Start A New Life – Chase Your Dreams & Bring The Change

Change is very important aspect for growth and betterment. Then whether it is changing your phone to the latest technology, changing your housing from small to big, changing your lifestyle or changing your attitude towards life – every change is necessary. Nevertheless, change is inevitable!

While, I have many small “changes” that changed my life some way or the other, I would like to share the big change of my life that gave me an opportunity to #StartANewLife, an independent new life which I had only envisioned, but never experienced.

I was a young girl in my 20s from a small village in Tamil Nadu. We weren’t that rich, but I was good in climbing and trekking which made me think that even I can travel, and visit places. I also had a knack of writing, but I wasn’t a good writer like the modern young bloggers you see these days.

My knack of writing and love for trekking, made me think that I too can go to places, be a travel writer. However, who would give the job of a travel writer to a 20 something girl who was not just novice in writing, but had no background of writing at all. No, I’m not talking about recent years where it is not a big deal for a 16 something girl to travel the world and pen down her own blog/book, but my story dates back to two decades now, where being a girl travel writer was not that easy.

Soon, I saw an ad on a local newspaper where they wanted volunteers for trekking, I had only one thing in mind, if only I get through the opportunity – This opportunity could not just give me a chance to earn good, but also to travel places, meet new people, and become a part of this amazing sphere called travel, travelling and travellers.

Call it luck or a combination of luck, and prayers, I got this opportunity to work with a Travel Magazine where I was supposed to trek at various places and pen down my experience. Though the project was only of 2 months, the two months changed my life forever. In addition, these two months became 4 years as I got many projects and I travelled from one city to another on a regular basis. I even started writing my travel experiences, eager to explore my writing skills.


My first stationed place was Bangalore and I was supposed to cover all the nearby hill stations around this beautiful city. Back then, it was not an IT hub, but a small city.

This was the first time I travelled outside my village – Yes, I never had travelled alone outside my village before then. Here, I began my new journey. Travelling solo had its own perils, but it changed my life forever. The change was good because being a girl, I had never witnessed such a freedom before. (Please don’t ask me how my parents agreed for everything, it is a story in itself)

These two months were more of a learning lesson for me as it not only gave me the fun I had always craved, but also the difficulties that I HAD NEVER IMAGINED….Yes, with freedom comes additional responsibility and work. Since, I was not a permanent employee, the turmoil of finding a guest house, staying there and managing things was solely my responsibility, and not the company who gave me such projects.

Though it was difficult, I ENJOYED this meaningful change in my life. I wish during those days we had Internet and apps like, and my plight would have reduced just by half – just saying!

Today, I’m yet another housemaker who blogs about her family vacations, and mommy problems, but those years of being a Solo Traveler gave me an opportunity to Start a New Life. It was difficult, strange, but worth chasing my dreams…

Like I said, change is inevitable…


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