Discovering A New Me in 2015 – Because I Can!

Journalism and Photography are two things which I’m highly interested in. Though I’m a writer and I’m writing a lot these days, I’m lost  somewhere in the world of ‘Trending Articles’ where I write only on the basis of what’s hot and what has the potential to sell.


Somewhere down the line, I have forgotten that writing was once my passion – A way to express myself, to express what’s right and wrong, a medium which gave happiness to me no matter who frustrated – I would be.

My first resolution this year is to be a writer I once was. I really plan to write stuffs that interest me, stuff that brings happiness to me, and stuff that I want to write – Rather than stuff that my boss wants me to write.

So, basically, 2015 should start with a bang where I’m a writer for me, and myself.

Besides, writing if something I like is Travelling and Photography. Off late, since I’m giving too much importance to work, I’m missing all the fun. Neither am I travelling much nor I’m clicking the pics of those beautiful places I once travelled.

So starting from 2015, I shout out out loud that Traveling and photography is something I’m going to follow religiously.

Besides, Now that I have a Tab in hand – Micromax Canvas Tab P666 with great camera, screen resolution, and lightning speed, the device is not going to stop me from any future hindrances. After all, a true gadget is a true friend of a dreamer. Needless to say, a device actually makes its owner run their dreams and passion –  Then whether it is a Mobile Phone with Great Camera, or a Laptop, Sports Car or a Video Game!

So the Canvas Tab of Micromax will not just help me to take photographs but also help me to write on it. Browsing is fun and easy. I can quickly download Word doc from Google Play and get going without depending on my laptop.

No wonder my Tab has an Intel processor, hyper threading technology for smooth multitasking, burst performance technology and 1 gb RAM.

Besides, I can research a lot of things on Tab and also read lot of books before I start writing. And yes, multi tasking is easy too. Moreover, it doesn’t consume much battery.


These Three Passion – Writing, Photography, and Travelling are something that I wish to rediscover in the coming year. Although New Year resolutions often break but, this year, I’m not going to do so. I have already set a reminder which keeps reminding me my new year resolution. I’m going to stick to my Resolution this year.

How about you? Are you set to rediscover your passion like me?

This post is written for Micromax Canvas Contest in association with Indiblogger.

For more details click here


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