UC Cricket – UC Browser : Now Stay Connected to Cricket Without Missing Anything

Often for the love of our religion, i.e. cricket, we end up missing a lot of little things in life. For instance, in order to make sure we catch up ball by ball moments of a live cricket match, we might skip hanging out with friends or might even lie our girlfriends to skip a date.

Besides, this is not a recent habit it is a practice which we have been following right from the school days. Remember how we bunked school and tuitions just to watch our favorite player playing the game? Well, some of my colleagues still bunk work to watch Cricket.

But, guys, what if I tell you that you can stay connected to your favorite game without compromising with the little things in life? Won’t that lessen half of your problems? Neither will you get to hear those threats from your boss, nor the non-stop tantrums from your girlfriend.

Well, With UC Browser, you can now not only Surf it all, but surf it fast! Yes, India’s popular browser for Mobile phones, has now gone a step ahead with its cricket service – UC Cricket


Here we tell you, how as a cricket enthusiast, you can always stay connected to your favorite game without worrying much about missing other things.

UC Cricket helps to catch anything related to Cricket with a Single Click

You won’t have to search over the Internet when is the match, what is the news surrounding the match or have to Google it out what the commentators have to say in the Match preview. All you have to do is, download the app, UC Browser – then click UC Cricket and you will get everything at a single place. From the latest news, to interviews, you’ll get everything at a single place. What’s more you even get the access to your favorite Cricket websites here.


This means, you can take your mom to shopping, make her feel good and still enjoy your first love – cricket without missing anything.

UC Cricket Enables You to Access All That’s Happening Live

From ball by ball updates, to full scorecard and even live streaming, UC Cricket offer you everything on the go. What’s more, even if you for some reason cannot watch the live streaming, you can still check out the coverage section which provides you with a written update of each ball.


Busy? Don’t Worry, UC Browser Will Send You a Match Reminder

Even if you have exited the browser, the UC Cricket of UC Browser will buzz you with a reminder at least 15 minutes before the match starts. This means, if you are busy into something but are eager to catch up the match you can simply wind off your work to never miss on anything.

UC Cricket UC Browser

The Best Part of UC Cricket – It Tells You the History

Eager to know the stats of the two countries playing the match? What happened when the two countries met a decade go in the same ground or maybe something different? Then, all you have to do is select the History option, you’ll know everything about it without browsing Google.

UC Browser Screenshot

So, what are you waiting Download the UC Browser http://www.ucweb.com/ and connect yourself to UC Cricket – Surf fast, surf all, without missing out anything.

Images are Screenshots of UC Browser


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