Dink Ke Laddu aka Gond Ke Laddoo – The Perfect Dessert For the Winters!

The winters are here and so is my granny – A perfect time for the family get together, gossips, and of course a time to relish the favorite food and desserts! While, throughout the year we love munching the desserts cooked by my mom, the moment my granny is at home we cannot stop but nag her constantly to prepare the Dink Ke Laddu aka Gond Ke Laddoo.


Sweet and very delicious, it is one of my favorite Indian desserts. Interestingly, it is also quite healthy. So, nobody can actually raise their eyebrows when you eat 2 laddoos instead of just one. However, being on a diet (particularly sugar free) I decided not to bug my granny to prepare my beloved Dink Ke Laddu but she never fails to surprise me. Well, she actually prepared the Dink Ke Laddu popularly known as Gond Ke Laddoo by the all new Sugarfree Natura.

Here, I share the recipe of Gond Ke Laddu / Dink Ke Laddu post my Granny Announced that she has an Alternative for my Diet as well as sweet tooth

Ingredients for 15 Laddoos:

Gond 200 gm


Wheat Flour 100 gm

Ghee 250 gm

Sugar Free Natura 200 gm

Dry Fruits – We used Almond, Cashew nut, Walnut, Pista,

Khas khas

Coconut Dry (sliced) 100 gm


Method – How to Prepare Dink Ke Laddu / Gond Ke Laddu:

Tip – If the pieces of Gond are large in size the n break it into smaller pieces.

Add ghee in the kadai (pan) and heat it. Pour the gaund in the heated ghee.  The pieces will puff up like popcorn. Further, heat it in low flame so that the dink is cooked thoroughly even from the inside. Take it out and keep aside to cool.


In the same ghee, now add all the dry fruits that you want in the laddoo and heat in low flame for few minutes.


Roast the coconut as well


Next, remove the dry fruits and pour the wheat flour and khaskhas in the kadai and heat it till it turns slightly brown. Make sure you stir it continuously.

Mix the Sugarfree Natura, fried dry fruits, dink and the roasted wheat flour in the kadai or a big bowl. Make sure you fuse the mixture quite well so that the sugar spreads equally throughout the mixture of gaund, dry fruits and the flour. The measure of the Sugar Free Natura is same as that of the powdered sugar you add normally Yes, cheeni jaisa naap, cheeni jaisa swaad.


Now take a small portion of the mixture and shape it into a round ball to get the desired Gaund Ke Laddu. You can also make Gaund Ke Barfi if you wish too instead of making the laddoos.


Eat it right then and store the rest in air tight container.

Well, this recipe made up by my Granny not just satisfied my sweet tooth but also ensured that my sugar free diet remains active and alive.

Gond Ke Laddu or Dink Ke Laddu is even given to ladies after the delivery so that the body of the nursing mother recovers fast. Since, the laddu has lot of nutritional values it is often consumed with milk in the breakfast during the winters to produce heat in the body.


Top 3 Hotels in Mumbai To Relax, sit back & enjoy a well-deserved Vacation!

Often in Mumbai, we Mumbaikars after a week full of travelling to our work via local trains, and BEST buses drain by the time it is weekend. No wonder every Friday we do wish to get away from the daily hustle of our life and escape for a day to some luxurious hotel in our city.

I’m sure we all have thought about it sometime or the other. With me, I keep on day dreaming of spending some great time in the lavish hotels of Mumbai if at least for a single day. Here are the 3 Hotels in my bucket list for a lazy day to feel like a Queen:

Hotel Taj, Mumbai

If you are a 90s kid you know what HOTEL TAJ really is! It was only a single 5 star Hotel we kids knew about. In fact, 5 star meant Taj just like Toothpaste was synonymous to Coalgate and Biscuit was Parle G. Ever since then I have been dreaming to spend a day there.


Image Source

Well, my ideal day would be staying at one of the Tower Rooms in Taj Mahal Palace where I can feel the comfort and forget all the hustle bustle of the city which usually disturbs everything. I would definitely visit the famous Harbour Bar to chill out at the end of a tiring day while rest of the day I’ll eat out from various restaurants in the hotel.

Now since Taj Mahal Palace is one of the finest hotels in India and Mumbai, I would want to experience the refined architecture, inimitable comfort, classy amenities and a superior service and hospitality so that I sit back and spend my day in the palace like a modern day queen having nothing to do except enjoy the pleasure of staying in Taj right opposite the Gate Way of India.


Image Source

The Lalit, Mumbai

Having been to The Lalit for more than 3 times for seminars and conference, I have often wondered how comfy the stay would be if I just take a room and spend a day inside. I would surely relax in Rejuve – The Spa and enjoy food and drink across the globe. No wonder, the Lalit has some of the best multi-cuisine restaurants in house including WOOKS, Baluchi and 24/7. Besides, how can I miss the nightlife at Trendz to enjoy some fusion cuisine and Mumbai’s nightlife culture. Sutra Lounge Bar is something which I have been dying to visit from long.

images (6)

Image Source

JW Marriott Hotel, Mumbai

I really cannot own a sea facing house in Mumbai but can definitely spend a day by a sea facing room in a luxury hotel. This is the reason why I’m always attracted to any sea face hotel and in Mumbai nothing can beat the Juhu JW Marriott known for its classy rooms that offers luxury at a great price.

images (7)

Image Source

Interestingly, at JW Marriott I would love to relax at the outdoor pools, get lazy and the award winning spa and then have fun at the nightclub Enigma.

These 3 luxurious hotels in Mumbai will not only let me lose my self but also help me forget all the daily pain – making it a perfect place to relax, sit back & enjoy a well-deserved Vacation! I hope to book soon as ClearTrip is giving us Hotel Deals – How about you where do you plan to spend your one day Vacation at?

The Joy of Real Togetherness – Come Let Us Look Beyond Ourselves

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. ~Henry Ford

This is an old progressive quote by Henry Ford. However, it seems the quote is only used in board rooms these days to motivate workers. Yes, the people who use this quote in the work space are seen staying aloof in their living rooms. Worst, they don’t even have time to see the changes in their partner, siblings, parents or their own kids. Forget being together they are not even close. Nobody has time to look beyond themselves.

This is not Togetherness….

Real Togetherness Means Standing for Each Other even if we are Strangers

Now a days we often come across people sharing videos on humanity on social media especially Facebook. I come across one on a daily basis where I see a little boy buys a slipper for a needy old man with his pocket money, a young bloke gives Rs. 4000 to an old vendor (his monthly income) simply because he thinks his passion of ‘Not to Give Up’ deserves a reward. Share a Smile, Share Happiness has become the new mantra in this fast paced world. However, though these videos get viral not many follow the lessons with the same enthusiasm with which they share on social media.

For me real togetherness is being with the needy and aiding them like one’s own family members. Then whether the needy is a poor boy who not just need food but also education or a rape/acid victim who needs your support to fight back the gender intolerance.

Interestingly, even Nature Helps us to Do Something Together if we Intent to

My nephew and niece are two notorious kids who cannot stop fighting with each other. Moreover, when they play with other kids our house become a big fish market where almost every kid yell in anger or cry in pain. However, a nest in the balcony of our living room changes everything for good.


Image Source

Yes, a pigeon gave two eggs in our balcony in a hay like thing. It was not a proper nest and the kids were concerned for the baby pigeons that laid inside the eggs. Then began their conquest to keep the eggs safe, not just from outside world but also from the crow’s eye. They ensured that each of the kid’s keep an eye on the eggs and when the kids went to school, my sister and her neighbors ensured they kept an eye on them. This way not just the kids even the elder ones got together.

The real life incident got fresh in my eyes the moment I saw this beautiful video of Kissan which showcases the real story.

No wonder, Kissan feels that it is high time that we free ourselves from the bonds of technology to enjoy the real relationship between our kins and the real world.

Life Is Better When You Look Up Together…

No matter how strong or robust you may be, there comes a moment when you become mentally feeble and fragile. This is the time when neither books on self-help works nor lectures in the form of preaching shows any affects. Yes, this is the time when all we need is a little push to get back on the right track. This push doesn’t come in the form of advice but definitely by the company of a loved one whom we cherish the most. After all, we look up to them. No wonder we know the fact that spending some time #together is sure to bring back the much needed optimism in us.


Here I shall share one such memorable day of my life where none other than my own wee little nephew, gave me the much needed positivity to look up in one of my struggling days

I’m a big girl in my late 20s known for being very brave and fierce. Yes, it is this expectation from people that doesn’t allow me to be weak even if I genuinely feel pathetic.

However, being a human I too have my own limitation, and this limitation showed up when I suffered a major loss in trading. Yes, those days I was on a spree on Intra-day trading and for consecutively three days I suffered an average loss of 5k per day. To your surprise, I had left my job and was thinking to earn some quick bucks through Intra-day trading by investing the money I got from my PF. I traded for 3 months where I won some, but lost mostly.

And finally the day of doom came when it was the third day of me losing a sum of 6k in a single trading, reducing my total sum of 15k from 25k in just three days. I had lost my mind, I had no clue what to do, nothing worked for me. Worst, I couldn’t even share my misery with my family as they would shout at me, especially my mother.

This is the same moment when my nephew gave me a surprise visit – Yes, he came to my house without any prior notice with his mom. He came like an angel to rescue me from my problem. Though, he had no idea about my concern, he did sense it, and tried to play with me like how we adults play with the children whenever we sense they are unhappy or disappointed.

Each of his words, and efforts pleased me to a great level – so much that, I not only forgot my pain, my loss, but had a better state of mind just because of his presence. For the entire evening, not even once I remembered the terrible monetary harm that I caused to myself.

Kids are great teachers and unknowingly they teach you very important lessons of life. That day, the innocence of my wee little nephew compelled me to question my decision on the choice that I had made – Was it really worth spending my time, energy, and money on something which only gives me tension, pressure and stress?

No wonder, it take me to stop Intra-day trading after that memorable rather learning session I had with my nephew. That’s how togetherness shows its trick – Whenever you are in despair, it is your loved ones who come to your rescue with their own tactics.

Nevertheless, being #together has its own advantages. After all our loved ones teach us to Look Up in Life – giving us the much needed housing of love and motivation we all deserve…

As they say, Life Is Better when you Look Up Together…

Look-up-together-housingImage Source – @housing

5 Things That Add Zest In My Life

Life for me, is all about getting up in the morning, doing the routine chores, going to work, coming back home and then sleep. But then there are things that stop this mundane routine and add, that required and much necessary zest in my life. Strange but true, I get all the enthusiasm and energy by these super zesty things that transform my world from dull and boring, to interesting and fun. Not to forget, they even add the much needed pace in my life. Here they are:

1. The Technology

Oh, what my life would have been without the mercy of technology – Absolutely nothing! Every thing from my smart phone to smart watch, kindle, electric cooker, coffee maker and the small machine that checks the level of sugar in my body contributes in my smartness. For instance, just imagine with zero experience in web designing and SEO, what kind of blogger I had been without WordPress? Perhaps I would have not started blogging. Oops!


Besides, had there been no smart phone, I still would need my camera, barcode scanner, and many ancillary things to carry every time I moved from my home to office. It is true without these technology, I would not die and would still survive, but don’t you think it would have been very dull and boring, taking half of my day in doing something which now requires only 5 minutes? Now that even reminds me of NEFT and India’s first 1.2 Litre MPFi Turbocharged petrol engine in Tata Motors Car – Zest and Bolt.

2. The Downfall In My Life

Believe it or not, every time I failed, I was determined to do something better. My failure never became my weakness but my strength to do bigger and better. Like a true realist and optimist, my downfall only increased my potential and doubled my zest. Though I am not much found of failures, but trust me downfall in life often give you that energy and enthusiasm which success isn’t aware of.


So while success attracts many good things, failure actually gives you the path to achieve success. For instance, had Paulo Coelho’s first book, Hell Archives would not not have failed, he would have not given us great books like Alchemist. Perhaps, he would have been just another writer. The failure of his first book gave him immense zest to write much better and so we had the revolutionary Alchemist.

3. The Quest For More

I am never satisfied – I always need more – More Knowledge, More Money, More Technology, Better Life, Better Car, Better Health Equipment for my Parents, so on and so forth. And I think, if something that really adds up the zest in my life is the quest for more, the hunger for perfection and the thrill to look beyond the latest to the next. Oh yes, latest is not new, “NEXT” is!


4. Travel and Adventure

Sitting in my office, working, dreaming about all the good things, trying to achieve all I want – yes, that encourages me, energizes me! In addition, comes the two word – “Travel” and “Adventure”. All you have to utter these two words and see how the eyes roll, the body jumps and the genuine smile races up on the face.


Yes, wandering like a traveler, risking your life for an adventure, planning a trip to an offbeat place, instantly adds zest in my life. All, you need to say is “Deepti, let’s go to GOA” and see how I do a mini bungee jumping from my couch on to the floor, no matter how gloomy I may be few minutes ago, I’ll be giggling thereafter!

5. The Love of My Life – My Boyfriend!

Love is not life, but just a part of your life they say – True! And what if that special part adds value to your life, compliments you, and is the better half of you? Sounds fun? Well, my boyfriend is precisely that special part who adds zest in my life – sometime by his simple gestures, his encouragements and motivation when nothing can beat my negativity, and sometimes simply through his existence!


And yea the funny fights. Strange but some times his “No’s” actually activates my brain to do something, eventually making me realize his “No” was only to make me say “Yes” and try beyond my capacity to achieve things!

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Image Source: Technology, Travel, Failure

Vision 2020: The India of My Dreams

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,

Where knowledge is free,

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls,

Where words come out from the depth of truth,

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection,

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit,

Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action,

 Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.” 

Rabindra Nath Tagore prior to our Independence had penned down these lines articulating his thoughts for a free India. India then became a free nation and even achieved all these basic parameters led by the great Bengali poet. However, after six decades of independence, the same lines somehow look unaccomplished to a contemporary mind. The inspiring words yet again motivate us to bring about radical change in India. My Vision 2020 for India is decoding these lines all over again by transforming these rhetoric lines into action.


 Where the mind is without fear and the head is held highA Prosperous Nation encompassing Peace, National Security and Unity

Riots, gender discrimination, sexual harassment – Can a nation ever prosper with these vices? Never! So, eliminating all this vulnerability is very necessary in order to tread in the path of progress and development. Secondly, any country can only develop if the people at the grass root level rises. This makes it apparent that equal opportunities with adequate facilities for the bottom of the pyramid should be a motto to make India shine brightly. 

Where knowledge is free – 100% Literacy and Jobs

A developing country can never become a developed nation if its people remain illiterate and are deprived from basic education. My Vision 2020 includes free education for sustainable livelihood to all the Indians so that they have a better life along with a better ‘power of purchase’. No more poverty and hunger being a hindrance in India’s path to success. 

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls – Liberalization changing India’s face at the global level

No more country boundaries, trade barriers should ever confine Indians from achieving the best. The spirit of globalization transcending the face of India in terms of prosperity, and India reaching its full potential is what I see India in the year 2020.

Where words come out from the depth of truth, Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection – Good Governance along with commercial success 

Dynamic and far-sighted leadership through transparency, proper administration and continuous growth can maximize the economic development of India. Maximum utilization of technology, skills and resources can drive the nation swiftly. Also, important parameters like health facilities including vaccination, immunization, child nutritional programme and sanitation can make us a far better nation state.

 Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit – Progress through adequate technology and infrastructure by neglecting obsolete ideas

 India from ages has been behind in various fields due to certain customs. However, our nation can move way beyond only if these hurdles are set aside and radical thinking is practiced. Radical thought is what should conquer in every Indian’s mind to envision a bright future for the country.

The India of my dreams is educated, advanced, liberal and prosperous. I envision Indians not only unified within but also closely attached with the global world, indeed implementing our Sanskrit phrase – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” with proud and honour.

Image Source: Developed India

An Immune India, Let’s together make it!

A few years back, India was hit terribly with the Chikungunya virus as well as the Swine Flu and people all around the country became prey to these viruses in no time. While maximum of the populace was hit by the dreadful viruses, few of them or let us say a bunch of them were still not touched upon. If we try to figure out, we will find that, the fortunate class was the adults or the grownups who could somehow manage to escape the clutches of these viruses but the majority of the susceptible class in the entire outbreak was the “children, the most vulnerable group of human population to any epidemic, disease, flu or fever.

In this entire episode, why do you think the few fortunate were adults while the worst affected were mostly kids? The reason is absolutely plain and simple – Adults have a developed immune system whereas the immunity in the kids is in a developing stage. This makes them prone to any foreign invaders in their body easily.

Despite the fact that, there are many curative measures to prevent almost every invasion of viruses through vaccines/oral dose and protozoans via medicines, thanks to WHO along with UNICEF who are on the pledge to vanish almost all the diseases that are found or spreading in the developing nations, don’t you think all the developing nations including India should impose preventive measures against the epidemic to reduce the invasion by half? For instance, we know India is a tropical country and so, mosquitoes being omnipresent can attack us any time then why surround ourselves with a heap of waste or stagnant water where they can breed and multiply significantly in no time.

While UNICEF along with WHO are pledging to make a difference in the world through curative measures, being Indians it becomes our responsibility to aid them in this noble cause by amending preventive measures to build a healthier, strong and more immune India…

So, how do we start? Well, the change should simultaneously begin from all the different spheres – The rural, town area, urban cities as well as the metropolitans. Here’s how –

Right food can neither be expensive for the rural children nor troublesome for the urban kids

It is every easy to dictate everyone that “eat right” in order to become healthy and immune to various diseases. But, in a poor country like India how will the less privileged children eat a nutritious diet when they are already suffering from malnutrition? Well, point to be noted. However, do you think nutritious diet can be expensive? Well, not as expensive as you may wonder. The Indian Government can easily promote the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are rich in Vitamin C and E, Carotenoid, Bioflavanoids and give farmers subsidies and an advantage when it comes to promotion of these agricultural products at the rural level. Besides, the midday meals should possess only those items that boost immunity in the children. In addition, they should tie up with FMCG like Dabur who have affordable readymade immunity boosting products in the form of Dabur Chyawanprash and serve the less fortunate children who are most vulnerable to diseases in the rural community. Well, when the Political parties can distribute Tabs after winning elections, I am sure that this is a cheaper and feasible solution.

In the urban areas and metropolitans where the kids possess a lavish lifestyle and eat lots of junk foods, awareness at school should be conducted regularly. Schools and homemakers should make sure they help these kids to consume the necessary immune boosting fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains in the form they would love to eat. For instance, a child may not like to eat chapatti and cabbage or even carrots however, if you impart these vegetables and give the kid in the form of Frankie or a roll, he would eat it happily. So, it becomes our responsibility to serve our kinds all the nutritional food along with immune boosting products like Chyawanprash to help them against all the foreign invaders at this tender age.

All work and no play really make Jack a dull boy, so let them engage in recreation

Kids in the rural places are into a lot of physical activities so they really do not need physical exercises to maintain their fitness level. Also, the atmosphere where they live is tranquil and dirt free. In cities, however, it is altogether a different story and so urban children should have a physical regime in their day’s time-table wherein they stretch out their arms and legs. There should also be regular mini marathons, the tournaments of various sports in the school where even the lazy ones participate actively. Evening time should be allocated to these physical activities and not tuitions or computer games or cartoons. Also, make sure once the child is back, he is following healthy habits of cleaning, washing and eating so that no bacteria, dust or any organism can imply affect on his body.

ctv news

Image Source: http://www.ctvnews.ca

Parents should even indulge with their children in activities like yoga and sports so that children find it fun and adhere to the regime willingly. Animators and film makers should even make films which promote the benefits of physical activities.

Adequate Sleep is all that is required

Children in the rural areas do not get enough sleep as they are helping their parents, doing several physical activities as well as going long distance to study. A good number of schools should be imposed in every rural village so that children do not have to travel far also hand pumps should be erected in as close proximity as possible to make the life of these children easier. In short, more and more facilities should be provided to rural children so that their life would be much easier and they get enough sleep every day.

In rural areas, care should be taken by parents to see that children sleep early in order to get their adequate sleep. No TV, No playing, No Video games should be the habit of children. Early to be and early to rise should be the basic mantra of a student life. Also, make sure you provide children the healthy Ayurvedic oil like Dabur Lal Tail that enables them to sleep peacefully.

Mental Stress will affect the immunity in your child, so stop pressurizing!

A year back, I was startled to find out my neighbor’s 12 year old son was tagged as “stressed” by his pediatrician when he was having his regular rounds of check up (he was born as a premature baby and so his immunity is always in a mess and easily gets cold, flu and whatever fever is in the air). The doctor termed him as stressed and asked his parents not to pressurize him for studies etc. The parents never pressurized him for anything and were surprised by the verdict. However, on doctor’s inquiry, it was found out that the constant fights between the couple and his loneliness (only child with no siblings and working parents) stressed him out completely as he had nobody to talk or share his happiness/activities on a day to day basis. As parents, we should always try to see that we maintain the house atmosphere as calm and peaceful as possible to give our young ones a happy and healthy atmosphere to live in.


An Immune India is not a Utopian dream but a possible reality of the near future, if we watch out our habit and help our children to follow the same. And in doing so, each of the individual and family should take a pledge to follow the regime firmly – Starting from the urban household and locality to each of the remote villages of India. It is really a pleasure to see the House of Dabur is campaigning for such a noble cause and directly reaching out lack of children nationwide with their motto – “Healthy Generation. Healthy Nation!”

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Scents that triggers down the lane of nostalgic memories

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived” ~ Helen Keller

Many a times we are caught up by a whiff of a fragrance which instantly makes us nostalgic. It not only reminds us of the long forgotten good days of our lives but also revives feelings associated with the bygone era. Not even a second passes and the evocative odor fills us with a strong déjà vu stir, that’s the kinship between specific smells and memory.

As the day passes and I write in my closet, several aromas across my room and home altogether perks up with all the old memories in different phases of my life – right from the childhood, adolescence to the beautiful memoirs which I left behind with time but are still engulfed in my heart. Here feel the aromatic air topped up with lots of mischief, fun and joy in chronological order –

Ah, the luscious smell of toasting bread takes me down the familiar tread

2013-08-25 12.14.25

As soon as the aroma of toasting bread makes a way through my olfactory bulb, it takes me down the memory lane of a young me around 6 years having Sunday breakfast along with my siblings (elder sister as well as brother) and parents. The fights, the howl, the fun and the happiness of spending time together while watching our favorite cartoon show and mythological serials on Doordarshan still makes me yell “God, why did I grow up.”

The notorious Phenyl Smell, rings the memoirs of school bell

Aha, while you may wonder what’s nostalgic about the phenyl smell, I’m already having a gala time inside the toilet of my school. Yes, those were the days and since it was school and not college we used to bunk entire period in the girls toilet gossiping and waiting for the bell to ring in order to escape the tantrums of our craft ma’am Ms. Leelamma. Thank God, we had a clean, sparkling and hygienic toilet in our school which always had the scent of the phenyl. Even today the phenyl smell all at once, makes the atmosphere smiley from smelly and tingle my notorious nerve to think, “Aaj kuch toofani karte hain.”

The pleasant aroma of Ambi Pur Lavender Air Freshener, how can I ever forget how it acted as the ultimate savior


Like all the young boys and girls out of the cocoon we were ready to taste life once we stepped out of school and there we had a brief rendezvous with none other than the smoking hot sticks – the fags. While we were the occasional smokers, we made sure none of the gossiping aunties or their poky kid ever catches us indulging the act. So, when Vicky’s mom went out for her usual grocery in the evening we would puff and then fill the room with Sara Lee’s Ambi Pur Lavender Air Freshener which his dad brought during his tenure in the Europe. Uncle was in the Merchant Navy and Lavender was Aunty’s favorite fragrance. Today, when I get the same smell in my living room, it not only refreshes my room environment but also my mood.

The spirited scent of nail paints sends me back to the chemistry lab taints

nail paint


Image source: commons.wikimedia.org

The moment it is time to dress up and get going for a party, marriage, meeting or a casual meet-up, it’s also the time to adorn my otherwise shabby nails with some sparkling colorful nail paints. And, the moment I open the cap, the spirited scent that spreads across my home takes me to the last room of the corner of the ground floor of my junior college. For scientist, it is a temple, for researchers it is a paradise but for students like us, our Chemistry laboratory was a place for fun, gup-shups and team-effort. Breaking test tube just for the sake of fun, purposely creating mild useless explosions by bringing phosphorous in contact with water and ending up with holed lab coats along with various little mischief – Oh, if only we could relive all those moments all over again!

The pleasant yet emotional smell of Mehendi brings back the happy moments of the day before my Sister’s bidai

Arabic Bridal-Mehndi-Designs-2012


Image Source: http://mehndidesign2013.blogspot.in

The fragrance of henna is one of the most beautiful scents which have the potential of filling every corner of your home with a feeling of celebration. No wonder the moment the whiff of Henna enters my nose, it directly makes my eyes glitter in delight as I witness my sister dressed for her wedding with her hands with the beautiful designs and patterns outshined in mehendi color. The smell brings back the sisterly love which was exposed for the very first time on the D-day.



Image Source: http://ayurvedicroast.com/brew.php

And finally, the smell of the brewing filter coffee everyday jogs my memory of my beloved – urging me to call him up or whatsapp him. No wonder, all our initial days of courtship was majorly spent in the various coffee outlets all over India…


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Flashback: Hell Yeah, that was the day!


Escaping the mundane and experiencing the remarkable was our one stop mantra back in the college days. After all, we were just out of our school-like junior college all set for a quest to find the beauty of our existence. There was a period when academics played a vital role in our lives but at this point of time, it was perhaps the last thing on our mind. All we wanted was to experiment things, live life to its fullest and enjoy every moment as if it was the last day of our life. And till date, it gives us the nostalgic feeling. Those were the days, the graduation days! Out of many such glorious days in those three years, the one day which has been embedded in my mind like it just happened yesterday, is the last day of our first year final examination.

Summer of ‘04


“Deeps, did you cover the Mechanism of organic reaction in the Organic chemistry section?” VJ (that’s short for Vijaylaxmi) asked me hurriedly while having the last minute revision.

“No, ya.. I don’t even have the Xerox copy, how am I supposed to know what it is. Besides, I just bought the Inorganic Chemistry book last week if you remember and not Organic.” I murmured while busy searching for something in my other friend’s bag.

“Yaar Musarrat where is the camera?” Don’t you think we should click one right out here in the Science building corridor?”

Musarrat, totally unaware of my question – “Deepti, what’s the plan after this hysterical stuff getting over finally?” I wanted to check out some really good stuff (junky jewelries) in Colaba Causeway…

“Oh yea and I wanted that funky Osho Chappals, I am waiting for it from almost 2 months now.” VJ joined in Musarrat.

We soon began clicking pics and talking about after exam adventure. Our reverie and fun was shortly interrupted by the final bell signaling it’s time to get in the exam hall. I received the question paper and the three hours went in cursing the education system, myself, writing some hypothetical as well as valid equations, finally waiting for my two friends to finish the paper. All in the rush of after-exam adventure, we three came out of the exam hall a good half an hour before.

Selling in our chemistry books in half rates at the Book store in the college campus, we began our photo session. Oh yes, how badly we wanted that few more bucks to enjoy our day. Besides, who anyways wanted that Chemistry books, after all we were Microbiology students.

We then rolled out of the college campus all set out to eat at our favorite joint, the Noorani’s right in front of Mumbai’s first mall, the Crossroads, opposite Haji Ali and also a lane down from our college. If you are passing by that area, don’t ever forget to relish some tasty food there if you love Non-Veg food.

The awesome Biryani, the delicious butter chicken and the legendary two Mangolas between three of us – Oh, what a royal lunch it was after a month of hard work! (Studying for two hours during exams was surely a toil back in those days)

The next stop was 15 minute cab ride to Gate way of India and we were right there for a ferry ride in the Arabian Sea. Enjoying the freedom as if we have completed our graduation, we ventured into the ferry to experience the thrill. What a pleasant half an hour it was!

By the time, it was evening and we were right below the Mumbai skyline, at our final destination, the Colaba Causeway right at the street at Café Leopold and Café Mondegar. Before this day, we were never together after sunset in this busy happening street. So, this day was special. The shopping, the girl fun (now that something cannot be revealed here), the freedom which we were experiencing was out of the world. That evening we walked from Colaba Causeway to CST (VT station) passing through the fountain, Fort and Fashion street in our own euphoria. Finally, reaching for CST station at almost 9 pm. We got our mobile phones in the second year. So, there was no mobile phones ringing reminding us to reach home quickly.


Lastly, not to forget our home was 1 hour from CST station by the local train. And we did not even spare the train from the fun. And why not, as it was the last day of our final exam and we had all the rights to have all our pleasurable moments…

Time after that has flung and I have had many such euphoric moments yet this is the day which I crave to relive again and again.

No career tensions, no work dilemma, no daily trauma – Just a free life out in the cosmic world with my like-minded buddies. Happiness indeed!


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Moving On…

Sometimes, it is just so important to let off certain things. To liberate them, to cut loose and detangle yourself from them! You must try to realize that no one is playing with palpable cards; there are times when we prevail but then, there are times when we mislay. Don’t ever expect anything in return; don’t expect credit or recognition for your hard work, neither expect your brilliance to be revealed and appreciated nor your love, affection to be recognized. But still, complete the circle, move onNot out of arrogance, pride or failure but simply because whatever it was, now, it is irrelevant and no more fits in your life. Close the door of the past, revolutionize the record, dirt free the house of yesterday, get rid of the dust of the past and STOP BEING WHO YOU WERE AND BECOME WHO YOU ARE!!!!

Image Source: http://betterthansurviving.me