Know How Garnier Pure ACTIVE Neem Face Wash Can Help You From Pimples and Pimple Marks!

Who has been spared by Pimples and the sleepless night thereafter? Neither the VIPs like Miley Cyrus,


nor an abla naari like me or any girl across the world. No wonder, every time when we look at the mirror in between the menstrual cramps, bloating, and moodiness, we get to witness a dirty red pimple on our beautiful face almost after every 28 days. To be honest, we don’t fear the pimples, but the marks that mar the beauty of the face.

Yes, the first and major problem faced by everyone from Pimples is the Unwanted Marks.

As rightly quoted by my friend Rajjo from Lalgunj, UP –


Now, the problem of pimples is not just associated with the fairer sex, but the darker sex as well. My friend Raj was rejected by his potential father-in-law only because his face was full of pimples. Yes, white heads as well due to his oily face!


The Second Major Problem Faced Due to Pimples majorly is Rejection – (Dating, Matrimonial etc etc etc)

After all, who would like to give his daughter’s hand to a guy whose face looks like a frying pan. Clearly indicates, the guy who cannot take care of acnes, can never take care of my daughter.


It isn’t easy for the person who rejects as well – Nobody wants to see a face full of acnes. It not just mars the attractiveness, but also makes the person look unhygienic.

Here’s what one of my friend had to say who went on a blind date only to meet his date full of pimples. You might wonder who would reject anybody due to acnes, but forums across the Internet tells you that hundreds of both guys/girls reject girls/guys with problems of acnes.


Rejection is Directly proportional to Depression

Not many people are comfortable to go out with pimples on their face – Then whether it is an interview, date or a party. The problem is not just pimples, but the loss of confidence due to pimples.


Then the School, College and Even the Public Faces are Scared of Being Teased

Pimples on the face often bring lot of unwanted attention. Girls in the school, colleges are teased often.


Even the darogas are not spared these days, a daroga from Rajjo’s village named Chulbul Pandey is now teased as Pimple Pandey for obvious reasons.


Being a person with lot of tension, I think Pandey ji is suffering from pimple because of stress. Also, he is out most of the time, so dust accumulates his face 24×7, attracting all sorts of bacteria

Now, like millions of Indians if you too are wondering Pimple Pe Pimple, Pimple Pe Pimple with Puss, and Cysts….


Then, You Need to Chill and Relax, Because….


These Problems of Rowdy Pimples and Its Marks came be Overcome by Garnier’s Pure Active Neem Face Wash


Yes, you heard it right, Garnier Pure Active Can not only help you to remove your pimple marks, but also fight with the bacteria to keep your face clean, oil free and pimple less.

Now, you might be wondering how? Well, because Garnier Face Wash has all the ingredients that guards your skin from pimples 

1. It Contains Real Neem Leaf – Jab Tak Hai Neem, Jab Tak Hai Neem

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of Neem leaves helps the body to get rid of the bacteria – Propionibacterium. A slow growing bacterium, it grows naturally in the skin and whenever the time is favorable, turns into pimples. The Neem leaf extract in Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash (mentioned as melia azadirachta leaf extract on the label) not only help in preventing its growth, but also from the skin inflammation caused by it.



2. Sodium Laureth Sulphate Will Keep You Away From PIMPLES

Often when you do not remove make ups or are highly stressed, pimples starts growing slowly. However, ingredients which are even slightly comedogenic help your skin to prevent pimples (nodules and pustules) unless your skin breaks out. Most of the people are fine with Sodium Laureth Sulphate. Now since, Garnier Neem Face Wash has this ingredient and is mostly non-comedogenic, it help help you to get rid of pimples.

Pimple Pandey Will Finally Be Called as Chulbul Pandey 🙂


3. Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash has Tea tree Leaf Oil

The redness and swelling due to pimples is treated by Tea Tree Leaf Oil, and since this face wash has right concentration of this oil, it reduces the swelling due to the pimples. Also, it helps your face to be MARK FREE. Hope this info makes everyone happy, especially the 80% population from 8 to 18 who suffer from this problem.

Rajjo is already smiling with her No Mark Face


4. Garnier Neem Face Wash Contains Salicylic Acid

Two of the most prominent type of pimples are whiteheads and blackheads. Salicyclic Acid not just breaks whiteheads and blackhead, but also help in shedding down in cells which help in treating the inflammation and swelling. A Beta Hydroxy Acid, SALICYCLIC ACID is a proven anti-acne agent.

Raj, My friend can finally marry Simran. Jaa Simran ji le apni zindagi


5. Zinc Gluconate In the Face Wash Is a Healer

Zinc Gluconate aids in balancing the oil and also help in healing the skin thereafter – keeping your skin clean, grease free and fresh. Yes, yes, don’t burst the pimples with your aadha ya dhai kilo ka haath just apply Garnier Neem face wash with your hands.


6. Sodium Glycolate Keeps Your Face Mark Free

Na Glycolate is a salt of glycolic Acid which helps in removing all the fading pimple marks. It removes even the dark marks, keeping your face as beautiful and mark free as it was before.

Haan, Pimple bhi nahi, mark bhi nahi, reh jayegi toh bus clear skin


For more info and details on the product check the official website of Garnier. To learn more about how to get a clear skin click no pimples and no marks

Take Care!

Image Source: 1, 2, Garnier, Garnier India Facebook



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