Dink Ke Laddu aka Gond Ke Laddoo – The Perfect Dessert For the Winters!

The winters are here and so is my granny – A perfect time for the family get together, gossips, and of course a time to relish the favorite food and desserts! While, throughout the year we love munching the desserts cooked by my mom, the moment my granny is at home we cannot stop but nag her constantly to prepare the Dink Ke Laddu aka Gond Ke Laddoo.


Sweet and very delicious, it is one of my favorite Indian desserts. Interestingly, it is also quite healthy. So, nobody can actually raise their eyebrows when you eat 2 laddoos instead of just one. However, being on a diet (particularly sugar free) I decided not to bug my granny to prepare my beloved Dink Ke Laddu but she never fails to surprise me. Well, she actually prepared the Dink Ke Laddu popularly known as Gond Ke Laddoo by the all new Sugarfree Natura.

Here, I share the recipe of Gond Ke Laddu / Dink Ke Laddu post my Granny Announced that she has an Alternative for my Diet as well as sweet tooth

Ingredients for 15 Laddoos:

Gond 200 gm


Wheat Flour 100 gm

Ghee 250 gm

Sugar Free Natura 200 gm

Dry Fruits – We used Almond, Cashew nut, Walnut, Pista,

Khas khas

Coconut Dry (sliced) 100 gm


Method – How to Prepare Dink Ke Laddu / Gond Ke Laddu:

Tip – If the pieces of Gond are large in size the n break it into smaller pieces.

Add ghee in the kadai (pan) and heat it. Pour the gaund in the heated ghee.  The pieces will puff up like popcorn. Further, heat it in low flame so that the dink is cooked thoroughly even from the inside. Take it out and keep aside to cool.


In the same ghee, now add all the dry fruits that you want in the laddoo and heat in low flame for few minutes.


Roast the coconut as well


Next, remove the dry fruits and pour the wheat flour and khaskhas in the kadai and heat it till it turns slightly brown. Make sure you stir it continuously.

Mix the Sugarfree Natura, fried dry fruits, dink and the roasted wheat flour in the kadai or a big bowl. Make sure you fuse the mixture quite well so that the sugar spreads equally throughout the mixture of gaund, dry fruits and the flour. The measure of the Sugar Free Natura is same as that of the powdered sugar you add normally Yes, cheeni jaisa naap, cheeni jaisa swaad.


Now take a small portion of the mixture and shape it into a round ball to get the desired Gaund Ke Laddu. You can also make Gaund Ke Barfi if you wish too instead of making the laddoos.


Eat it right then and store the rest in air tight container.

Well, this recipe made up by my Granny not just satisfied my sweet tooth but also ensured that my sugar free diet remains active and alive.

Gond Ke Laddu or Dink Ke Laddu is even given to ladies after the delivery so that the body of the nursing mother recovers fast. Since, the laddu has lot of nutritional values it is often consumed with milk in the breakfast during the winters to produce heat in the body.


Earl’s Secret Ooty : Restaurant Review

Ooty is a paradise for all the tourists especially during the Summer Season when the sun is burning hot in the entire country. Well, we too decided to run away from the scorching heat of Mumbai into somewhere the sun couldn’t even touch us, and that’s when we decided to visit Ooty.


Beautiful place, everything about Ooty was as beautiful as we were told. And then how could we have missed having a memorable lunch at the famous Earl’s Secret Multi-cuisine restaurant which our friend who studied in one of Ooty’s School had recommended. We had a pleasant experience, and here’s why everybody must visit Earl’s Secret during their stay in Ooty


Situated at Havelock Road in Charring Cross, this restaurant is a part of Hotel Kings Cliff. The Hotel is not a building, but a vintage bungalow which they have renovated as per the latest requirements. The restaurant is just outside the Hotel, and guess what it is a glass restaurant. Outside the restaurant is a beautiful garden. Very, serene and gorgeous, the city’s hustle and bustle is no more a tension here.


Rating – 4.5/5


It is a multi-cuisine restaurant, so you get Mughlai, Chinese as well as Continental Food here. From Italian Pastas to steak, and the Kebabs, you’ll get stuff that can really wake up the foodie in you. What’s more, the ambience just makes you even more hungry. The food we had was steak and pasta. Not many restaurants serve you tasty pastas when you order pasta in white sauce, but this was pretty good. Even the amount of chicken in the pasta was good. And yes, do not forget to order their Garlic bread!


The quantity was good and so was the quality of food. The chicken starters that we had was yummy as well. What’s more, since Earl’s secret is all about lazy fine dining, we cherished the food even more I guess. What’s more, while your order come, you can enjoy a walk in the green lawn.

Rating – 4/5

Staff and Service

We reached around 12.30 in the afternoon for the lunch and as soon as we went the staff started their work. It was empty and as peaceful as the surrounding.  The staff was friendly and courteous. The service was quick too. I cannot do without that extra olive oil when I have my Italian pasta, and so when I asked them to bring, they were quick enough. What’s more, the staff won’t let the empty plates to stay on your table for long. They are quick, and at your call always. We had a good experience with the staff.

Rating – 4/5


It is situated at Charring Cross – If you have a car of your own it is fine. However, if you are taking an auto, you’ll have to walk and come till the main area because you won’t get any auto. My suggestion – do not miss that pleasant stroll back the the main road, that’s what I enjoyed the most.

Overall Rating – 4/5

Do Visit Earl’s Secret with your loved one if you are in Ooty. Nothing can beat a romantic lunch/dinner with your spouse in this gorgeous glass restaurant!

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8 Reasons Why Chilli Crab Is My Favorite Singaporean Food

What you do in Singapore is eat. It’s a really food-crazy culture, where all of this great food is available in a kind of hawker-stand environment. ~ Anthony Bourdain (Quote Source)

Rightly said by America’s favorite Chef – Singapore is indeed a hot destination if you are looking to indulge in some scrumptious food to allure your taste buds! Though there are plenty of yummy Singaporean dishes, the one that truly makes me go Nom Nom is Singapore’s Signature Dish – Chilli Crab. Yes, the island has lots of seafood to relish including the luscious crustaceans!

chilli-crab-singaporean-foodPhoto Source

Here I shall tell you why Chilli Crab, one of the National Dishes of Singapore is my Favorite Singaporean Food –

1. Because Despite Its Name “Chilli Crab” It Is Not That Spicy

I cannot eat spicy things and anything that has the word chilli in it. However, I can relish Chilli Crab since the food consist not only chilli but tomato puree along with some sauces that gives the Chilli Crab a really amazing taste. Tangy, flavory, spicy, and tasty, this Singaporean food is something that makes me crave “it” every time I think of Seafood and Singapore.



2. Because I can slurp the Mouthful Crabs and Relish Them Wholeheartedly

For all those who are in love with Seafood, knows what a pleasure it is, to slurp any sea food that has a shell over it. And every time I glug these tasty fried crabs dipped in this amazing mixture of sweet and savory sauce, it just makes me ask for some more…


3. Because It is Tasty as well as Healthy

Crabs contain low calorie and unsaturated fats which is very friendly when it comes to the heath of one’s heart. Besides, it is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acid which not only helps in reducing the risk of cancer but also the chances of heart attack. So, every time I indulge into these tasty and heavenly creatures, I know I’m having a healthy as well as tasty treat!



4. Because This Tasty Singaporean Dish Helps Me in Entering the Stress Free Zone

While certain foods can make you feel fat and sleepy, chilli crabs only refreshes you. The reason? Well, these heavenly crabs consists good amount of chromium is them. So, the moment I taste this tasty meat dipped in appetizing sauce, I forget all the stress, and depression that surrounds me.


5. Chilli Crab Is A Gastronomic Delight

Not all that is sweet and savory tastes good. But, chili crab which has been founded in 1950 by chef Cher Yam Tian with the help of her husband Lim Choon Ngee is worth tasting. The reason? Well, it comes with a history. The couple used to sell fried crabs on their pushcart, but one fine day on the insistence of her husband, Cher Yam Tiam used bottled chilli sauce on these fried crabs. Soon, the dish was sold like hot cakes.


Yes, yes, it is tried, tested and is a product of gastronomy. So, now you know why the food that has been admired from past 6 and a half decade all over the world has something distinctive to boast about. No wonder, I love the foods that are gastronomical delights!

6. The Food Looks Yummy When It is Served – It Is Simply Irresistible

The moment Chilli Crab appears on your table, your mouth starts watering automatically. Yes, the rich color, the luscious crabs and the entire garnishing makes it simply irresistible from the go. So, if you happen to visit Singapore anytime soon, don’t forget to taste my favorite Singaporean Chili Crab.


7. Chilli Crab Is Available In Every Nook and Corner of Singapore

You won’t have any problem in tasting Chilli Crab because this signature dish of Singapore is available in each and every corner of the Singaporean Island. From the hawker stalls to the seafood restaurants, you’ll get chilli crab anywhere and everywhere at your service. Like they say in India – Kahin Bhi, Kabhi Bhi…


8. And And And….I can Relish Chilli Crab from my Own Hands in the Desi Style…

Chilli Crab is eaten with bare hands to relish its taste – This makes me crave this food even more. Because while steak and other chicken/mutton dishes compel me to use fork and knife, I can simply relish the tasty chilli crab with my bare hand in a restaurant without gaining any unwanted attention.


The last time I was having chicken steak with bare hands and everybody in the restaurant was looking at me. No wonder, my brother had a raised eyebrow …

Not just Chilli Crab there are plenty of tasty dishes waiting for you in Singapore. To discover all the yummy delicacies, and the hotels, check the official website of Far East Hospitality


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