Life Is Better When You Look Up Together…

No matter how strong or robust you may be, there comes a moment when you become mentally feeble and fragile. This is the time when neither books on self-help works nor lectures in the form of preaching shows any affects. Yes, this is the time when all we need is a little push to get back on the right track. This push doesn’t come in the form of advice but definitely by the company of a loved one whom we cherish the most. After all, we look up to them. No wonder we know the fact that spending some time #together is sure to bring back the much needed optimism in us.


Here I shall share one such memorable day of my life where none other than my own wee little nephew, gave me the much needed positivity to look up in one of my struggling days

I’m a big girl in my late 20s known for being very brave and fierce. Yes, it is this expectation from people that doesn’t allow me to be weak even if I genuinely feel pathetic.

However, being a human I too have my own limitation, and this limitation showed up when I suffered a major loss in trading. Yes, those days I was on a spree on Intra-day trading and for consecutively three days I suffered an average loss of 5k per day. To your surprise, I had left my job and was thinking to earn some quick bucks through Intra-day trading by investing the money I got from my PF. I traded for 3 months where I won some, but lost mostly.

And finally the day of doom came when it was the third day of me losing a sum of 6k in a single trading, reducing my total sum of 15k from 25k in just three days. I had lost my mind, I had no clue what to do, nothing worked for me. Worst, I couldn’t even share my misery with my family as they would shout at me, especially my mother.

This is the same moment when my nephew gave me a surprise visit – Yes, he came to my house without any prior notice with his mom. He came like an angel to rescue me from my problem. Though, he had no idea about my concern, he did sense it, and tried to play with me like how we adults play with the children whenever we sense they are unhappy or disappointed.

Each of his words, and efforts pleased me to a great level – so much that, I not only forgot my pain, my loss, but had a better state of mind just because of his presence. For the entire evening, not even once I remembered the terrible monetary harm that I caused to myself.

Kids are great teachers and unknowingly they teach you very important lessons of life. That day, the innocence of my wee little nephew compelled me to question my decision on the choice that I had made – Was it really worth spending my time, energy, and money on something which only gives me tension, pressure and stress?

No wonder, it take me to stop Intra-day trading after that memorable rather learning session I had with my nephew. That’s how togetherness shows its trick – Whenever you are in despair, it is your loved ones who come to your rescue with their own tactics.

Nevertheless, being #together has its own advantages. After all our loved ones teach us to Look Up in Life – giving us the much needed housing of love and motivation we all deserve…

As they say, Life Is Better when you Look Up Together…

Look-up-together-housingImage Source – @housing


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