No More Crash Diet, Go Lean With Honey Diet – Stay Fit and Feel Young!

Now-a-days the Indian market is plumped with calorie-restricted weight loss crash diets. However, majority of these diets only reduce the weight of one’s wallet rather than reducing the fat from the overweight person. Crash diets do not usually work since they are not just metabolically unsound but also lacks the necessary nutrition which is very significant to keep the body healthy.  What’s more, a person may feel weak and lousy due to the crash diets as the body tends to lose protein and water.

Crash Diet is a strict No-No if you want to Stay Fit and Feel Young. Wondering what is then the best health alternative diet to reduce those extra pounds? Well, it is Honey Diet. Introduced by Dabur, it is a diet full of honey that will not just reduce your weight but ensure that you do not compromise with the nutrients.


Image Source: Dabur Honey

Here, we tell you how:

Crash diet often leads to rapid weight loss which can slow the body’s metabolism rate. Though it might reduce the weight quickly, it will deprive the body of necessary nutrients, and may lead to quick weight gain in the future. Additionally, crash diets can even deteriorate your immune system and upsurge the risk of heart palpitations, cardiac stress and dehydration.

On the other hand, when you start your day with Honey and follow the Honey Diet, you will not only manage your weight properly, but also give your body a dose of energy, which will not just aid in toning your body, but also help you to keep active and beautiful.

Because Honey is healthy and can reduce weight without compromising with the nutritional aspects

Honey is a healthy sugar substitute. It is sweeter than sugar and has comparatively less calories. So, simply by substituting honey in your diet you can easily reduce the intake of calories. What’s more, Honey has high dose of minerals, proteins, enzymes and anti-oxidants which are significant in the functioning of the human body. So, instead of opting crash diet one can simply opt for Dabur’s Honey Diet.

Crash Dieters often face shortage of magnesium, copper and potassium in their body which may lead to arrhythmias. What’s more, it can even lower your blood pressure. However, if you start your day with warm water and a spoonful of Dabur Honey as part of your Honey Diet, you will not only lose weight judiciously but also get all the necessary minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, copper and phosphorous. The reason being, Honey can easily mobilize the fat which is otherwise stored in your body. Besides, when crash diets can increase the risk of cardiovascular disorders, honey only reduces the risk, by keeping your heart hale and healthy.

Honey Strawberry milkshake


Image Source

Lastly, there are hundreds of crash diets in the market and you are not sure which one would be good for you. But, when it comes to Honey, you know it is pure and healthy which will surely give you the desired result. Then why just not grab the bottle of Dabur Honey ( and get started with a Honey Diet.

To know how to prepare snack, beverage, and lunch made out of honey, you can check out Vikas Khanna’s recipes here.



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