The Little “Pee Donor”

Pee Pee Pee, where do I pee, asks a little child on his way to Wai

My bladder is hurting and I am losing my control,

But I will wait dad, till the dam comes after several tolls

I might be tiny, I might be small,

But I want to be a responsible boy, way before I become tall.

Not just me but all my mates,

We will all together help our state from its merciful fate.

“Little drops make an ocean” once said our Ma’am Gurjeet,

Don’t you think dad, we surely can lend our hand to the noble cause started by uncle Ajit.

All you young kids come together, let’s take a vow,

That, we shall bank our pee and send to uncle Ajit anyhow.

So what, if we can’t be a blood donor or an eye donor,

Be glad because even at this age, we all surely can be a “Pee Donor”


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For all my readers staying outside India – Wai is a place in Maharashtra, India. The poem is a reply to a politician who commented, that, should he urinate in dam, if the state is suffering from drought. No, wonder he apologized but…..

Yea, it’s late at night and I’m still wondering…

It’s late at night and I’m still wondering

Sometimes, blinking my eyes,

Along with the still surrounding

And sometimes by just looking at the motionless trees.

The twinkling stars keep on enlightening my mind and soul

As I look up to them,

Thinking about you all the time

Yea, it’s late in the night and I’m still wondering…

No more bright shine of the sun

And the whooping willow of the wind,

No more tides in the ocean and chirping of birds,

But it’s more and more of you in my mind

When I think about you from the rest of the herd.

Yea, it’s late at night, and I’m still wondering…

Night showers me with all those memories in a thread,

making me think about you,

even when I’m lying on my bed.

Yes, yes, it’s still late at night and I’m wondering…

After a few hour,  day will come and night will go,

Birds  will chirp and rivers will flow,

But my heart will keep on thinking about you,

Whether its a dark night or a morning dew.

Coz it’s late in the night and I am still wondering….

Wondering if you would smile, if I smile at you,

Say hello, if I greet you,

Kiss me, if I come to you

And keep on loving me, if I say I love you too…


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