A tribute to all our Small business owners and Young Entrepreneurs flourished or failed…


In this fast paced ever-growing world where big seems better, new entrepreneur, small and medium business owner who neither have money nor the muscle power have developed a peculiar distorted self-esteem. “We are just a small venture” they apologetically murmur. However, if you actually scrutinize their efforts, commitment and obligation towards the economy and society, you’ll find that these new ventures, small and medium-size business (SMB) are actually a great business. Their owners are not just the backbone of our economy but the cornerstone of our society. They are the Unsung Heroes and the nation’s promise for the future.

While the majority of us might think that the corporate and industrial giants are the significant factors for driving our economy, we may however fail to notice that these micro-entities (up to 10 employees), small (up to 50 employees) and medium businesses (up to 250 employees) are actually the top dogs. Without these small ventures and businesses where would more than half of the nation work? So, isn’t it necessary to timely encourage and facilitate these “Unsung Heroes” and give them a Hero’s Welcome? Isn’t their success our success too? Isn’t their benefit our benefit too? And most importantly, isn’t their failure our failure too?

If you still have second thoughts on their competence and source of power, then lets together look how these small ventures and business outshines significantly towards the country’s growth and prosperity –

Small business, big opportunities

A small business owner may employee anything between 2 to 50 employees and you may wonder how it can be considered as a big opportunity. Well, multiply those numbers by 100 of small businesses in your area/locality and see how it adds up quickly. While they create jobs and employment opportunities, think about the numerous family members of the employee that actually depend on the employee’s income or rather the company’s profits. The child’s education, the ailing grandmother’s medicine, the sister’s marriage all are interdependent on the functions of these small businesses that you are underestimating.

Small business, the backbone of the economy

According to the statistic available as per the 4th Census of India’s MSME (Micro-Small-Medium Enterprise) sector, a projected 59.7 million people are employed in this sector with the labor intensity being more than four times of the large enterprise. As the statistic clearly states their contribution towards the nation’s economy is really very significant. They are the one that feeds the mouth of the labors and the less fortunate, indirectly giving an opportunity to the worker’s son and daughter (country’s future) to study and dream big.

Small business, the powerhouse

The time of engineering has gone, re-engineering has started and it is not the large giants that are actually working on it but the micro, small and medium companies. These risk takers are innovators, passionate and enthusiasts in everything they do. The real achievers, they are the jack-of-all-trades whose skills set is honed to the razor’s edge. A real boon to the society and the community, they are the actual powerhouse of inspiration and motivation for the thousands and million others who share the same insight and passion.

Small business, vast profits

A lot of us may think that small business means small earnings. But the reality is just the opposite. Many of the micro-entities and small businesses are enormously money-making. Their advantages of innovations, maneuverability, customer focus and leanness shape them into sturdy enterprises that make a considerable return on investment year after year. In fact, these small owners are actually the social givers who donate a lot of money in charities and events that contribute to the welfare of the society.

Being a giant isn’t a worthy goal. However, delivering the best customer service, a passion for quality, zeal to create and dream big, along with the freedom to innovate and make timely decisions is.

As a writer and as a citizen of this nation, I would salute all the SME owners for their risk, innovation, dedication, intelligence, business acumen and contribution to the Indian economy, community and society. You make the biggest impact irrespective of your size and number. While you may read this, hundreds of small time business owners are providing thousands of opportunities for millions of people like you and me.

So, why not encourage their efforts, toil and hard work, and inspire a million of other budding entrepreneurs by cheering these “Unsung Hero” through their stories of endeavors and achievements.