, I have been traveling and enjoying life the way I should have been few years ago. But I have no qualms. Had I not risked then, I would have still working like a mechanic in a cubicle like any other corporate employee.Well, I don’t have anything against it. But, well, that was certainly not my cup of tea.

When I left my job, and had no clue what I would be doing next, friends and even some of the family members acted weird. but, then, nothing big in life comes until you take a risk. Rising above risk is only the first step towards achievement.Then whether, the risk is in in career, or a small matter, you have to take risk!

This post is written for the campaign Rise Above Fear initiated by Mountain Dew.As rightly Said by Mountain Dew, “Kyunki Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai!”



To know more check their FB page https://www.facebook.com/mountaindewindia


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