Know how E-governance through these 5 Technology can Accelerate the Vision of Digital India

In the early February 2014, Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India while addressing the India Digital Summit through video conferencing, shared his vision for Digital India – finally concluding with this vision –

I dream of a Digital India where Netizen is an Empowered Citizen

No wonder, if this ambitious Project of ‘Digital India’ by Indian Government bears its fruits then every Indian citizen even in the remote areas shall have a smartphone in his/her hand with affordable high-speed internet – where he/she can avail E-governance right at his/her finger-tips.

While, a popular brand like Intel through its ‘Innovate for India’ & ‘Digital Skills for India’ initiatives, has been adopting technology as the enabler for crafting a digitized India, towards Indian government’s vision of a Digital India, here I shall share my opinion on How E-governance through technology, Can accelerate the vision of Digital India…


E-governance via National Optical Fibre Network can speed up the Vision of High Speed Digital Highways in India and give us our much awaited Digital Infrastructure

Using the technology of NOFN – National Optical Fibre Network, the government can provide internet access nationally including the stipulated 2 lakh + 85731 Gram Panchayats. This project which was initiated in 2011 and has the capability of providing broadband connectivity to every nook and corner of India including 24 states and 5 Union Territories can indeed turn the dream of Digital Highways in India into a reality.

Rural internet-digital-indiaSource

What’s more, the project also enables the government of India to offer nationwide e-applications and e-services.

In addition, various service Providers like the ISPs, TSPs, long with the Cable TV operators will also have access to the NOFN wherein they can easily introduce several e-services in the remote India. This means Indian Netizen can easily avail several apps like e-education, e-health and e-governance effortlessly. Making this vision true – I dream of India where knowledge is strength AND EMPOWERS the people…

What’s more with a wide range of e-facilities and services there will be no digital bridge between the rural and urban India  and everybody shall have the access to information and knowledge – like Shri Narendra Modi said –

I dream of India where Access to Information has no barriers and

I dream of India where the farmers are empowered with real time information to be connected with global markets.


India’s Own R&D, Jugaad, Technology, Networks and “Make in India” initiative will make sure that 1.2 Billion Connected Indians Drive Innovation

Huawei has opened a R&D Department in Bangalore. In addition, soon 10 MSME-Samsung Technical Schools” will be established in India. Besides, Indian software as well as services industry are soon going to leverage their products – making sure that a good number of Indians get involved to drive innovation.


Moreover, the Union BUDGET 2015-16 which has allotted Rs 1000 Crore fund to the startup system where the government aims to encourage the young entrepreneurs and startups is ought to ensure that the Indian startups whether out of necessity, compulsion or jugaad will finally have a technology backup – no wonder, this will make sure that the 1.2 Billion Connected Indians Drive Innovation.

National e-Library And Massive Online e-Courses will make sure that the Quality Education reaches the most inaccessible corners – making sure we achieve the aim of Digital Literacy

The Bjp in its manifesto had stated about Internet and Technology at the national level which would ensure national e-library along with lot of online e-courses. Given this technology several of the students staying in remote areas or girls who drop out of colleges due to long distance can easily aim for higher education and the course they aim for.

Intel India in its support to digital India will deliver digital literacy to 1000 village Panchayats. In addition, Intel has also announced the introduction of Digital Skills Training apps, which would feature modules and information on various subjects for the demographic of rural India including information on pre-natal health, Jan Dhan Yojana, healthcare and cleanliness.

Rural internet-digital-indiaSource

No wonder, this technology is sure to compile with one of the many visions of Digitial India –

I dream of India where Quality Education reaches the most inaccessible corners driven by Digital Learning

The Technology of Social Media so that the GOVERNMENT proactively engages with the Youth and its citizens

The social media has tremendous potential to provide a platform for almost all the interactions. No wonder, time and again it has been proved that the social media is a powerful catalyst that can easily change the way the people use technology to network with everyone around them.


If India can include these platforms in its e-governance models and take maximum advantage of them, then the government cannot only proactively get engaged with the Youth, the biggest user of social media, but can also involve them actively in the formation of policies of e-governance. No wonder, it will make sure even the citizens are actively participating to make India completely Digital. Yes, #DigitalIndia is what I mean!

The Technology of E-Commerce Will Make Sure that ALL the E-services Are Available in every nook and corner of the Digital India

So, even a person staying in a remote area can shop online and get his stuff delivered right at his doorstep – Such will be the outcome if e-commerce is used by the GOI. No wonder, like the vision states e-commerce will not only provide various e-services but also drive entrepreneurship.


Restructuring National Informatics Centre will not only steer e-governance apps but also help in computer networking  and cyber security

National Informatic Centre NIC provides with several telecommunications networking services such as LANs, MANs, Ku bands including SCPC, FDMA, TDMA, and Satellite Broadband with gateways for Intranet/Internet resource sharing. In addition, offers number of services including digital signatures, CAD – COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN, informatics, and office procedure automation. Thus making sure, cyber security is as important as national security.


Lastly, when India will become #DigitalIndia , the very technology will ensure that the Government – Citizen Interface is completely corruption free!

Thus, covering almost all the 17 Visions as stated by Narendra Modi on behalf of Government of India.

Me and Intel India – support the initiative of #DigitalIndia aimed by the Government of India.


Do you? What are your thoughts, do share it in the comment box…


Shri Narendra Modi shares his vision for Digital India – Official Website of Narendra Modi



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