Know how E-governance through these 5 Technology can Accelerate the Vision of Digital India

In the early February 2014, Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India while addressing the India Digital Summit through video conferencing, shared his vision for Digital India – finally concluding with this vision –

I dream of a Digital India where Netizen is an Empowered Citizen

No wonder, if this ambitious Project of ‘Digital India’ by Indian Government bears its fruits then every Indian citizen even in the remote areas shall have a smartphone in his/her hand with affordable high-speed internet – where he/she can avail E-governance right at his/her finger-tips.

While, a popular brand like Intel through its ‘Innovate for India’ & ‘Digital Skills for India’ initiatives, has been adopting technology as the enabler for crafting a digitized India, towards Indian government’s vision of a Digital India, here I shall share my opinion on How E-governance through technology, Can accelerate the vision of Digital India…


E-governance via National Optical Fibre Network can speed up the Vision of High Speed Digital Highways in India and give us our much awaited Digital Infrastructure

Using the technology of NOFN – National Optical Fibre Network, the government can provide internet access nationally including the stipulated 2 lakh + 85731 Gram Panchayats. This project which was initiated in 2011 and has the capability of providing broadband connectivity to every nook and corner of India including 24 states and 5 Union Territories can indeed turn the dream of Digital Highways in India into a reality.

Rural internet-digital-indiaSource

What’s more, the project also enables the government of India to offer nationwide e-applications and e-services.

In addition, various service Providers like the ISPs, TSPs, long with the Cable TV operators will also have access to the NOFN wherein they can easily introduce several e-services in the remote India. This means Indian Netizen can easily avail several apps like e-education, e-health and e-governance effortlessly. Making this vision true – I dream of India where knowledge is strength AND EMPOWERS the people…

What’s more with a wide range of e-facilities and services there will be no digital bridge between the rural and urban India  and everybody shall have the access to information and knowledge – like Shri Narendra Modi said –

I dream of India where Access to Information has no barriers and

I dream of India where the farmers are empowered with real time information to be connected with global markets.


India’s Own R&D, Jugaad, Technology, Networks and “Make in India” initiative will make sure that 1.2 Billion Connected Indians Drive Innovation

Huawei has opened a R&D Department in Bangalore. In addition, soon 10 MSME-Samsung Technical Schools” will be established in India. Besides, Indian software as well as services industry are soon going to leverage their products – making sure that a good number of Indians get involved to drive innovation.


Moreover, the Union BUDGET 2015-16 which has allotted Rs 1000 Crore fund to the startup system where the government aims to encourage the young entrepreneurs and startups is ought to ensure that the Indian startups whether out of necessity, compulsion or jugaad will finally have a technology backup – no wonder, this will make sure that the 1.2 Billion Connected Indians Drive Innovation.

National e-Library And Massive Online e-Courses will make sure that the Quality Education reaches the most inaccessible corners – making sure we achieve the aim of Digital Literacy

The Bjp in its manifesto had stated about Internet and Technology at the national level which would ensure national e-library along with lot of online e-courses. Given this technology several of the students staying in remote areas or girls who drop out of colleges due to long distance can easily aim for higher education and the course they aim for.

Intel India in its support to digital India will deliver digital literacy to 1000 village Panchayats. In addition, Intel has also announced the introduction of Digital Skills Training apps, which would feature modules and information on various subjects for the demographic of rural India including information on pre-natal health, Jan Dhan Yojana, healthcare and cleanliness.

Rural internet-digital-indiaSource

No wonder, this technology is sure to compile with one of the many visions of Digitial India –

I dream of India where Quality Education reaches the most inaccessible corners driven by Digital Learning

The Technology of Social Media so that the GOVERNMENT proactively engages with the Youth and its citizens

The social media has tremendous potential to provide a platform for almost all the interactions. No wonder, time and again it has been proved that the social media is a powerful catalyst that can easily change the way the people use technology to network with everyone around them.


If India can include these platforms in its e-governance models and take maximum advantage of them, then the government cannot only proactively get engaged with the Youth, the biggest user of social media, but can also involve them actively in the formation of policies of e-governance. No wonder, it will make sure even the citizens are actively participating to make India completely Digital. Yes, #DigitalIndia is what I mean!

The Technology of E-Commerce Will Make Sure that ALL the E-services Are Available in every nook and corner of the Digital India

So, even a person staying in a remote area can shop online and get his stuff delivered right at his doorstep – Such will be the outcome if e-commerce is used by the GOI. No wonder, like the vision states e-commerce will not only provide various e-services but also drive entrepreneurship.


Restructuring National Informatics Centre will not only steer e-governance apps but also help in computer networking  and cyber security

National Informatic Centre NIC provides with several telecommunications networking services such as LANs, MANs, Ku bands including SCPC, FDMA, TDMA, and Satellite Broadband with gateways for Intranet/Internet resource sharing. In addition, offers number of services including digital signatures, CAD – COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN, informatics, and office procedure automation. Thus making sure, cyber security is as important as national security.


Lastly, when India will become #DigitalIndia , the very technology will ensure that the Government – Citizen Interface is completely corruption free!

Thus, covering almost all the 17 Visions as stated by Narendra Modi on behalf of Government of India.

Me and Intel India – support the initiative of #DigitalIndia aimed by the Government of India.


Do you? What are your thoughts, do share it in the comment box…


Shri Narendra Modi shares his vision for Digital India – Official Website of Narendra Modi


Life Is Better When You Look Up Together…

No matter how strong or robust you may be, there comes a moment when you become mentally feeble and fragile. This is the time when neither books on self-help works nor lectures in the form of preaching shows any affects. Yes, this is the time when all we need is a little push to get back on the right track. This push doesn’t come in the form of advice but definitely by the company of a loved one whom we cherish the most. After all, we look up to them. No wonder we know the fact that spending some time #together is sure to bring back the much needed optimism in us.


Here I shall share one such memorable day of my life where none other than my own wee little nephew, gave me the much needed positivity to look up in one of my struggling days

I’m a big girl in my late 20s known for being very brave and fierce. Yes, it is this expectation from people that doesn’t allow me to be weak even if I genuinely feel pathetic.

However, being a human I too have my own limitation, and this limitation showed up when I suffered a major loss in trading. Yes, those days I was on a spree on Intra-day trading and for consecutively three days I suffered an average loss of 5k per day. To your surprise, I had left my job and was thinking to earn some quick bucks through Intra-day trading by investing the money I got from my PF. I traded for 3 months where I won some, but lost mostly.

And finally the day of doom came when it was the third day of me losing a sum of 6k in a single trading, reducing my total sum of 15k from 25k in just three days. I had lost my mind, I had no clue what to do, nothing worked for me. Worst, I couldn’t even share my misery with my family as they would shout at me, especially my mother.

This is the same moment when my nephew gave me a surprise visit – Yes, he came to my house without any prior notice with his mom. He came like an angel to rescue me from my problem. Though, he had no idea about my concern, he did sense it, and tried to play with me like how we adults play with the children whenever we sense they are unhappy or disappointed.

Each of his words, and efforts pleased me to a great level – so much that, I not only forgot my pain, my loss, but had a better state of mind just because of his presence. For the entire evening, not even once I remembered the terrible monetary harm that I caused to myself.

Kids are great teachers and unknowingly they teach you very important lessons of life. That day, the innocence of my wee little nephew compelled me to question my decision on the choice that I had made – Was it really worth spending my time, energy, and money on something which only gives me tension, pressure and stress?

No wonder, it take me to stop Intra-day trading after that memorable rather learning session I had with my nephew. That’s how togetherness shows its trick – Whenever you are in despair, it is your loved ones who come to your rescue with their own tactics.

Nevertheless, being #together has its own advantages. After all our loved ones teach us to Look Up in Life – giving us the much needed housing of love and motivation we all deserve…

As they say, Life Is Better when you Look Up Together…

Look-up-together-housingImage Source – @housing

Start A New Life – Chase Your Dreams & Bring The Change

Change is very important aspect for growth and betterment. Then whether it is changing your phone to the latest technology, changing your housing from small to big, changing your lifestyle or changing your attitude towards life – every change is necessary. Nevertheless, change is inevitable!

While, I have many small “changes” that changed my life some way or the other, I would like to share the big change of my life that gave me an opportunity to #StartANewLife, an independent new life which I had only envisioned, but never experienced.

I was a young girl in my 20s from a small village in Tamil Nadu. We weren’t that rich, but I was good in climbing and trekking which made me think that even I can travel, and visit places. I also had a knack of writing, but I wasn’t a good writer like the modern young bloggers you see these days.

My knack of writing and love for trekking, made me think that I too can go to places, be a travel writer. However, who would give the job of a travel writer to a 20 something girl who was not just novice in writing, but had no background of writing at all. No, I’m not talking about recent years where it is not a big deal for a 16 something girl to travel the world and pen down her own blog/book, but my story dates back to two decades now, where being a girl travel writer was not that easy.

Soon, I saw an ad on a local newspaper where they wanted volunteers for trekking, I had only one thing in mind, if only I get through the opportunity – This opportunity could not just give me a chance to earn good, but also to travel places, meet new people, and become a part of this amazing sphere called travel, travelling and travellers.

Call it luck or a combination of luck, and prayers, I got this opportunity to work with a Travel Magazine where I was supposed to trek at various places and pen down my experience. Though the project was only of 2 months, the two months changed my life forever. In addition, these two months became 4 years as I got many projects and I travelled from one city to another on a regular basis. I even started writing my travel experiences, eager to explore my writing skills.


My first stationed place was Bangalore and I was supposed to cover all the nearby hill stations around this beautiful city. Back then, it was not an IT hub, but a small city.

This was the first time I travelled outside my village – Yes, I never had travelled alone outside my village before then. Here, I began my new journey. Travelling solo had its own perils, but it changed my life forever. The change was good because being a girl, I had never witnessed such a freedom before. (Please don’t ask me how my parents agreed for everything, it is a story in itself)

These two months were more of a learning lesson for me as it not only gave me the fun I had always craved, but also the difficulties that I HAD NEVER IMAGINED….Yes, with freedom comes additional responsibility and work. Since, I was not a permanent employee, the turmoil of finding a guest house, staying there and managing things was solely my responsibility, and not the company who gave me such projects.

Though it was difficult, I ENJOYED this meaningful change in my life. I wish during those days we had Internet and apps like, and my plight would have reduced just by half – just saying!

Today, I’m yet another housemaker who blogs about her family vacations, and mommy problems, but those years of being a Solo Traveler gave me an opportunity to Start a New Life. It was difficult, strange, but worth chasing my dreams…

Like I said, change is inevitable…

Top 3 Indian Look Up Stories – Stories that Inspires You and Brings Optimism to the World!

Every day when I move from my home, I have a visual journey of many things – some good, some not so pleasing things, but each of my peeps bring valuable lessons.

Here I’ll share some Look Up stories. These stories not only gave me courage to look up in life, but also the much needed strength to be optimistic about various things.

Look Up Story 1 – The Little Girl Who Sells the Rose at the Traffic Signal

Have you seen the little kids who sell things like rose, or any kind of flower on the traffic signal? No matter whatever your answer is, no matter how curtly you tell them you won’t buy their flowers, they move on to their next client with the same smile and enthusiasm. Not once, not twice but “n” number of times they are rejected on daily basis, yet they are never disappointed. They do not take rejection as defeat, but try to sell the product to the next client without showing even a slight irritation on their face.



I meet one such girl on a daily basis. This little girl not just moves from one car to another with her flowers, but also with her communicable smile – giving me courage to face rejection. Yes, the girl, motivates me to live my life happily without worrying about getting rejected.

Look Up Story 2 – The Little Girl Who Wanted A Tattooed Crown on Her Head

Once when I was in cruise, I met a little girl with her fully shaved head. The girl wanted a tattoo representing a crown on her head. Yes, she wanted to look like a princess. When she was getting tattooed, the happiness on her face was something which I cannot describe. Her million dollar smile is something that cherishes me every time i think i’m the most unlucky person in this world.


Later, I got to know that the girl had Blood Cancer, and the loss of hair was due to chemotherapy. She was on the cruise due to “Make A Wish Foundation” where she was living her dream on a cruise and having her crown tattooed. This little girl who knew how to cherish every moment of life without complaining not only gave me hope, but also made me #lookup to life with great optimism. Yes, her courageous smile made me optimistic.

Look Up Story 3 – My Friend Who Failed Thrice to set up his own Biz

Many people believe that only success stories can inspire and motivate them, these people royally choose to ignore the hard work of the people who failed. For me, more than successful people, it is my failed friend who inspires me – The reason? Well, he failed thrice to start his own venture, end up failing very badly, yet did not leave his dream. Yes, he failed thrice and is on his fourth try.

Stressed businessmanSource

His Fourth try is on the verge of success. Some of my friends are saying he is lucky. But I know luck favors only the hardworking, and those who believe in themselves. No wonder, this friend of mine who failed thrice is my hero. His story is undoubtedly a look up story for me – that story of optimism which tells me – No matter how many times you fail, work hard, till you succeed, and success will definitely hug you one day.

Do you have any such #LookUp Story – Stories that Bring Optimism to the World? If so, do share it here in the comment box.

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Soulmate Intimacy : Heal It With A Touch #BringBackTheTouch

Relationships are complicated but there are modifiers to make it simple, easy, fun loving and happy. While a certain gesture can make it worse, a little shared moment can mellow everything. Discover what these gesticulations are that can simply turn you into soul-mates from mates.

Sometimes grand gestures, fireworks and huge spending don’t create that magic, than the obvious that makes the relationship stronger and happier. An authentic connection between the couples, simple shared moments, passionate touch, feelings of trust, closeness, transparency and caressing has tremendous potential in jazzing up their life in a special form, making them more closer and intimate.

You might wonder what are these simple moments? If you think that intimacy is all about sexual arousal and satisfaction, think again. It has more to do with romantic shared moments than sexual connections.

Let us find these simple tricks that can boost your love and make your relationship all the more better and worthwhile –

“Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.” ~ Francois Rabelais

Love – Sometimes the greatest justification that your partner loves you and you are well appreciated is when he or she makes small unexpected gestures. Yes, planning a romantic dinner and a weekend getaway is always valued and cherished. However, buying your wife a heart shaped earring simply because you happened to walk by a store, see it in the display window and know she would love it, will truly create an impression. It’s actually a “no-real-reason” feeling that makes the entire gesture mean so much.


“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.” ~ Mother Teresa

Caress – Most of the couples divide their chores. For instance, the wife does the household chores and it is his duty to throw away that trash. But once in a while, when he is really knocked down with all his work and its pressures, instead of nagging him for not observing the spilling over a dustbin, throw it out for him. When you love someone deeply, you pitch in, even if you might not be asked to do so. Little gesticulations to make each other’s life easy makes you remind as to why you put up with her snoring or his stinky feet, in the first place. In addition, giving your mate a break makes him a bit relaxed which makes it easier for you two to appreciate each other’s company.


“Action speaks louder than words and expression more than letters.”

Feel – Let’s face it, telling your better half how much she means to you can feel kind of silly or corny. But expressing them in a unique style can bring color to your relationship. Without expressions and feelings, you might risk yourself in falling into “taking each other for granted” syndrome. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to pen down long love letters for emotional emails but small notes like, “I love you” or a “kiss” in the morning, a gentle touch while going out for office.


Our smile will always be one of my favorite things like backward barbecue’s and front porch swings and evening breezes through window screens ~ Josh Turner

Discover – Trying to do something just for the sake of your spouse make them feel on top of the world. For instance, if you attend her nephew’s birthday party although you are not that social person to indulge these activities, she is ought to love you for this. Similarly, if you are too tired yet you indulge in sex because you know he would love it, will make him really happy. Sometimes saying “yes” for your usual “no” can lead to that intimate pleasure which has no comparison.

Let these romantic touch build up your chemistry and sizzle your intimacy. All ready to #BringBackTheTouch?

This post is part of the #BringBackTheTouch campaign initiated by Parachute Advansed Body Lotion and Indiblogger

Make a Steady Start, Plan your Career in UK

Aha, it’s that nail biting time of your career where you would be hoping to pick up the best combination of college, university and study course. While your parents, relatives and friends might be bombarding you with several options that might make you the next big earner in your family or locality, you might be feeling the entire drama “nonsensical.” After all, you want to study something different at your own pace and not get into the rat race which Indians are so famous for.

Knowledge is great, knowledge is power and knowledge is the source of success” is your motto for the rest of your life where creativity, innovation and skills are an integral part of your career as earning fat salary in a world recognized organization is, boy, then you should certainly open the closed doors of your dream career and make it into reality. Wondering – how, when and where? Well, you and me are currently sailing in the same boat and here’s the answer to almost all of your queries –

Alright, Let’s look at an example – 2 years ago one of my neighbors after doing a MBA was still jobless. Call it recession, lack of placements or anything but the boy couldn’t get a single job anywhere. This made him not only frustrated but also irritating. The boy who was so studious all through these years, followed the pattern and even did best in his career was now a failure because he failed to find any job in the market. Well, the reason is not one but many. Now, let’s consider another example, now this boy is the studious boy’s cousin. The cousin wasn’t as good as my neighbor, however, no sooner than he had his degree he had a brilliant job offer. Although he might have been an average student earlier, he was a changed man after his studies. Made me wonder, what was the cause of sudden transformation and change in the boy. This transition from an average guy to well qualified person who not only has fat salary but also skills and expertise was because he made a smart decision at the vital point of his career. Yes, the boy had opted for a higher education in UK.


I wondered how he earned his degree in such a short time? He then introduced me to several features of studying in UK by giving me the link of British Council, a website which he had found useful before planning his education in UK. From here, he had applied for English test IELTS (International English language Testing System) and enhanced in chance of studying in india as well as abroad. To my surprise I was bestowed with some attractive benefits as soon as I hit the button go. Here are some:

  • Courses in UK are of shorter duration. For instance Post Graduation Courses for 1 year instead of 2 and Graduation for 3 years as compared to 4 years in US.
  • UK graduated International students are paid higher than their counterparts who studied in their home country
  • Lots of financial support is endowed to the student through different forms of scholarship
  • Many shops and other places where you need to shell out money give concessions to students to make their life easy.
  • People from all race, religion, culture and country are a part of these universities, welcoming students from open hands. The colleges follow the multi-faith society and multi
  • Universities encompass World-Class education, that not only develops skills but also inspires students to achieve their best. No wonder 97% of the colleges were rated beyond good for their overall performance
  • Teaching style in the UK colleges are ought to embed students with attributes such as teamwork, innovation, leadership and creativity
  • Freedom of choosing personalized course by selecting modules that suits the student best.

Student life in UK

If I had the opportunity of rewinding back my life, I would definitely pursue my MPhil in UK to study my favorite course, “Politics & International Relations” from Corpus Christi College in the Oxford University.


Currently in India, only 5 or 6 universities have this course out of which three of the universities are good – Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Delhi, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry and Manipal University in Karnataka. While, the first two prestigious Government universities offer you with the best knowledge, getting admission there is a tough job. Not that I can’t get through the process but the one thing that becomes a constant hindrance is the reservation policy. Yea, the result of the competitive exams is declared by keeping the reservation quota in mind.

So, the third option which remains for everybody is Manipal University, a private university down South. Although studying here isn’t a problem, however, being a private institute it brings a hole in the pocket. Well, people do not mind in spending the amount. However, is it worth spending your time and money in such a university if you are looking for great knowledge and return for your investment? Certainly not, as it ranks far down to what its counterparts JNU and PU stands for. Certainly there is no guarantee whether you may get a job in the field you desire.

My immediate choice would be Corpus Christ College in the Oxford University. The reason, well, first, there would be competitive exam but sans reservation. Next, the main reason – This course will equip me with all the necessary skills that are essential not only to commence study and research at an advanced rank but also to carry out several types of professional job in this career.

One of the most recognized universities for International Relations, Oxford university, is ought to provide me a thorough mastery of the methodologies, major facts in the field along with an expertise to develop research skills. In addition, studying along with several like minds from different countries who have come there for a common goal is likely to bestow me with a very good atmosphere to focus my goal. What’s more? Here, I will have to choose only 2 module of my choice from 15 options.

Secondly, after the course I would be getting job opportunities with the help of alumni network and several other forms in UK as well as if I decide to come back to India or aspire to work for UN.

However, now that I’m in a similar field earning my living through freelance writing, I now wish to pursue another course through UK. Well, for this, I will not have to go to UK to pursue this course but apply online and learn from them in what we may all as truly globalized course and education.

For the Online Course, I would definitely opt for Scriptwriting Course.

Why? Well, because the course is ought to flourish my writing skills and also give a fresh new start to my job of freelance writer since I wish to write for Bollywood someday as a script writer. Needless to say, it would enhance my writing skills for documentary since although I am good at research, the script writing process need a mentor who can guide me, teach me and brush my skills to transform me into a pro.

Out of many colleges that offer Online Course in Script Writing, I would definitely opt for UK Writers College for some of the best facilities that are available with them, including classes from multi-award-winning author and playwright, “ Karen Jeynes.” From Industry tips to various ideas, the course will bestow me with a all new direction in the process. What’s more from plot, Structure, Action, Characters, dialogue, technical parameters, editing, to the start and the conclusion part, I’ll be trained in all the aspects from experts.

It is nearly impossible to go in for a full time or even a part time course as I have to earn my living, so the online course of UK comes as a blessing in disguise since I can pursue the course at any time of the year and complete at my own pace within 12 months.

Knowledge is great, isn’t it? And no matter how old we become we still learn. So, now that I couldn’t pursue a career in Politics and International relation from Corpus Christi College in Oxford University, I wish to pursue an online career in the field of script writing from my home, garden and lawn through UK Writers College.

 In addition British Council’s Future eLearn where we can register for free of charge short courses is surely my bet and all other Indians who want to enrich their knowledge more.  The good part is that, these courses provide you with different subjects to garnish your brain in an online atmosphere where different students worldwide together assemble to study from a well-qualified teacher. The good news, over 20 universities have enrolled for Future elearn with others following in the trend.

For all the young minds who are looking to make a difference right from the start of their career surely should opt for full time courses in UK, while those who want to stay in India, work but still wish to enrich their skills should go for online Courses in UK.


For more information on the courses, procedures to enroll and test, you can hit the “British Council” Website or to plan a steady career start in UK.

Image Source: British Council, Drewett Signs
Video source: British Council, India

An Immune India, Let’s together make it!

A few years back, India was hit terribly with the Chikungunya virus as well as the Swine Flu and people all around the country became prey to these viruses in no time. While maximum of the populace was hit by the dreadful viruses, few of them or let us say a bunch of them were still not touched upon. If we try to figure out, we will find that, the fortunate class was the adults or the grownups who could somehow manage to escape the clutches of these viruses but the majority of the susceptible class in the entire outbreak was the “children, the most vulnerable group of human population to any epidemic, disease, flu or fever.

In this entire episode, why do you think the few fortunate were adults while the worst affected were mostly kids? The reason is absolutely plain and simple – Adults have a developed immune system whereas the immunity in the kids is in a developing stage. This makes them prone to any foreign invaders in their body easily.

Despite the fact that, there are many curative measures to prevent almost every invasion of viruses through vaccines/oral dose and protozoans via medicines, thanks to WHO along with UNICEF who are on the pledge to vanish almost all the diseases that are found or spreading in the developing nations, don’t you think all the developing nations including India should impose preventive measures against the epidemic to reduce the invasion by half? For instance, we know India is a tropical country and so, mosquitoes being omnipresent can attack us any time then why surround ourselves with a heap of waste or stagnant water where they can breed and multiply significantly in no time.

While UNICEF along with WHO are pledging to make a difference in the world through curative measures, being Indians it becomes our responsibility to aid them in this noble cause by amending preventive measures to build a healthier, strong and more immune India…

So, how do we start? Well, the change should simultaneously begin from all the different spheres – The rural, town area, urban cities as well as the metropolitans. Here’s how –

Right food can neither be expensive for the rural children nor troublesome for the urban kids

It is every easy to dictate everyone that “eat right” in order to become healthy and immune to various diseases. But, in a poor country like India how will the less privileged children eat a nutritious diet when they are already suffering from malnutrition? Well, point to be noted. However, do you think nutritious diet can be expensive? Well, not as expensive as you may wonder. The Indian Government can easily promote the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are rich in Vitamin C and E, Carotenoid, Bioflavanoids and give farmers subsidies and an advantage when it comes to promotion of these agricultural products at the rural level. Besides, the midday meals should possess only those items that boost immunity in the children. In addition, they should tie up with FMCG like Dabur who have affordable readymade immunity boosting products in the form of Dabur Chyawanprash and serve the less fortunate children who are most vulnerable to diseases in the rural community. Well, when the Political parties can distribute Tabs after winning elections, I am sure that this is a cheaper and feasible solution.

In the urban areas and metropolitans where the kids possess a lavish lifestyle and eat lots of junk foods, awareness at school should be conducted regularly. Schools and homemakers should make sure they help these kids to consume the necessary immune boosting fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains in the form they would love to eat. For instance, a child may not like to eat chapatti and cabbage or even carrots however, if you impart these vegetables and give the kid in the form of Frankie or a roll, he would eat it happily. So, it becomes our responsibility to serve our kinds all the nutritional food along with immune boosting products like Chyawanprash to help them against all the foreign invaders at this tender age.

All work and no play really make Jack a dull boy, so let them engage in recreation

Kids in the rural places are into a lot of physical activities so they really do not need physical exercises to maintain their fitness level. Also, the atmosphere where they live is tranquil and dirt free. In cities, however, it is altogether a different story and so urban children should have a physical regime in their day’s time-table wherein they stretch out their arms and legs. There should also be regular mini marathons, the tournaments of various sports in the school where even the lazy ones participate actively. Evening time should be allocated to these physical activities and not tuitions or computer games or cartoons. Also, make sure once the child is back, he is following healthy habits of cleaning, washing and eating so that no bacteria, dust or any organism can imply affect on his body.

ctv news

Image Source:

Parents should even indulge with their children in activities like yoga and sports so that children find it fun and adhere to the regime willingly. Animators and film makers should even make films which promote the benefits of physical activities.

Adequate Sleep is all that is required

Children in the rural areas do not get enough sleep as they are helping their parents, doing several physical activities as well as going long distance to study. A good number of schools should be imposed in every rural village so that children do not have to travel far also hand pumps should be erected in as close proximity as possible to make the life of these children easier. In short, more and more facilities should be provided to rural children so that their life would be much easier and they get enough sleep every day.

In rural areas, care should be taken by parents to see that children sleep early in order to get their adequate sleep. No TV, No playing, No Video games should be the habit of children. Early to be and early to rise should be the basic mantra of a student life. Also, make sure you provide children the healthy Ayurvedic oil like Dabur Lal Tail that enables them to sleep peacefully.

Mental Stress will affect the immunity in your child, so stop pressurizing!

A year back, I was startled to find out my neighbor’s 12 year old son was tagged as “stressed” by his pediatrician when he was having his regular rounds of check up (he was born as a premature baby and so his immunity is always in a mess and easily gets cold, flu and whatever fever is in the air). The doctor termed him as stressed and asked his parents not to pressurize him for studies etc. The parents never pressurized him for anything and were surprised by the verdict. However, on doctor’s inquiry, it was found out that the constant fights between the couple and his loneliness (only child with no siblings and working parents) stressed him out completely as he had nobody to talk or share his happiness/activities on a day to day basis. As parents, we should always try to see that we maintain the house atmosphere as calm and peaceful as possible to give our young ones a happy and healthy atmosphere to live in.


An Immune India is not a Utopian dream but a possible reality of the near future, if we watch out our habit and help our children to follow the same. And in doing so, each of the individual and family should take a pledge to follow the regime firmly – Starting from the urban household and locality to each of the remote villages of India. It is really a pleasure to see the House of Dabur is campaigning for such a noble cause and directly reaching out lack of children nationwide with their motto – “Healthy Generation. Healthy Nation!”

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…Since Real love is love in its purest form

“I love you too” Pragati said struggling on her hospital bed as tears of joy and happiness rolled down her cheeks.

One of the most momentous days of my life till today, it was the day that made me experience true love in the form of my best friends, Pragati and Siddhant. It was a day when love triumphed breaking all the hurdles, eventually sowing a seed in my heart, so much, that today, even I dream of such an auspicious day in my life – The day of eternal love that is not only everlasting but also timeless.

“All men are indeed dogs!” I used to say and why not as all the guys I usually came across were either interested in physical beauty or concerned with the attractiveness of any girl they dated. Siddhant was no exception. However, his transformation for Pragati’s love made me change my opinion.

Siddhant was like Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor in most of their movies, famous for chivalry among the females. Happy go lucky he was more interested in wine and women like most of the college dudes than participating in causes and movements till I forced him to join National Social Service (NSS). The reason, well it could get me few additional marks on our mark sheet. Besides, I didn’t want to do it all alone and so I compelled and even terrorized him to join me all in the name of friendship.  From all the things we had done earlier in our lives, this was drastically opposite. Here, we were not smoking our fags or our parent’s money but doing something that was not only serving the society and human race but also helping ourselves in moving towards happiness and self satisfaction.

From volunteering at booths of free eye check up in Tardeo and working in the camps of Clean & Green Mumbai at Dadar Chowpatty to teaching underprivileged kids, our initial rounds of Social Service was more of hanging around with friends than working for a cause until we started working on a Project based on Women empowerment. Me and Sid were allotted as volunteers in the Sexual violence section.

It was during this period when Pragati came in our lives. A headstrong, career-oriented woman of the 21st century, she entered the office premise as a damsel in distress. She wanted our help as she was facing sexual tensions in her office. Her boss was harassing her day in and day out. She was of the same age as ours but since she was not originally from Mumbai she had thought of supporting her college and hostel expense by working in shifts. Me and Sid decided to help her at personal levels too after we met her outside the office. Back then, I too had my own medical issues and so I couldn’t give that much time to the NGO but Sid seemed determined and he was helping Pragati in a way that it was his moral duty to help any girl. Soon, Pragati got a job elsewhere and she quit her job. However, not before defaming her boss who had attempted to sexually violate her and others in the office.

This entire process brought the two together and Sid-Pragati became couple. However, after two months, Sid informed me that Pragati after moving from Mumbai was no longer in touch with him and after few days ditched him over the phone and had broke all the ties, leaving him completely lost and lonely.

I couldn’t believe my ears as Pragati was a decent girl and how could she ditch Sid, who was the world to her. I tried her number but of no avail. The woman on the line always declared it to be off. Contacting her through her Orkut account was of no use too, since she hardly went online there. Sid, on the other hand, went in depression as he thought it was all due to his past deeds. Things turned ugly and I was helpless. However, one of my usual doctor’s visits brought me face to face with Pragati. Their Pragati was sitting in front of me, weak and pale with a deformed face. At once, I couldn’t comprehend that it was her but the moment, I went near her wheelchair, I knew it was her. I controlled my tears and asked how she was. I waited till she went to the doctor’s cabin for her usual check up and accompanied her to her hospital bed along with the nurse. As soon as the nurse went and we were alone, she broke down and told me why she had sent that cruel SMS to Sid. She didn’t wanted to be a burden to him as he had his own life ahead. Besides, her face had deformed majorly and she had no clue when will she recover completely. Her audiometric results showed that she had lost 50% of our hearing power in her left ear. She was not the one who could tolerate sympathy towards her nor could she bear the sight of Sid rejecting her and so after knowing her condition, she took the hard decision of sacrificing her love for her love.

She begged me not to tell Sid anything about this and requested me to call him in order to hear his voice. I called him up and couldn’t control my tears and asked him to reach as soon as he could in Wockhardt hospital at Mulund. Within an hour, he was outside the hospital, I went below to bring him upstairs and told everything about Pragati. Something was running in his head which I couldn’t understand nor could analyze. But, the moment he saw her, he was shocked though he composed himself at his best controlling his tears. He went near her, kneeling on his one toe and did something which he had never done before, proposed Pragati for marriage.

“I love you Pragati and no matter what I’ll always be there for you, will you marry me?” he asked for her hand.

“Yes, yes, yes.” She almost cried with joy.


I had heard love is unconditional but had never witnessed, here I saw true love sparkling between two souls who promised to be together forever. Their love is still strong and they are now married with a beautiful baby girl. A love so very pure is synonymous to none other than the incomparable metal, Platinum which doesn’t tarnish or grow fainter with passing day but always stay true to its original form. That is why, among all major jewels that the world’s most fancy holds precious, “The Platinum” stands paramount especially when it is that timeless moment when you feel enigmatic in the delightful company of your eternal love – Celebrating Love in its purest form!


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$300 House: An Idea that can change lives globally!



The Design of Christian Sarkar and Vijay Govindarajan

$300 House is a project initiated by Christian Sarkar and Vijay Govindarajan. It all started through their blog post in Harvard Business Review and by reading the blog and watching the video, I witness many of the developing nations problems(not just housing but several others as well) including India’s vanishing off.

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Is India Vision 2020 possible amid the blizzard of corruption?

My article Published on NewsYAPS

Is India Vision 2020 possible amid the blizzard of corruption?

“A developed India by 2020, or even earlier, is not a dream. It need not be a mere vision in the minds of many Indians. It is a mission we can all take up – and succeed.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

Did you just have second thoughts about the statement made by the born visionary, people’s president, children’s favorite teacher and one of India’s greatest scientist? When one of our nation’s greatest minds does guarantee of its success why do we find it so difficult to fathom?

We are a great nation, aren’t we? Our accomplishments are astonishing. We are the number one in milk production. We are the first in remote sensing satellites. We are the second largest producer of rice and wheat in the world. We have the fastest growing economic growth rate. Four of the richest Indians are worth an astounding $180 billion. 38 percent of Doctors in the US are Indians. 36 percent of NASA scientists are Indians. The ISRO is the major threat to NASA’s domination on space study. Our communication systems are the most developed in the world. The Indian media have been hailed as the most proactive in the world. The IT sector here is growing at an unbelievable pace. Outsourcing is India’s business. Our Biotechnological sector is the fastest budding in the world. Bollywood is the biggest entertainment industry in the world. We have so much. Why then is it so hard for us to believe that our nation, India, can achieve the objectives of vision 2020?

Many of us may question astonishingly, “How can India progress with its illiteracy, poverty, dilapidated infrastructure, electricity deprived villages and with its ever growing corruption rate?” Although all others are achievable but it is the last one which disrupts everything; even the thought of achieving other goals. Corruption is a disease which has slowly spread its wings in the country and there is no brainer that corruption in India is at its peak. Not a single section of society is spared from it. Recent instances such as 2G, CWG and Adarsh Society Scams are clear examples of lingering corruption in all strata of Indian society. Corruption indeed hinders India’s dream to become a developed nation.

Considering corruption, turning India into a developed nation by 2020 is very much a difficult task if not impossible. Comparing it from an East-West perspective, the West is measured as more process oriented. There an average citizen or government employee will tend to follow system and will look for a methodical way to work things out. It is not shocking that over a century ago, Swami Viivekananda during his US visit found their country had an outstanding organization system which was lacking in India. No wonder this lacuna persists even today.

And why not? Officers and Government officials in India are ripping off the country’s future through “corruption” or “grease payment”. Here the real beneficiaries do not receive their dues from the government because of corruption and favoritism. The selfish leaders reap the electoral benefits of poverty alleviation programs like widow benefit schemes, old age pensions, housing schemes etc. though the manipulation in selection of beneficiaries. Often have the anomalies been reported. Lately, there has even been a public interest litigation on it. In this scenario how can we achieve the objectives of Vision 2020?

How many times have we read in the newspapers or watch in news channels about some recently built building, retainer wall or a certain section of the flyover collapsing? Many a times, right? In fact so many times that we have stopped counting. Well, this happened because of nepotism, favouritism and other forms of corruption involving contractors and supporters of our so called leaders. In such a situation, how come an average Indian envision Vision 2020? For him or her, the chances of India to be strong, stable and successful in 2020 indeed seems to be dim.

In one of his recent speeches,  Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam gave the remedy of this vice too. He said, “There are only three members of the society who can remove corruption. They are father, mother and elementary school teacher.” The inference of his annotation is simple. According to him the prevalent problem of corruption in India can be eradicated, if every child is brought up with a strong moral character – making “children” and “youth” the foundation of “Corruption Free India”. That reminds me of Theodor Geisel. He always said, “Adults are obsolete children and obsolesce is not only unfortunate, it is unnecessary.”

So when can the Vision 2020 function and bear fruit? A prominent Indian once put it powerfully, “A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance.” Legendary words spoken by the nation’s foremost prime minister on August 15, 1947, just after midnight. What Jawaharlal Nehru addressed to, of course, was the birth of Independent India. What we want to witness today is the birth of India as an independent society — vibrant, colorful, boisterous, open and above all, ready for change.

India’s growth may be chaotic, frenzied and largely unplanned but India can easily rise above all ifcorruption eradicates. Now if you are wondering who is responsible for the change, I would say its “You.” As a parent, as a teacher, as a concerned youth of the empowering nation you can indeed change the corruption scenario to make the Vision 2020 possible.

With that note, I would like to recall Rabindranath Tagore’s vision for our country –

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high. Where knowledge is free. Where the world has not been broken up into fragments. By narrow domestic walls. Where words come out from the depth of truth. Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection. Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit. Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action. Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

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