The Revolutionary Lollipop, Moto Display & Moto Assist Is What I #ChooseToStart With The New Moto E

My first mobile phone came a decade ago. It was Motorola C118. Yes, this phone –

Motorola-C118-modelPhoto Source

A small phone with monochrome graphic it satisfied all my needs back then. But change is the only thing constant in technology. Soon, mobile phones turned into smart phones and everybody started using the next generation phones. Phones with monochrome graphic became not just outdated but a thing of the past.

However, these smart phones came at such a huge price that it obviously created a big hole in one’s pocket. I too joined the revolution, and forced my dad to give me his Android phone (v 2.1 Éclair). Fairly new in India, people back then hardly knew what is Android – forget knowing about its version and features.

Using Éclair phone was really a great experience after all I had switched from monochrome to color. And I had everything at my fingertips including sending mails and chatting on phone.

The journey of using Android has been rewarding. Nevertheless, it’s been 5 years since I’m using this phone. Yes, I know there have been drastic changes in the version – From Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Kit Kat to finally Lollipop. And I’m aware of the fact that even the aunty next door is using the latest Kit Kat phone to send and receive message on WhatsApp.( If not Kit Kat then Jelly Bean for sure!)


You may wonder, what was the reason that kept me away from these latest versions of Android and the ever changing revolution?

Well, to be honest, though I wanted to be a part of the changing smartphone revolution, I knew I had to spend a lot in order to get a wee little change in exchange of my Éclair phone. Yes, you guessed it right – I neither found the right product nor I was ready to break my bank balance. Being optimistic, I waited, looking for a company who could give me the best specs with latest technology at an optimum rate – A rate that is not only affordable, genuine, but also worth spending without creating a bent in my wallet.

And that’s when I heard the Makers of Motorola have tailored their new smartphone – New Moto E exclusively for people like me who wanted to start their Mobile Journey with this smart phone. Blame me for being skeptical, but not once but thrice did I confirm the price and the specification of the New Moto E.

moto-e-2015-phoneAnd now that I’m confirmed that this sexy beast is so cheap that it can easily fit into my pocket, I’m all set to start my smartphone journey with the brilliant features of the New Moto E in the following order:

First, I would #ChooseToStart My New Moto E With the latest Android OS Lollipop – Let me tell you why:

moto-e-android-lollipopEvery time, my father asked my phone earlier, I suffered from a potential heart attack till the time he returned it back – The reason? Well, I feared that he would see all those messages, mails and the secret society that I maintain (Now since my family, and relatives too read my blog I would rather not give out the details) However, with the OS Lollipop in the new Moto E, this problem is a thing of the past.

The Reason?

Well, the New Android Lollipop allows me to share my phone with family by adding a separate user for each of the members. Which means, both my father and me shall have our own  custom space on the phone. Yes, yes, separate accounts, Home screens, apps and more. You can add users as much as you want. What’s more if someone wants to temporarily use your phone, you can switch the phone into guest user.

At just 6,999, this feature is not only amazing but incredible!


Next, I would #ChooseToStart My New Moto E with the techy Moto Softwares:

The All New Informer – Moto Display

My phone doesn’t show me any kind of notification when the display is off. However, Moto Display can not only give me a sneak peak of notifications, when the display is off, but can even let me know what’s happening, without doing a thing.

moto-e-moto-displayPhoto Source

x-active-notifications-1Photo Source

Now since this feature hardly cause any battery I’m all eager to choose to start my New Moto E with Moto Display

The Smarty Personal Assistant – Moto Assist

Now since the sensor of Moto E can analyze whether I’m driving, sleeping, busy in meeting or at home and act according to it, I really want to get my hands on this feature to feel the real meaning of technology, advancement and smartphone revolution…

What you would want to Choose to Start With Moto E?

Know more about New Moto E – Start With Moto E


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