Khul Jaye Bachpan At Its Best When Parents Become Buddy Parents

Parenting is not that easy. Becoming too harsh will make them rebel and becoming too lenient would make them sit you on your head. In such circumstances, the best way to deal with them is by being their buddy. Yes, only a buddy parent can guide the tiny tots and make learning easy and playful.

While, I’m still not a parent, I have seen how my sister a mother of a 7 year old kid has been a buddy parent over the years. Here are few instances, “The Khushi Ke Pal” Between my sister (parent) and my nephew (child).

When She Taught Him the Magic of Science, and He Taught Him a New Regional Language – “Kannada”

Observing scientists experimenting in the labs while watching cartoons, my nephew gets excited about science and the so called experiments, wondering how such things would be possible. Watching her son’s curiosity and interest in these experiments, my sister and his mom thought of showing him the basic experiments which is possible right at the comfort of home.

Next, she announced that they will together build a lab in the house and carry out similar experiments in the house. Fully excited my nephew geared up for the event and even shared the news with his dad, asking him the details. His dad revealed things that only excited him more.

When I entered the house, my nephew immediately took me to the second balcony. I wondered what the mother and son duo was upto. My nephew introduced me to their lab (which was the balcony) and introduced me to the scientist in the lab (who was sis) and introduced him as her assistant.

My sis was ready with a bowl of water, surf, and turmeric. I understood.


She then showed the first experiment to my nephew. How turmeric changed its color and became red in the presence of soapy water. Overwhelmed, my nephew was too excited to see a magic happening in front of his eyes.




His mom in a playful way explained him the reaction. And this is the way they have been learning many things in a playful way.

While, it would be just a “kuch bhi….” for a grownup it sure is a khushi ke pal for a parent and a child where both enjoy the precious moments and even the spectators like me cannot stop but appreciate the bonding moments. Believe me, it was khuljaye bachpan at its best!

They also have litmus paper and magnifying glass in their lab. My nephew these days often describe how certain things look under the magnifying glass.

 Surprisingly, my sister could learn from my nephew too – How?

Well, we are a bunch of North Indians and south Indian language is almost like Greek and Latin to us. So, when my sister shifted to Bangalore, she had lot of problems while talking to the local vendors especially those selling vegetables. Neither my sister could understand their language, nor did they understand my sister’s language. They talked in sign languages.

My nephew was admitted in a CBSE school. However, they said, “Kannada” is compulsory up till 8th Std. Now this worried both my sister and my nephew.

However, during the vacations, my nephew started going to a teacher’s place in the same building who taught Kannada language. Being a fast learner to our surprise he could grasp the language very quickly. Not just the basic aa aa ee ee but also some key words used in the daily life. Now he is learning Kannada language both in school as well as his Kannada tuition classes.


Back at home, when he is free he often sits with his home, writes the Kannada alphabets and makes her repeat what he says. In a way, he is teaching her the language Kannada while he himself is learning it in school.


He now knows how to say 1 to 20 in Kannada and he has taught the same to his mom. So, whenever my sister now goes to the local sabzi thella, she bargains using the Kannada term for the numbers.

So, when it comes to Kannada, my sister is a student and my nephew is a teacher. While, my nephew teaches her patiently, my sister too learns enthusiastically and even ask question out of curiosity which he answers sometimes like…..”are baba….” And then explains her in detail. The role reversal pattern followed by my sister is nothing but a part of being a buddy parent. After all, such moments not only give us some memorable moments (khushi ke pal) but also help us to relive our own childhood in a unique way (khul jaye bachchpan)

Another Instance

She is Teaching Him Yoga, While He is Guiding Her With the Mobile Apps, & PC Games

These days my nephew is going to karate classes and so he needs to be fit. Unexpectedly, he asked his mother to teach him yoga so that he becomes proactive in his physical activity. Happy to help my sister is teaching him all the kid yoga poses like Butterfly pose, Child Pose. Prayanama and Kapalbhati is something he has been doing since he was 4!


This one hour yoga session which they do on weekends is truly “Khushi Ke Pal” The reason? Well, the family bond over it. During one such session in my presence in the end my nephew announced let’s end the yoga with the ghoda asan (Horse pose) and there was an great level of excitement on his face.

Next, I saw my sister became a horse and my little nephew was riding his horse around the world (the house). It was indeed a ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’ moment for me.

Few hours later after the lunch, I saw both the mother and son on the couch and my nephew shouting, “mom F1 F1, the arrow keys, no no the “N” button…” and when I came near I saw he was teaching the tricks of playing GTA Vice City.


I couldn’t help but smile after observing the significance of Buddy Parenting. No wonder, it did gave me those “Kushi Ke Pal” to cherish and even a “Khuljaye Bachpan” moment.

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Earl’s Secret Ooty : Restaurant Review

Ooty is a paradise for all the tourists especially during the Summer Season when the sun is burning hot in the entire country. Well, we too decided to run away from the scorching heat of Mumbai into somewhere the sun couldn’t even touch us, and that’s when we decided to visit Ooty.


Beautiful place, everything about Ooty was as beautiful as we were told. And then how could we have missed having a memorable lunch at the famous Earl’s Secret Multi-cuisine restaurant which our friend who studied in one of Ooty’s School had recommended. We had a pleasant experience, and here’s why everybody must visit Earl’s Secret during their stay in Ooty


Situated at Havelock Road in Charring Cross, this restaurant is a part of Hotel Kings Cliff. The Hotel is not a building, but a vintage bungalow which they have renovated as per the latest requirements. The restaurant is just outside the Hotel, and guess what it is a glass restaurant. Outside the restaurant is a beautiful garden. Very, serene and gorgeous, the city’s hustle and bustle is no more a tension here.


Rating – 4.5/5


It is a multi-cuisine restaurant, so you get Mughlai, Chinese as well as Continental Food here. From Italian Pastas to steak, and the Kebabs, you’ll get stuff that can really wake up the foodie in you. What’s more, the ambience just makes you even more hungry. The food we had was steak and pasta. Not many restaurants serve you tasty pastas when you order pasta in white sauce, but this was pretty good. Even the amount of chicken in the pasta was good. And yes, do not forget to order their Garlic bread!


The quantity was good and so was the quality of food. The chicken starters that we had was yummy as well. What’s more, since Earl’s secret is all about lazy fine dining, we cherished the food even more I guess. What’s more, while your order come, you can enjoy a walk in the green lawn.

Rating – 4/5

Staff and Service

We reached around 12.30 in the afternoon for the lunch and as soon as we went the staff started their work. It was empty and as peaceful as the surrounding.  The staff was friendly and courteous. The service was quick too. I cannot do without that extra olive oil when I have my Italian pasta, and so when I asked them to bring, they were quick enough. What’s more, the staff won’t let the empty plates to stay on your table for long. They are quick, and at your call always. We had a good experience with the staff.

Rating – 4/5


It is situated at Charring Cross – If you have a car of your own it is fine. However, if you are taking an auto, you’ll have to walk and come till the main area because you won’t get any auto. My suggestion – do not miss that pleasant stroll back the the main road, that’s what I enjoyed the most.

Overall Rating – 4/5

Do Visit Earl’s Secret with your loved one if you are in Ooty. Nothing can beat a romantic lunch/dinner with your spouse in this gorgeous glass restaurant!

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No More Crash Diet, Go Lean With Honey Diet – Stay Fit and Feel Young!

Now-a-days the Indian market is plumped with calorie-restricted weight loss crash diets. However, majority of these diets only reduce the weight of one’s wallet rather than reducing the fat from the overweight person. Crash diets do not usually work since they are not just metabolically unsound but also lacks the necessary nutrition which is very significant to keep the body healthy.  What’s more, a person may feel weak and lousy due to the crash diets as the body tends to lose protein and water.

Crash Diet is a strict No-No if you want to Stay Fit and Feel Young. Wondering what is then the best health alternative diet to reduce those extra pounds? Well, it is Honey Diet. Introduced by Dabur, it is a diet full of honey that will not just reduce your weight but ensure that you do not compromise with the nutrients.


Image Source: Dabur Honey

Here, we tell you how:

Crash diet often leads to rapid weight loss which can slow the body’s metabolism rate. Though it might reduce the weight quickly, it will deprive the body of necessary nutrients, and may lead to quick weight gain in the future. Additionally, crash diets can even deteriorate your immune system and upsurge the risk of heart palpitations, cardiac stress and dehydration.

On the other hand, when you start your day with Honey and follow the Honey Diet, you will not only manage your weight properly, but also give your body a dose of energy, which will not just aid in toning your body, but also help you to keep active and beautiful.

Because Honey is healthy and can reduce weight without compromising with the nutritional aspects

Honey is a healthy sugar substitute. It is sweeter than sugar and has comparatively less calories. So, simply by substituting honey in your diet you can easily reduce the intake of calories. What’s more, Honey has high dose of minerals, proteins, enzymes and anti-oxidants which are significant in the functioning of the human body. So, instead of opting crash diet one can simply opt for Dabur’s Honey Diet.

Crash Dieters often face shortage of magnesium, copper and potassium in their body which may lead to arrhythmias. What’s more, it can even lower your blood pressure. However, if you start your day with warm water and a spoonful of Dabur Honey as part of your Honey Diet, you will not only lose weight judiciously but also get all the necessary minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, copper and phosphorous. The reason being, Honey can easily mobilize the fat which is otherwise stored in your body. Besides, when crash diets can increase the risk of cardiovascular disorders, honey only reduces the risk, by keeping your heart hale and healthy.

Honey Strawberry milkshake


Image Source

Lastly, there are hundreds of crash diets in the market and you are not sure which one would be good for you. But, when it comes to Honey, you know it is pure and healthy which will surely give you the desired result. Then why just not grab the bottle of Dabur Honey ( and get started with a Honey Diet.

To know how to prepare snack, beverage, and lunch made out of honey, you can check out Vikas Khanna’s recipes here.


UC Cricket – UC Browser : Now Stay Connected to Cricket Without Missing Anything

Often for the love of our religion, i.e. cricket, we end up missing a lot of little things in life. For instance, in order to make sure we catch up ball by ball moments of a live cricket match, we might skip hanging out with friends or might even lie our girlfriends to skip a date.

Besides, this is not a recent habit it is a practice which we have been following right from the school days. Remember how we bunked school and tuitions just to watch our favorite player playing the game? Well, some of my colleagues still bunk work to watch Cricket.

But, guys, what if I tell you that you can stay connected to your favorite game without compromising with the little things in life? Won’t that lessen half of your problems? Neither will you get to hear those threats from your boss, nor the non-stop tantrums from your girlfriend.

Well, With UC Browser, you can now not only Surf it all, but surf it fast! Yes, India’s popular browser for Mobile phones, has now gone a step ahead with its cricket service – UC Cricket


Here we tell you, how as a cricket enthusiast, you can always stay connected to your favorite game without worrying much about missing other things.

UC Cricket helps to catch anything related to Cricket with a Single Click

You won’t have to search over the Internet when is the match, what is the news surrounding the match or have to Google it out what the commentators have to say in the Match preview. All you have to do is, download the app, UC Browser – then click UC Cricket and you will get everything at a single place. From the latest news, to interviews, you’ll get everything at a single place. What’s more you even get the access to your favorite Cricket websites here.


This means, you can take your mom to shopping, make her feel good and still enjoy your first love – cricket without missing anything.

UC Cricket Enables You to Access All That’s Happening Live

From ball by ball updates, to full scorecard and even live streaming, UC Cricket offer you everything on the go. What’s more, even if you for some reason cannot watch the live streaming, you can still check out the coverage section which provides you with a written update of each ball.


Busy? Don’t Worry, UC Browser Will Send You a Match Reminder

Even if you have exited the browser, the UC Cricket of UC Browser will buzz you with a reminder at least 15 minutes before the match starts. This means, if you are busy into something but are eager to catch up the match you can simply wind off your work to never miss on anything.

UC Cricket UC Browser

The Best Part of UC Cricket – It Tells You the History

Eager to know the stats of the two countries playing the match? What happened when the two countries met a decade go in the same ground or maybe something different? Then, all you have to do is select the History option, you’ll know everything about it without browsing Google.

UC Browser Screenshot

So, what are you waiting Download the UC Browser and connect yourself to UC Cricket – Surf fast, surf all, without missing out anything.

Images are Screenshots of UC Browser