5 Reasons Why My Sister is a #eSuperMom – an eKavach Mom!

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In this ever growing world, Moms not just have to become a multitasker but also a supermom because the kids these days are not just smart but super smart. And this is precisely why my sister has turned into a Tech savvy Mum post my nephew has become a teenager and started using Internet for games and other stuff.


Here, I shall discuss why my sister is a #eSuperMom

Because She Monitors Her Kid’s Online Time without Physically Standing Next to Him

My nephew is a teenager and often uses smart phones for playing games and sometimes even to do his homework. However, we all know downloading games divert us to many unwanted sites which is a strict no-no when it comes to child safety.

While all the parents often wonder what to do and how, my sister is monitoring him through eKavach an app where parents can easily monitor their children without bothering them with their physical presence.

She Can Trace the Location of Her Child

Yes, my sister doesn’t call and bug her son asking, “Where are you?”, “Where are you going?” as these questions bug any of the teenagers the most. This app eKavach through its feature “heartbeat monitoring” helps her to keep an eye on her son. The notification pops up everytime when the child moves from one place to another.

She Knows What Her Son is Browsing and When

No matter what website, app or game my nephew is streaming, my sister knows it all because of eKavach. What’s more, because of it my sister also gets to know about his needs. So, if there is anything which my nephew wants and it is not in his device she knows immediately.

She Can Limit the Screen Time per day

My sister is a new #eSupermom because without being nosy she can even block internet usage time on my nephew’s device so that she makes sure the kid study at right time, play at an appropriate time without wasting too much time on the Internet browsing. What’s more, she can even block social networking sites or set limits on the same. In addition, she can even block excessive game usage.

In case of Emergency, She can Even Turn into a Super Hero

The app eKavach allows the kid to send a SOS message from his device in case of emergency. This obviously will help her in providing right assistance to her kid.

In the world of Internet and technology, it is very necessary that we monitor our growing kids and do not allow them to get diverted in wrong direction. This is where eKavach plays an important role.

Are you also a #eSuperMom or #eSuperDad? Do share your parenting tips with us in the comment section


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