Flashback: Hell Yeah, that was the day!


Escaping the mundane and experiencing the remarkable was our one stop mantra back in the college days. After all, we were just out of our school-like junior college all set for a quest to find the beauty of our existence. There was a period when academics played a vital role in our lives but at this point of time, it was perhaps the last thing on our mind. All we wanted was to experiment things, live life to its fullest and enjoy every moment as if it was the last day of our life. And till date, it gives us the nostalgic feeling. Those were the days, the graduation days! Out of many such glorious days in those three years, the one day which has been embedded in my mind like it just happened yesterday, is the last day of our first year final examination.

Summer of ‘04


“Deeps, did you cover the Mechanism of organic reaction in the Organic chemistry section?” VJ (that’s short for Vijaylaxmi) asked me hurriedly while having the last minute revision.

“No, ya.. I don’t even have the Xerox copy, how am I supposed to know what it is. Besides, I just bought the Inorganic Chemistry book last week if you remember and not Organic.” I murmured while busy searching for something in my other friend’s bag.

“Yaar Musarrat where is the camera?” Don’t you think we should click one right out here in the Science building corridor?”

Musarrat, totally unaware of my question – “Deepti, what’s the plan after this hysterical stuff getting over finally?” I wanted to check out some really good stuff (junky jewelries) in Colaba Causeway…

“Oh yea and I wanted that funky Osho Chappals, I am waiting for it from almost 2 months now.” VJ joined in Musarrat.

We soon began clicking pics and talking about after exam adventure. Our reverie and fun was shortly interrupted by the final bell signaling it’s time to get in the exam hall. I received the question paper and the three hours went in cursing the education system, myself, writing some hypothetical as well as valid equations, finally waiting for my two friends to finish the paper. All in the rush of after-exam adventure, we three came out of the exam hall a good half an hour before.

Selling in our chemistry books in half rates at the Book store in the college campus, we began our photo session. Oh yes, how badly we wanted that few more bucks to enjoy our day. Besides, who anyways wanted that Chemistry books, after all we were Microbiology students.

We then rolled out of the college campus all set out to eat at our favorite joint, the Noorani’s right in front of Mumbai’s first mall, the Crossroads, opposite Haji Ali and also a lane down from our college. If you are passing by that area, don’t ever forget to relish some tasty food there if you love Non-Veg food.

The awesome Biryani, the delicious butter chicken and the legendary two Mangolas between three of us – Oh, what a royal lunch it was after a month of hard work! (Studying for two hours during exams was surely a toil back in those days)

The next stop was 15 minute cab ride to Gate way of India and we were right there for a ferry ride in the Arabian Sea. Enjoying the freedom as if we have completed our graduation, we ventured into the ferry to experience the thrill. What a pleasant half an hour it was!

By the time, it was evening and we were right below the Mumbai skyline, at our final destination, the Colaba Causeway right at the street at Café Leopold and Café Mondegar. Before this day, we were never together after sunset in this busy happening street. So, this day was special. The shopping, the girl fun (now that something cannot be revealed here), the freedom which we were experiencing was out of the world. That evening we walked from Colaba Causeway to CST (VT station) passing through the fountain, Fort and Fashion street in our own euphoria. Finally, reaching for CST station at almost 9 pm. We got our mobile phones in the second year. So, there was no mobile phones ringing reminding us to reach home quickly.


Lastly, not to forget our home was 1 hour from CST station by the local train. And we did not even spare the train from the fun. And why not, as it was the last day of our final exam and we had all the rights to have all our pleasurable moments…

Time after that has flung and I have had many such euphoric moments yet this is the day which I crave to relive again and again.

No career tensions, no work dilemma, no daily trauma – Just a free life out in the cosmic world with my like-minded buddies. Happiness indeed!


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