Friends we were, Friends we will be

“Friendship is like the breeze,

You can’t hold it,

Smell it, Taste it, Or know when it’s coming,

But you can always feel it,

And you’ll always know it’s there,

It may come and then go,

But you can know it’ll always be back ~ Terri Fanning


Family called us Jai-Veeru, friends, Archie-Juggie and some of our class mates even jokingly termed us as “Lesbians” that’s how are bond was! Inseparable and still together, we as friends were often cherished for our camaraderie. As thick as thieves, we remain best of friends till date and even while I write this, we have plans for the next week to have an adventurous Bachelorette party before she utters “Qubool Hai” next month in her pretty bridal wear.

Ah, that reminds me of our more than 20+ years together. While crushes come and go, relationships are redefined, that sexy bitch resides in US and our first crush seems not so happily married/committed with the obese girl of his choice, we tend to still stick together through all the thick and thin in our lives and enjoy our days as “happily forever friends”

 It all began when we were in Std third and met through our common friend, her cousin. While, I really do not exactly know when we started jelling with each other, the real bond was when we gave tough time to the bus bully who troubled the entire bus. Together, we smacked him and our bus mates too supported us. He, being the bus bully was punished while the teacher according to the conductor’s and other children’s version gave us a clean chit. Oh yea, we looked too innocent to be punished for hitting someone. This was the start of a wonderful partnership which still continues. After this amazing start, our school adventures involved things like travelling without ticket in trains, fooling the canteen walla of our school and bunking and sitting in the toilet. While, bunking in school now a days might be a common phenomena, I am talking about 90s where bunking even in college was more of a crime.

And then, school ended, we were in junior college and all of a sudden we became girls. Actually, not her, she was always very feminine. It was me who actually was in transition from a tom boy to a girl. Once, not interested in boys, I soon had my first crush, without knowing she was too in love, with some other guy of course. Our first crush confessions almost came at the same time and we were like, “Oh, my god, you too!” From here started the real adventure – From encouraging each other to propose our crushes, yes we both did that to back each other when those impulsive decisions haunted us in return.

Nevertheless, we stood by each other without judging the other even in times when we took most awful steps in our lives. From helping me to put those mascaras, walk in slitteos and use Dove instead of that Lifebuoy. Having, more faith in me then I had, she started supporting my dreams, no wonder how ridiculous or dumb they were.

Surprisingly, after completing our junior college we landed up in the same college to do our grads. Mature enough, this was the time when we met our first love, lighted our first fag, drank our first beer and were besides each other like a shadow is to a body. The first year was fun as it began with bunking college, watching movies and roaming all around South Mumbai with each outing bringing its own new experience. Back then, we always lived our life with a motto – Live your college days in a way that years later when you grow older, you don’t have any regrets that, Ah, I should have done this or that…

Back then, chatting on Yahoo Messenger was something that every teenager used to do. I still remember, we called a guy from Matunga all over to CST and after seeing him from a proximity of 50 metres, ran off in front of him. Now, I know this was really bad of us but then, we really couldn’t stand him. 

First year went, everything was going fine and then she met her boyfriend and I was diagnosed with Brain Tumor. Out of action for almost a month and half, she not only helped me in completing those zoology journals with n number of diagrams and the microbiology analysis but also gave me the emotional support I needed at that time. I guess, what I’m trying to convey here is that she is pretty great as a friend and it’s probably difficult for me to live my life without her presence.

While, it was a happy ending for me as I had clearly check mated my tumor she was going through a rough phase…Darn, the scoundrel, I mean the guy turned out to be coward. Oh, I still remember how we went behind him all over till Dadar from Peddar Road to teach him a lesson. Like they show in the movies, we stood there from morning till evening waiting for him to ask , why did he do this but the coward never turned up. Last seen, two years back he regretted his act. Oh, we are too awesome, you see

Years have passed by and we still share things, feelings, relationship woes and even family problems, we have been sailing in the oasis of our friendship together happily. She is more of a family now and my parents and siblings consider her as a family member and vice versa. Thanks Mussarat, for being such a darling friend that you are. Hope, we have tons of many more adventures in the future so that we continue to challenge life as if wehave always done….


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Leave the past, live in present…


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. “Love has no desire but to fulfill itself.  To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.  To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.”  ~Kahlil Gibran

Our first kiss, our first date and our first love are the reminiscences that have quite an everlasting effect on ourselves. We might forget our greatest grief but it becomes very intricate to forget those moments which we had once cultivated from the threads of feelings and trust. What happens once when the equation fades, the thread ruptures and the person who was everything goes away from our life. What do we do then? Do we drown ourselves in self pity or try to come out by my moving forward.

Stalking his Facebook status, walking past through his home, waiting long near your ex office and call him from unknown numbers will do no good. Although it is difficult but it is better to forget about something that has been tarnished rather than trying to give it a shot every now and then.  Life doesn’t stop with one failed relationship but goes on. So, we need to accept the future with open arms and try to live each day blissfully like they say, out of the heart of the darkness comes the morning light.

Indulge with your buddies, pamper yourself, get a make -over or perhaps do what you feel the best. The idea is to get over the past to enjoy and live in the present. Not to cry for a lost relationship and the love of your ex but celebrate life as it comes!

You still cherish the gift he gave you on the first date? No matter how beautiful it may be, it is now worthless because as soon as your eyes go on it, you sink once again in the memory lane. False hope will only ruin and never heal you. Love letters, sovereigns or anything related to him will only remind you of your failed relationship. Trash it, dump it or throw it, but never try to hold it.

Often you and your ex may have common friends and acquaintances, avoid asking them about him and till the time you are completely over him, avoid connections or meeting with the common acquaintances. Stop putting his name in the Facebook search box to check what’s happening with him. The new girl in his pictures will only make your head spin. Unfriend him, stop peeping into his life and by any means do not let it become an obsession.

One of the essential part of loving is to let him go, so delete his number, stop chasing him or visiting his folks. Do whatever it takes to stay busy and get away from all that sick feeling of loneliness and seclusion. Remember, love is just part of a life and not life. Besides, the absence of your ex who has no significance in your present should not become a constraint of your future.

Close the chapter, let it go and get back to your road to happiness. Life is beautiful and is eagerly waiting for you, are you ready to start yet again?