5 Things I’m all Set to Do with My Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever

So now that Airtel 4G is available at the cost of 3G and we are getting it for free right at our doorstep, I’m all set to apply and try the new Airtel 4G to check out its unbelievable speed.


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Well, I’m all excited about using 4G Network and here’s what I’m thinking to do first when I switch my 3G network into 4G network.

Book a Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC

Booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC has always been a headache for me. To be honest, every time I try my hand at booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC, I’m highly disappointed because I have never got one. Yes, in spite of seeing tickets available at 10 am sharp by the time I’m done with the payment, I get a Waiting ticket. So the first thing I’ll definitely try is booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC. Even for normal tickets, booking from Airtel 4G will be a sigh of relief.

Full Movie Download

Well, Movie download has always been a major issue for me. I often download it during the night and wait till the morning. In such a scenario, I can only watch the movie the next day. But, now that I’ll have Airtel 4G, I’m eager to download my favorite movie as soon as I start my 4G pack.

To Enter in Contests which are Time Conscious and Limited to First Come First Basis

On a daily basis there are many contests available online where the time starts at “x” time and by the time it is x.01 minutes, it is over. The reason being in this 1 minute all the seats/freebies/vouchers are taken away by your fellow competitors. I would definitely use Airtel 4G to try out submitting by entry in such time restricted contests which are limited to few people only.

Live Streaming & Video Streaming Is Definitely on my mind

Every time I stream videos, I’m so frustrated that I often end up spoiling my and my partner’s mood. Live streaming is such a pain with 2G and sometimes even with a 3G network. This is the reason why I’m so excited for “Live Streaming” with my new Airtel 4G – The fastest Network ever!

Upload Several Things on the Internet and attach heavy files in the mails

Usually uploading takes a lot of time than downloading. This is the reason why we usually leave our computer or phone and go in search of a coffee, the moment we start uploading anything. Then whether it is uploading hundreds of images on our Picasa, Facebook or attaching several files in a mail, it takes a lot of time. This is the reason why I’m looking forward to try uploading all types of images and files once I get my Airtel 4G.

You too can get an Airtel 4G SIM absolutely free. All you have to do is tweet using the hashtag – #GetAirtel4G.

Well, what do you plan to do with Airtel ’s unbelievable speed? Well, if you think your network is better than Airtel 4G, you can also register for the Airtel Challenge.

Rise Above Fear to Claim Victory!

Fear is something from which we all suffer. In fact, it is the biggest hindrance to all our victories, whether it is at personal level or professional level. But, until you rise above fear, you can never claim the real victory. For instance, just taking risk in an adventure. You know how rewarding the experience is, if you take risk and go down a alley of adventure!

Today, I’ll share my personal story on how I could rise above fear by listening to my heart, to claim victory in life. Yes! you heard it right!

I’m a blogger, a full time freelance writer today, but few years ago I was a human machine working in an Indian conglomerate. My day revolved around me, working as a machine round the clock. Yes, getting up in the morning, running to catch the train, making sure I reach on time, working in the office, trying to do something which my heart didn’t allow and ultimately returning home like a loser. Yes, I felt like a loser!

I always thought what I’m doing isn’t right, because, I was dodging my real self, I wasn’t following my heart but the so called rat race until I realized that this is not what I have to do, This is certainly not what I should be doing.

Then, what is the one thing I should be doing? Well, I didn’t know back then,where and what I should do, but I knew for sure, the mechanic me, is not my real self.This really needs a stop.

However, there was a constant fear in my mind. What if I leave this? What if I have no money? What if my friends go ahead,and  I’m left behind? You know the usual stuff until I risked myself and trying to hear the call of my heart.

Obviously I struggled hard, but, then I began writing, blogging, and today as a freelance writer, I earn more than what I used to earn before.In addition, my new love gave me an opportunity to be a solo Traveler, something which I only dreamt, butnever risked in real life.

As a solo Traveler, I have been traveling and enjoying life the way I should have been few years ago. But I have no qualms. Had I not risked then, I would have still working like a mechanic in a cubicle like any other corporate employee.Well, I don’t have anything against it. But, well, that was certainly not my cup of tea.

When I left my job, and had no clue what I would be doing next, friends and even some of the family members acted weird. but, then, nothing big in life comes until you take a risk. Rising above risk is only the first step towards achievement.Then whether, the risk is in in career, or a small matter, you have to take risk!

This post is written for the campaign Rise Above Fear initiated by Mountain Dew.As rightly Said by Mountain Dew, “Kyunki Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai!”



To know more check their FB page https://www.facebook.com/mountaindewindia

Airbnb – Make a Wish and Stay At Your Dream Destination!

Ever since I saw the movie ‘The Holiday’ starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winselet, I too thought of sharing a large home in other part of the country/globe. Like a beautiful cottage in a village , a castle in a historic town, a luxury home in one of the most happening place of the world or maybe a gorgeous little home in one of the most isolated place. While, I was still wondering about my wish, I got an invitation to the website Airbnb from my friend Ankit Jain.

Logging in to the website, I realized, the website is just like what I have been thinking from years. Yes, I too can stay in other part of the world in a home like I want, at an affordable price, of course less than all those rates of a hotel. To my surprise, prices of a beautiful cottage in France is less than hotel prices in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala and so many other places in India.

No wonder, Airbnb compelled me to make ‘My Wishlist‘. Here they are one by one as per by budget:


Holiday in Rome

Being a history buff, I have been dreaming about all the ancient places from time immemorial now. It would be a dream cume true if I get to visit Rome and spend a day wandering the streets of this historic place. So, I am keen to visit this place listed in Airbnb – One of the first 100 closest  apartments to the Colosseum. Here’s a snapshot for you to see as well!


A Country side vacation in United Kingdom

We Indians have a great fascination for United Kingdom after all we have grown up watching those fairy tales where there are beautiful cottage with a small farm, where they have cute little pets.I’m definitely visiting villages in United Kingdom. While, browsing, I got something that exactly suits my wish. Here it is as cheap as 4k per day:


A Peaceful Escape in Sillery Gaon, India

Northeast is the best escape in India, especially when you are bored of your fast paced life in Mumbai. Nestled in forest and pine trees, the place always lures me. Although I have never been to Northeast, I’m definitely dying to visit Sikkim. And in Sikkim, I would love to visit this beautiful cottage located at the topmost position of the forest. Want to have a look, here you go:


A Rocking Holiday in Amsterdam, Netherland

Amsterdam has always lured me, not for one but many reasons. The vibrant place is really into wishlist of many people and I’m the one, looking forward to get a chance to stay there, and ride my bike to explore this pollution freeand noisless city. While browsing on Airbnb, I got this beautiful place.


Holiday in Bali

Bali in Indonesia is a paradise of all the party lovers. Though I’m not much into party, I’m fascinated by Indonesia’s culture and living. Not to forget, its historic connection with India along with its marvellous beauty. In Bali, I’m definitelyy staying in this natural villa designed by an architect facing the rice fields. What an exotic dream destination that would be. Here’s a sneek peak of the place. No, its not a painting!


Login from here at Airbnb and get a coupon code of Rs. 1545

Or here https://www.airbnb.co.in/invite/?af=3330229&c=IndiBloggerref

To know more visit the official website https://www.airbnb.co.in

Happy Holidays!

P.S: All the Images are my own Screenshots for the Android App of Airbnb downloaded from Google Playstore!

Fat Cat Lucky 6 Review: 5 Reasons Why You Should Download and Play Fat Cat’s Lucky 6?L

Online Gaming is fun and thrill. However, it is only virtual. What if these virtual excitement turns into life changing experience? Sounds like real fun, like a dream coming true? Well, your dream will soon come true because Fat Cat is launching their new unique online game LUCKY 6 where you can not just win cash but luxury holidays to your favorite holiday destination:

1. It is Very Simple To Start With, and Play

Just download the app on Android or IOS in few seconds and register yourself. You’ll get the below windows. The download process is pretty fast and quick and doesn’t take more than two minutes.


Registration Process


Once you have registered, you’ll get a mail, click the mail and confirm, you can now login. You’ll get a login option in minutes


2. Playing Game Is Easy, Quick and Enjoyable ~ You don’t have to be a Geek, a stock broker expert or a genious…Check out

When you login, the screen will first take you to a game tour where it explains you how to play the game, again a quick tutorial which doesn’t waste much of your time. You can play Lucky 6, the screen is as shown below:


3. You can Play Lucky 6 and Win Prizes of Your Own Choice – That Prize Which You Desire

Now, before playing the game you’ll have to select 6 brands from more than 100 brands. In case you change your mind, you can even de-select and select other brands. You can even select a brand to open the dashboard where you can find more about it. Once you select all the 6 brands you are all done and ready to go. The list has Amazon store, Bharti Airtel, Brittania Biscuits, Dabur, Dettol, Dish TV, Godrej, HDFC Bank, Raymond, Taj Hotels, Walt Disney, Wipro, Asian Paints and many more including FACEBOOK, Twitter and Google


Once you select any 6 of your choice you’ll have to confirm here and the below screen will appear – It is very quick. The game doesn’t have any bugs and allows you to select any brand of your choice.



4. It is transparent, and allows you to get competitive by winning Rs. 25 lakh

You can not just check your score but others score, the top ten players and also their profile too.You can check other people’s high score, low score, average score and number of tickets. Here it is:



5. You can share and increase your chance of winning

Every time you introduce a friend who plays Lucky 6 you increase your chances of winning. However, you’ll have to make sure that they enter your nickname when they sign up. Oh yea, Sharing is not just caring but Winning here. Now that’s exciting, isn’t it?

If you introduce a player to Lucky 6 and that person wins a jackpot, with him, you win too. How?? Well, you win a bonus aount of 25% of the amount they win. so if the jackpot if of Rs. 25 lakh, you win a whooping Rs. 6.25 lakh. However, to avail this benefit, make sure they have acknowledged your nickname in the referrer column while registration.


This is how your Profile Looks – Yes, it is as efficient, effortless and easy:


The App is coming soon on your Android and IOS operating systems. Don’t forget to download to have fun, thrill and a life time experience of winning some extra-ordinary booty.

To Know More You can click FatCat’s Official Website http://fatcatgaming.com/ and follow them on Twitter @FatCatGamingApp

Happy Gaming!

There Is No Diwali Like #GharWaliDiwali

Now that Diwali is around the corner, I cannot stop murmuring my favorite Diwali poem which I sang rather shouted with great zeal and enthusiasm

Diwali aayi, masti chahi,
Dhum Dhadaka, Tode Fataka,
Chali Phul Jadiyaan, Todi Saakhiyan,
Deep Jalaye, Mann Ko Bhaye,
Jalebi Laddoo, Khayega Guddu,
Mela Jayenge, Mauj Manayenge….

This year too the festive season has made me euphoric. No wonder, I’m thrilled, excited, and all set to celebrate #GharWaliDiwali in an awesome style….

The Diwali Mood

You know, I have bought some really bright lights and kandeels to decorate my house. After all, I’ll have to give a tough competition to the bachcha party of my colony when it comes to Diwali decorations. An unofficial war, I hope I win this year. Shhh…..





The Shopping Bonanza

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale gave me some real deals, so did another ecommerce website, besides all the shops out there are having some “Diwali Dhamaka Offer” SPOILER : So, I have bought so many gifts to surprise each one in my family! I am eagerly waiting to see my wee little nephew’s million dollar expression when I give him his remote car.





To Celebrate Ghar Wali Diwali My Bro Is Flying Back Home….

My mom just finished making Besan Ke Ladoo for my brother, it is his favorite dessert. Guess what, we are going to welcome him with just Besan Ke Ladoo. So, This season of Diwali there will be lots of Maa Ka Pyaar, Maa Ke Haath Ka Khaana for me and my bro, oh he’ll be just so happy….

Here’s a view of those yummy circles…!


Self Image

Thank God, I still stay with my mom, else I too would have to face something like this….

Family Get Together

All over the year, the family might have lots of jhagda jhanjhat, but when it is Diwali, it is just one happy family smiling all the while..This year too would be fun as my cousins like every year is coming for the Laxmi Puja.



License To Gamble….

Diwali is the only time of the year when you can gamble around without actually facing a problem. What’s more, the entire family compete agianst each other in the Teen Patti game. Since, I’m the host this year, I’m making sure, we play, Teen Patti with a cool set of cards this year….

Check this out, 



With Some Black Label For The Hard Core Drinkers…..



And PEPSI for us, along with some Kurkure…. You know that tensed moment when you know you are losing, and all you do is munch, munch, munch and gulp, gulp, gulp





And, And This Year, we are saying #NoToCrackers

Silent Diwali is the best Diwali as we own’t be disturbing our sick neighbours, speechless pets and friends suffering from asthama.

And we are requesting others as well,,,,,,,



Diwali is a festival of joy, lights and happiness, and this year we are just trying to spread the happiness by lights, and not with crackers….



What are you up to – Are you too celebrating Ghar Wali Diwali With Your Family and Friends?

This post is written for Indiblogger and Pepsi’s Ghar Wali Diwali Campaign