Ring the Bell and be the change

Defaming, discriminating and objectifying women

Is just a bird of evil omen

Throwing acids, raping women, and sexually assaulting them

Will not showcase your virility but declare you as a clem.

Stop this misogyny before it’s too late,

Coz she deserves every inch of love and not your hate.

She is the one who gave you birth, she is the one who fed you for years

Yet you like a monster, constantly hound her and increase her fears.

Stop this Crime against women and be a man,

End it right here before it passes on to your next clan.

Grow up folks as you are evolved and not apes!

Let’s revolutionize our thoughts and be the change,

Ring the bell and spread the word across your range.

A notion can transform the world we live,

An idea can abstain us from the polluted air that we breathe.

So, don’t wait for others to initiate, or to make the first step

Transform your thoughts and edify the rest.

Start from ‘I’ and move to ‘we’,

The virus of change will soon spread from every he to she.

Promise to revolutionize your thoughts by saying no to “BIGOTRY”

And vow to treat every woman with respect and dignity.

It’s time we bring the change and ring the bell,

So, that every woman leave in peace and do not compare the earth with hell…


This poem is written for the campaign http://www.bellbajao.org/

You can find it more here on Indiblogger’s Ring the Bell Contest