5 Things I’m all Set to Do with My Airtel 4G – The Fastest Network Ever

So now that Airtel 4G is available at the cost of 3G and we are getting it for free right at our doorstep, I’m all set to apply and try the new Airtel 4G to check out its unbelievable speed.


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Well, I’m all excited about using 4G Network and here’s what I’m thinking to do first when I switch my 3G network into 4G network.

Book a Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC

Booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC has always been a headache for me. To be honest, every time I try my hand at booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC, I’m highly disappointed because I have never got one. Yes, in spite of seeing tickets available at 10 am sharp by the time I’m done with the payment, I get a Waiting ticket. So the first thing I’ll definitely try is booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC. Even for normal tickets, booking from Airtel 4G will be a sigh of relief.

Full Movie Download

Well, Movie download has always been a major issue for me. I often download it during the night and wait till the morning. In such a scenario, I can only watch the movie the next day. But, now that I’ll have Airtel 4G, I’m eager to download my favorite movie as soon as I start my 4G pack.

To Enter in Contests which are Time Conscious and Limited to First Come First Basis

On a daily basis there are many contests available online where the time starts at “x” time and by the time it is x.01 minutes, it is over. The reason being in this 1 minute all the seats/freebies/vouchers are taken away by your fellow competitors. I would definitely use Airtel 4G to try out submitting by entry in such time restricted contests which are limited to few people only.

Live Streaming & Video Streaming Is Definitely on my mind

Every time I stream videos, I’m so frustrated that I often end up spoiling my and my partner’s mood. Live streaming is such a pain with 2G and sometimes even with a 3G network. This is the reason why I’m so excited for “Live Streaming” with my new Airtel 4G – The fastest Network ever!

Upload Several Things on the Internet and attach heavy files in the mails

Usually uploading takes a lot of time than downloading. This is the reason why we usually leave our computer or phone and go in search of a coffee, the moment we start uploading anything. Then whether it is uploading hundreds of images on our Picasa, Facebook or attaching several files in a mail, it takes a lot of time. This is the reason why I’m looking forward to try uploading all types of images and files once I get my Airtel 4G.

You too can get an Airtel 4G SIM absolutely free. All you have to do is tweet using the hashtag – #GetAirtel4G.

Well, what do you plan to do with Airtel ’s unbelievable speed? Well, if you think your network is better than Airtel 4G, you can also register for the Airtel Challenge.

Khul Jaye Bachpan At Its Best When Parents Become Buddy Parents

Parenting is not that easy. Becoming too harsh will make them rebel and becoming too lenient would make them sit you on your head. In such circumstances, the best way to deal with them is by being their buddy. Yes, only a buddy parent can guide the tiny tots and make learning easy and playful.

While, I’m still not a parent, I have seen how my sister a mother of a 7 year old kid has been a buddy parent over the years. Here are few instances, “The Khushi Ke Pal” Between my sister (parent) and my nephew (child).

When She Taught Him the Magic of Science, and He Taught Him a New Regional Language – “Kannada”

Observing scientists experimenting in the labs while watching cartoons, my nephew gets excited about science and the so called experiments, wondering how such things would be possible. Watching her son’s curiosity and interest in these experiments, my sister and his mom thought of showing him the basic experiments which is possible right at the comfort of home.

Next, she announced that they will together build a lab in the house and carry out similar experiments in the house. Fully excited my nephew geared up for the event and even shared the news with his dad, asking him the details. His dad revealed things that only excited him more.

When I entered the house, my nephew immediately took me to the second balcony. I wondered what the mother and son duo was upto. My nephew introduced me to their lab (which was the balcony) and introduced me to the scientist in the lab (who was sis) and introduced him as her assistant.

My sis was ready with a bowl of water, surf, and turmeric. I understood.


She then showed the first experiment to my nephew. How turmeric changed its color and became red in the presence of soapy water. Overwhelmed, my nephew was too excited to see a magic happening in front of his eyes.




His mom in a playful way explained him the reaction. And this is the way they have been learning many things in a playful way.

While, it would be just a “kuch bhi….” for a grownup it sure is a khushi ke pal for a parent and a child where both enjoy the precious moments and even the spectators like me cannot stop but appreciate the bonding moments. Believe me, it was khuljaye bachpan at its best!

They also have litmus paper and magnifying glass in their lab. My nephew these days often describe how certain things look under the magnifying glass.

 Surprisingly, my sister could learn from my nephew too – How?

Well, we are a bunch of North Indians and south Indian language is almost like Greek and Latin to us. So, when my sister shifted to Bangalore, she had lot of problems while talking to the local vendors especially those selling vegetables. Neither my sister could understand their language, nor did they understand my sister’s language. They talked in sign languages.

My nephew was admitted in a CBSE school. However, they said, “Kannada” is compulsory up till 8th Std. Now this worried both my sister and my nephew.

However, during the vacations, my nephew started going to a teacher’s place in the same building who taught Kannada language. Being a fast learner to our surprise he could grasp the language very quickly. Not just the basic aa aa ee ee but also some key words used in the daily life. Now he is learning Kannada language both in school as well as his Kannada tuition classes.


Back at home, when he is free he often sits with his home, writes the Kannada alphabets and makes her repeat what he says. In a way, he is teaching her the language Kannada while he himself is learning it in school.


He now knows how to say 1 to 20 in Kannada and he has taught the same to his mom. So, whenever my sister now goes to the local sabzi thella, she bargains using the Kannada term for the numbers.

So, when it comes to Kannada, my sister is a student and my nephew is a teacher. While, my nephew teaches her patiently, my sister too learns enthusiastically and even ask question out of curiosity which he answers sometimes like…..”are baba….” And then explains her in detail. The role reversal pattern followed by my sister is nothing but a part of being a buddy parent. After all, such moments not only give us some memorable moments (khushi ke pal) but also help us to relive our own childhood in a unique way (khul jaye bachchpan)

Another Instance

She is Teaching Him Yoga, While He is Guiding Her With the Mobile Apps, & PC Games

These days my nephew is going to karate classes and so he needs to be fit. Unexpectedly, he asked his mother to teach him yoga so that he becomes proactive in his physical activity. Happy to help my sister is teaching him all the kid yoga poses like Butterfly pose, Child Pose. Prayanama and Kapalbhati is something he has been doing since he was 4!


This one hour yoga session which they do on weekends is truly “Khushi Ke Pal” The reason? Well, the family bond over it. During one such session in my presence in the end my nephew announced let’s end the yoga with the ghoda asan (Horse pose) and there was an great level of excitement on his face.

Next, I saw my sister became a horse and my little nephew was riding his horse around the world (the house). It was indeed a ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’ moment for me.

Few hours later after the lunch, I saw both the mother and son on the couch and my nephew shouting, “mom F1 F1, the arrow keys, no no the “N” button…” and when I came near I saw he was teaching the tricks of playing GTA Vice City.


I couldn’t help but smile after observing the significance of Buddy Parenting. No wonder, it did gave me those “Kushi Ke Pal” to cherish and even a “Khuljaye Bachpan” moment.

Kellogg’s Chocos Is Celebrating such Khuljaye Bachpan moments.  Join the community where moms get into conversations on health & nutrition for their little ones.

Do share your own ‘Khushi Ke Pal’ moments that you may have experienced or come across here in the comments box or on the Kellogg’s Chocos official Facebook page.

Know how E-governance through these 5 Technology can Accelerate the Vision of Digital India

In the early February 2014, Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India while addressing the India Digital Summit through video conferencing, shared his vision for Digital India – finally concluding with this vision –

I dream of a Digital India where Netizen is an Empowered Citizen

No wonder, if this ambitious Project of ‘Digital India’ by Indian Government bears its fruits then every Indian citizen even in the remote areas shall have a smartphone in his/her hand with affordable high-speed internet – where he/she can avail E-governance right at his/her finger-tips.

While, a popular brand like Intel through its ‘Innovate for India’ & ‘Digital Skills for India’ initiatives, has been adopting technology as the enabler for crafting a digitized India, towards Indian government’s vision of a Digital India, here I shall share my opinion on How E-governance through technology, Can accelerate the vision of Digital India…


E-governance via National Optical Fibre Network can speed up the Vision of High Speed Digital Highways in India and give us our much awaited Digital Infrastructure

Using the technology of NOFN – National Optical Fibre Network, the government can provide internet access nationally including the stipulated 2 lakh + 85731 Gram Panchayats. This project which was initiated in 2011 and has the capability of providing broadband connectivity to every nook and corner of India including 24 states and 5 Union Territories can indeed turn the dream of Digital Highways in India into a reality.

Rural internet-digital-indiaSource

What’s more, the project also enables the government of India to offer nationwide e-applications and e-services.

In addition, various service Providers like the ISPs, TSPs, long with the Cable TV operators will also have access to the NOFN wherein they can easily introduce several e-services in the remote India. This means Indian Netizen can easily avail several apps like e-education, e-health and e-governance effortlessly. Making this vision true – I dream of India where knowledge is strength AND EMPOWERS the people…

What’s more with a wide range of e-facilities and services there will be no digital bridge between the rural and urban India  and everybody shall have the access to information and knowledge – like Shri Narendra Modi said –

I dream of India where Access to Information has no barriers and

I dream of India where the farmers are empowered with real time information to be connected with global markets.


India’s Own R&D, Jugaad, Technology, Networks and “Make in India” initiative will make sure that 1.2 Billion Connected Indians Drive Innovation

Huawei has opened a R&D Department in Bangalore. In addition, soon 10 MSME-Samsung Technical Schools” will be established in India. Besides, Indian software as well as services industry are soon going to leverage their products – making sure that a good number of Indians get involved to drive innovation.


Moreover, the Union BUDGET 2015-16 which has allotted Rs 1000 Crore fund to the startup system where the government aims to encourage the young entrepreneurs and startups is ought to ensure that the Indian startups whether out of necessity, compulsion or jugaad will finally have a technology backup – no wonder, this will make sure that the 1.2 Billion Connected Indians Drive Innovation.

National e-Library And Massive Online e-Courses will make sure that the Quality Education reaches the most inaccessible corners – making sure we achieve the aim of Digital Literacy

The Bjp in its manifesto had stated about Internet and Technology at the national level which would ensure national e-library along with lot of online e-courses. Given this technology several of the students staying in remote areas or girls who drop out of colleges due to long distance can easily aim for higher education and the course they aim for.

Intel India in its support to digital India will deliver digital literacy to 1000 village Panchayats. In addition, Intel has also announced the introduction of Digital Skills Training apps, which would feature modules and information on various subjects for the demographic of rural India including information on pre-natal health, Jan Dhan Yojana, healthcare and cleanliness.

Rural internet-digital-indiaSource

No wonder, this technology is sure to compile with one of the many visions of Digitial India –

I dream of India where Quality Education reaches the most inaccessible corners driven by Digital Learning

The Technology of Social Media so that the GOVERNMENT proactively engages with the Youth and its citizens

The social media has tremendous potential to provide a platform for almost all the interactions. No wonder, time and again it has been proved that the social media is a powerful catalyst that can easily change the way the people use technology to network with everyone around them.


If India can include these platforms in its e-governance models and take maximum advantage of them, then the government cannot only proactively get engaged with the Youth, the biggest user of social media, but can also involve them actively in the formation of policies of e-governance. No wonder, it will make sure even the citizens are actively participating to make India completely Digital. Yes, #DigitalIndia is what I mean!

The Technology of E-Commerce Will Make Sure that ALL the E-services Are Available in every nook and corner of the Digital India

So, even a person staying in a remote area can shop online and get his stuff delivered right at his doorstep – Such will be the outcome if e-commerce is used by the GOI. No wonder, like the vision states e-commerce will not only provide various e-services but also drive entrepreneurship.


Restructuring National Informatics Centre will not only steer e-governance apps but also help in computer networking  and cyber security

National Informatic Centre NIC provides with several telecommunications networking services such as LANs, MANs, Ku bands including SCPC, FDMA, TDMA, and Satellite Broadband with gateways for Intranet/Internet resource sharing. In addition, offers number of services including digital signatures, CAD – COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN, informatics, and office procedure automation. Thus making sure, cyber security is as important as national security.


Lastly, when India will become #DigitalIndia , the very technology will ensure that the Government – Citizen Interface is completely corruption free!

Thus, covering almost all the 17 Visions as stated by Narendra Modi on behalf of Government of India.

Me and Intel India – support the initiative of #DigitalIndia aimed by the Government of India.


Do you? What are your thoughts, do share it in the comment box…


Shri Narendra Modi shares his vision for Digital India – Official Website of Narendra Modi


Pre-Marital Sex Is Not Immoral Says Ancient India

Earlier this year, a Delhi court labelled ‘Pre-Marital Sex’ as immoral further adding that it is against the ‘tenets of every religion.’ The court also said, “No religon in the world allows pre-martial sex.While the Indian court straightforwardly tagged pre-marital sexual intercourse as unethical, I wonder why did it miss the basic Vedic literature of Ancient India, which not just had any objection on this conception, but also favored a relationship based out of ‘only love.’ 


Pre-marital sex in modern day world is highly thought of as a ‘sinful’, ‘wrongful’, ‘impure’, ‘shameful’ and ‘dishonourable’ act. However, let me tell you it is just a modern day philosophy! In fact, ancient Hindus would have found such a judgement or perception as ‘alien.’ Yes, Pre-marital Sex is not at all wrong, impure or sinful as it is highlighted. 

Besides, how can something be wrong and sinful when it is based out of love and is purely consensual? Not convinced? Well, then lets dig into some of the many rationale to support my stand for ‘Pre-marital Sex!’

Many People are of the Opinion that Sex before Marriage is Wrong  – Mainly Because they assume It is Against the Religion!

In Hinduism, there are 8 types of marrriages and out of those eight, one is ‘Gandharva Vivaah’ – A marriage purely based on mutual attraction which was highly practiced in Ancient India. In this type of marriage, a woman selected her own partner. They then consensually decided to stay together and it was sensual passion that consummated their relationship. Mind you, Gandharava Vivaah neither needed any parental consent nor any approval from the so called society. And if you scroll the pages of Kamasutra or Adi Parva in Mahabharat, you’ll find that ‘Gandharva Parva’ is the most promiment of all forms of marriage.


Poonaam Uppal’s Book – ‘A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story‘ too gets the chord correct as she rightly quotes ‘True Love as the only Religion of the Future!’

What is Morality and Promiscuity – Lets Give it a Thought Once Again!

If you read the renowned neuroscientist Sam Hariss’ book ‘The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values’ where he tries to draw a third path between religionists (who believe that morality is given by the supreme God along with the scriptures), and secularists (who say morality is highly subjective), you’ll see that, he rightly defines Morality scientifically and measures it as a function of neuroscience and evolution.


Ultimately, concluding in very simple language – “A behavior or an act is moral if it amplifies collective bliss and immoral if it attempts to minimize the felicity.” Now, intimacy before marriage, neither diminished happiness in the past nor it does today (because it is consensual) so how can it be termed as immoral?

Claiming Pre-Marital Lovemaking as Wrong – Viewpoint of the Misogynst World?

Women are the better halves of Men, however, right from the medieval times women were oppressed and people even commoditized them. In fact, it was thought (which is still applicable) that a woman who indulges into pre-marital sex is out of patriarchal control, and she should be immediately punished – at times people even boycotting her. No wonder, the prejudiced minds irrationaly declines feminine sexuality as they fear sexual expressions of females.


To be honest, this misogynist thinking is actually immoral which denies natural exploration of one’s sexuality.

How can men obstruct something which is natural, who are they to restrict someone’s happiness? Isn’t sexual indulgence a significant feature of human life? Who are these men, people or society to shun the natural feelings of a human being? Who are these people to term ‘immoral’ to something which is so ‘natural’ and ‘intrinsic’?

Do you still think Pre-marital sex is wrong? Do put your thoughts ]and let’s continue the conversation from there.

Also, do not miss reading “A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story” by Poonaam Uppal where she rightly highlights the essence of True Love.


There Is No Diwali Like #GharWaliDiwali

Now that Diwali is around the corner, I cannot stop murmuring my favorite Diwali poem which I sang rather shouted with great zeal and enthusiasm

Diwali aayi, masti chahi,
Dhum Dhadaka, Tode Fataka,
Chali Phul Jadiyaan, Todi Saakhiyan,
Deep Jalaye, Mann Ko Bhaye,
Jalebi Laddoo, Khayega Guddu,
Mela Jayenge, Mauj Manayenge….

This year too the festive season has made me euphoric. No wonder, I’m thrilled, excited, and all set to celebrate #GharWaliDiwali in an awesome style….

The Diwali Mood

You know, I have bought some really bright lights and kandeels to decorate my house. After all, I’ll have to give a tough competition to the bachcha party of my colony when it comes to Diwali decorations. An unofficial war, I hope I win this year. Shhh…..





The Shopping Bonanza

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale gave me some real deals, so did another ecommerce website, besides all the shops out there are having some “Diwali Dhamaka Offer” SPOILER : So, I have bought so many gifts to surprise each one in my family! I am eagerly waiting to see my wee little nephew’s million dollar expression when I give him his remote car.





To Celebrate Ghar Wali Diwali My Bro Is Flying Back Home….

My mom just finished making Besan Ke Ladoo for my brother, it is his favorite dessert. Guess what, we are going to welcome him with just Besan Ke Ladoo. So, This season of Diwali there will be lots of Maa Ka Pyaar, Maa Ke Haath Ka Khaana for me and my bro, oh he’ll be just so happy….

Here’s a view of those yummy circles…!


Self Image

Thank God, I still stay with my mom, else I too would have to face something like this….

Family Get Together

All over the year, the family might have lots of jhagda jhanjhat, but when it is Diwali, it is just one happy family smiling all the while..This year too would be fun as my cousins like every year is coming for the Laxmi Puja.



License To Gamble….

Diwali is the only time of the year when you can gamble around without actually facing a problem. What’s more, the entire family compete agianst each other in the Teen Patti game. Since, I’m the host this year, I’m making sure, we play, Teen Patti with a cool set of cards this year….

Check this out, 



With Some Black Label For The Hard Core Drinkers…..



And PEPSI for us, along with some Kurkure…. You know that tensed moment when you know you are losing, and all you do is munch, munch, munch and gulp, gulp, gulp





And, And This Year, we are saying #NoToCrackers

Silent Diwali is the best Diwali as we own’t be disturbing our sick neighbours, speechless pets and friends suffering from asthama.

And we are requesting others as well,,,,,,,



Diwali is a festival of joy, lights and happiness, and this year we are just trying to spread the happiness by lights, and not with crackers….



What are you up to – Are you too celebrating Ghar Wali Diwali With Your Family and Friends?

This post is written for Indiblogger and Pepsi’s Ghar Wali Diwali Campaign

Top 10 Famous Alumni of Harvard University

My article Published on TopYaps

Harvard University has pumped up numerous accomplished individuals. From prominent leaders, entrepreneurs to great literary experts. The alumni of this soaring institution has always been a prominent name especially in politics, business and literature. TopYaps presents the top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University from the huge list of the celebrated graduates from this renowned academia.

10. Benazir Bhutto:

The first woman prime minister of a Muslim realm, Benazir Bhutto graduated from Harvard with a B.A. degree in comparative government in 1973 before getting into Oxford for International Law and Diplomacy. Daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the founder of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), she inherited leadership of the PPP after a military coup led by General Mohammad Zia ul-Haq overthrow her father’s government and hanged him on charges of authorizing the murder of an opponent. She won election in 1988 and became the prime minister of Pakistan. She was killed in 2007 in a suicide attack after she returned to Pakistan from an extensive exile.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

(img source: heroesofpakistan.com)

9. Al Gore:

Currently a businessman, author and environmental activist, Albert Arnold Al Gore Jr. was the 45th Vice-President of the United States under the presidentship of Bill Clinton. He is the co-founder of Current TV, senior advisor to Google and a member of the Board Directors of Apple Inc.  His book “An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What Can We Do About It” Won a Grammy award in February 2009 for best spoken word album. He also won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 along with the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

(img source: kpcb.com)

8. T.S. Eliot:

One of the most important English poets of the 20th century, Thomas Stearns Eliot before becoming an elite poet, playwright and publisher went to study philosophy at the Harvard University. The poet earned his bachelor’s degree in just three years instead of the normal four. A year later he started working on his poem, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock which earned him name and fame. He won many honorary awards in his lifetime including the Nobel Prize in literature for his outstanding contribution to present day poetry.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

(img source: guardian.co.uk)

7. Bill Gates:

America’s business patron, William Henry Bill Gates III is  the co-founder, chairman, president and CEO of the pioneer company of computer industry, Microsoft Corporation. One of the wealthiest persons across the world, he has also authored two books, The Road Ahead in 1995 and Business @the Speed of Thought in 1999.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

(img source: telegraph.co.uk)

6. George W. Bush:

The 43rd president of the United States, George Walker Bush holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and till the date is the only American President to earn this degree. The eldest son of the 41st US President George W.H. Bush, he is the man accountable for pronouncing a global war on terrorism, organizing an invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan and promoting policies on education, health care, social security reform and economy.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

(img source: telegraph.co.uk)

5. Barack Obama:

Barack Hussein Obama II, is the 1st African-American in the United States to become the President of US. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he again created history by winning the 2012 US presidential election by beating Mitt Romney, again a Harvard graduate. The African-American president has now become the first Democratic president after Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) to triumph the majority of the popular vote two times.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

(img source: telegraph.co.uk)

4. Mark Zuckerberg:

In 2007, at the age of 23, he was in the list of youngest billionaires of the world. The computer programmer and Internet Entrepreneur, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg founded trendiest social networking site, Facebook, while attending at Harvard University for majoring in Computer Science. From 2010, Zuckerberg has been one among the hundred most influential and people in the world.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

(img source: businessweek.com)

3. John F. Kennedy:

Until his assassination, JFK served as the 35th US President. An ex Lieutenant in the US Navy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was also a Senator and US house of representative from Massachusetts. One of the youngest presidents of the United States, he continues to rank greatly in public outlook ratings of US president. Enrolled in 1936 in Harvard University, he completed his graduation in  Bachelors of Science with honor in international affairs.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

(img source: boston.com)

2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt:

FDR, till 2012 US presidential elections was the only president to be elected for more than two terms. One of the most favored presidents of the United States, FDR was involved in direct assistance to the individuals. During his tenure, he also brought up new jobs for the unemployed. During the World War 2, he supported countries particularly the Great Britain in fight against the Nazi Germany.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

(img source: history.com)

1. John Adams:

The Founding Father and one of the prominent names in the American Revolution, John Adams was also a Harvard Law graduate who had won a scholarship to attend Harvard University at the age of 16. John Adams served on the First Continental Congress and assisted in drafting the Declaration of Independence. He became the first vice president of the US for two terms and then went to become the second President of the United States.

Top 10 famous alumni of Harvard University

(img source: history.com)

Vision 2020: The India of My Dreams

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,

Where knowledge is free,

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls,

Where words come out from the depth of truth,

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection,

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit,

Where the mind is led forward by Thee into ever-widening thought and action,

 Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.” 

Rabindra Nath Tagore prior to our Independence had penned down these lines articulating his thoughts for a free India. India then became a free nation and even achieved all these basic parameters led by the great Bengali poet. However, after six decades of independence, the same lines somehow look unaccomplished to a contemporary mind. The inspiring words yet again motivate us to bring about radical change in India. My Vision 2020 for India is decoding these lines all over again by transforming these rhetoric lines into action.


 Where the mind is without fear and the head is held highA Prosperous Nation encompassing Peace, National Security and Unity

Riots, gender discrimination, sexual harassment – Can a nation ever prosper with these vices? Never! So, eliminating all this vulnerability is very necessary in order to tread in the path of progress and development. Secondly, any country can only develop if the people at the grass root level rises. This makes it apparent that equal opportunities with adequate facilities for the bottom of the pyramid should be a motto to make India shine brightly. 

Where knowledge is free – 100% Literacy and Jobs

A developing country can never become a developed nation if its people remain illiterate and are deprived from basic education. My Vision 2020 includes free education for sustainable livelihood to all the Indians so that they have a better life along with a better ‘power of purchase’. No more poverty and hunger being a hindrance in India’s path to success. 

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls – Liberalization changing India’s face at the global level

No more country boundaries, trade barriers should ever confine Indians from achieving the best. The spirit of globalization transcending the face of India in terms of prosperity, and India reaching its full potential is what I see India in the year 2020.

Where words come out from the depth of truth, Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection – Good Governance along with commercial success 

Dynamic and far-sighted leadership through transparency, proper administration and continuous growth can maximize the economic development of India. Maximum utilization of technology, skills and resources can drive the nation swiftly. Also, important parameters like health facilities including vaccination, immunization, child nutritional programme and sanitation can make us a far better nation state.

 Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit – Progress through adequate technology and infrastructure by neglecting obsolete ideas

 India from ages has been behind in various fields due to certain customs. However, our nation can move way beyond only if these hurdles are set aside and radical thinking is practiced. Radical thought is what should conquer in every Indian’s mind to envision a bright future for the country.

The India of my dreams is educated, advanced, liberal and prosperous. I envision Indians not only unified within but also closely attached with the global world, indeed implementing our Sanskrit phrase – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” with proud and honour.

Image Source: Developed India

Mahabharat: The Birth of the Pandavas and Kauravas

Often there are jokes around the Internet by Indians as well as foreigners on Dhitrashtr and Gandhari as to how they could manage 100 children. However, Indian mythology has its own mystics and so physical intimacy for 100 times certainly was not the cause. On the contrary, Kauravas were born from the lump of masses that Gandhari had delivered, courtesy Rishi Vyasa. Besides, the five children which were born back to back to Kunti and Madri were not due to physical intimacy but by the aashirwads and tathastus, thanks to various Gods again.

Image Source: http://soudavya.synthasite.com/

So, how are the Gods involve in giving birth to Pandavas and Kauravas?

Well, Pandu had killed a sage in disguise as a stag mating with his wife disguised as a doe. He therefore was cursed by the dying sage that since he had killed a creature in its tenderest form he would die instantly too if he ever approaches a woman with a passionate intent. Saddened, he decides to leave Hastinapur and pursue the rest of his life in a forest as a hermit. However, after meeting several sages and gaining knowledge in the concept of salvation, he is startled to know that a man without children could never aim for heaven. He then seeks their blessings who bless him of many worthy sons.

Pandu then thinks of methods to have children and tells Kunti to beget children from illustrious men. Kunti too narrates the incident of her begetting a son from lord Surya as a girl from a mantr which she had received from Durvasa Rishi. Pandu is overjoyed after hearing this incident and he wishes his first son to be from Yama, the Lord of Justice as truth is the most superlative virtue any man may possess. So, this is how Yudhishtr is born to Kunti as soon as she chants the mantr and summons Lord Yama with waiting for the gestation period of nine months. When Yudhishtr was born, Dhritrashtr was still childless and so Yudhishtr became the eldest son of the Kuru dynasty.

When Gandhari got to know that Kunti delivered Yudhistr she beat her womb in frustration as her pregnancy prolonged for a very unusual time. She then did not deliver any baby but a lump of mass. Satyawati then approached King Vyasa who divided the lump into 100 equal parts. Kept each of them into the pots of ghee and sealed it into the earth for a period of 1 year. The show however shows that it was hanged and not buried unlike the tale. So, this is how the Kauravas were born, the first one being the Duryodhan.

Meanwhile, Pandu in the forest thinks that a man with only one son is equal to those who have none and so once again urges Kunti to beget a son and this time from Vyau, the Lord of the Wind. This is how Bheem is born exactly next day after the birth of Duryodhan. Next, is Arjun from Lord Indra.

Madri too desires children of her own and so Kunti teaches her the incantations and then Madri begets the twins, Nakul and Sehdev from the Ashwin brothers.

This is how the 105 children of the Kuru dynasty are born. Out of which 100 are Kauravas, the children of Dhitrashtr and 5 are of Pandavas, the sons of Pandu. One among the Kauravas is a girl who is called Dushala, which was granted to Gandhari from Lord Shiva after she had expressed her wish.

An Immune India, Let’s together make it!

A few years back, India was hit terribly with the Chikungunya virus as well as the Swine Flu and people all around the country became prey to these viruses in no time. While maximum of the populace was hit by the dreadful viruses, few of them or let us say a bunch of them were still not touched upon. If we try to figure out, we will find that, the fortunate class was the adults or the grownups who could somehow manage to escape the clutches of these viruses but the majority of the susceptible class in the entire outbreak was the “children, the most vulnerable group of human population to any epidemic, disease, flu or fever.

In this entire episode, why do you think the few fortunate were adults while the worst affected were mostly kids? The reason is absolutely plain and simple – Adults have a developed immune system whereas the immunity in the kids is in a developing stage. This makes them prone to any foreign invaders in their body easily.

Despite the fact that, there are many curative measures to prevent almost every invasion of viruses through vaccines/oral dose and protozoans via medicines, thanks to WHO along with UNICEF who are on the pledge to vanish almost all the diseases that are found or spreading in the developing nations, don’t you think all the developing nations including India should impose preventive measures against the epidemic to reduce the invasion by half? For instance, we know India is a tropical country and so, mosquitoes being omnipresent can attack us any time then why surround ourselves with a heap of waste or stagnant water where they can breed and multiply significantly in no time.

While UNICEF along with WHO are pledging to make a difference in the world through curative measures, being Indians it becomes our responsibility to aid them in this noble cause by amending preventive measures to build a healthier, strong and more immune India…

So, how do we start? Well, the change should simultaneously begin from all the different spheres – The rural, town area, urban cities as well as the metropolitans. Here’s how –

Right food can neither be expensive for the rural children nor troublesome for the urban kids

It is every easy to dictate everyone that “eat right” in order to become healthy and immune to various diseases. But, in a poor country like India how will the less privileged children eat a nutritious diet when they are already suffering from malnutrition? Well, point to be noted. However, do you think nutritious diet can be expensive? Well, not as expensive as you may wonder. The Indian Government can easily promote the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and whole grains that are rich in Vitamin C and E, Carotenoid, Bioflavanoids and give farmers subsidies and an advantage when it comes to promotion of these agricultural products at the rural level. Besides, the midday meals should possess only those items that boost immunity in the children. In addition, they should tie up with FMCG like Dabur who have affordable readymade immunity boosting products in the form of Dabur Chyawanprash and serve the less fortunate children who are most vulnerable to diseases in the rural community. Well, when the Political parties can distribute Tabs after winning elections, I am sure that this is a cheaper and feasible solution.

In the urban areas and metropolitans where the kids possess a lavish lifestyle and eat lots of junk foods, awareness at school should be conducted regularly. Schools and homemakers should make sure they help these kids to consume the necessary immune boosting fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains in the form they would love to eat. For instance, a child may not like to eat chapatti and cabbage or even carrots however, if you impart these vegetables and give the kid in the form of Frankie or a roll, he would eat it happily. So, it becomes our responsibility to serve our kinds all the nutritional food along with immune boosting products like Chyawanprash to help them against all the foreign invaders at this tender age.

All work and no play really make Jack a dull boy, so let them engage in recreation

Kids in the rural places are into a lot of physical activities so they really do not need physical exercises to maintain their fitness level. Also, the atmosphere where they live is tranquil and dirt free. In cities, however, it is altogether a different story and so urban children should have a physical regime in their day’s time-table wherein they stretch out their arms and legs. There should also be regular mini marathons, the tournaments of various sports in the school where even the lazy ones participate actively. Evening time should be allocated to these physical activities and not tuitions or computer games or cartoons. Also, make sure once the child is back, he is following healthy habits of cleaning, washing and eating so that no bacteria, dust or any organism can imply affect on his body.

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Parents should even indulge with their children in activities like yoga and sports so that children find it fun and adhere to the regime willingly. Animators and film makers should even make films which promote the benefits of physical activities.

Adequate Sleep is all that is required

Children in the rural areas do not get enough sleep as they are helping their parents, doing several physical activities as well as going long distance to study. A good number of schools should be imposed in every rural village so that children do not have to travel far also hand pumps should be erected in as close proximity as possible to make the life of these children easier. In short, more and more facilities should be provided to rural children so that their life would be much easier and they get enough sleep every day.

In rural areas, care should be taken by parents to see that children sleep early in order to get their adequate sleep. No TV, No playing, No Video games should be the habit of children. Early to be and early to rise should be the basic mantra of a student life. Also, make sure you provide children the healthy Ayurvedic oil like Dabur Lal Tail that enables them to sleep peacefully.

Mental Stress will affect the immunity in your child, so stop pressurizing!

A year back, I was startled to find out my neighbor’s 12 year old son was tagged as “stressed” by his pediatrician when he was having his regular rounds of check up (he was born as a premature baby and so his immunity is always in a mess and easily gets cold, flu and whatever fever is in the air). The doctor termed him as stressed and asked his parents not to pressurize him for studies etc. The parents never pressurized him for anything and were surprised by the verdict. However, on doctor’s inquiry, it was found out that the constant fights between the couple and his loneliness (only child with no siblings and working parents) stressed him out completely as he had nobody to talk or share his happiness/activities on a day to day basis. As parents, we should always try to see that we maintain the house atmosphere as calm and peaceful as possible to give our young ones a happy and healthy atmosphere to live in.


An Immune India is not a Utopian dream but a possible reality of the near future, if we watch out our habit and help our children to follow the same. And in doing so, each of the individual and family should take a pledge to follow the regime firmly – Starting from the urban household and locality to each of the remote villages of India. It is really a pleasure to see the House of Dabur is campaigning for such a noble cause and directly reaching out lack of children nationwide with their motto – “Healthy Generation. Healthy Nation!”

This post is a part of Indiblogger  and Dabur’s “An Immune India” contest.

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My Baby Strongest, the Ayurvedic Dabur Way!

A baby skin is almost five times slimmer than a grown up and so watch the synthetic and chemically processed products you use Bahu” Frowned my mom when she saw my sister-in-law using an all new expensive skin care set (lotion, moisturizer and cream) on my nephew.

“Nothing will happen, Maa this time; the products seem to have the entire necessary ingredient which the baby requires for growth and development” Confronted my sister-in-law once again.

Oh I only hope it doesn’t cause any allergies to my little bundle of joy but makes him as strong and healthy as my son once was! You know a healthy baby, infant and toddler” Said my mom.

Days passed and my nephew experienced the same allergies he had earlier possessed. Besides, he was becoming pale and cheerless. Neither expensive items like fancy nutritional cream, lotion nor any moisturizer that my sister-in-law brought worked – eventually making his skin extremely dry. Perhaps babies have immature immune system and so they are the most vulnerable ones to potential toxins that any chemically processed products might have, even if it is in small quantities.

Actually, one of the major contributing agents is the early introduction of petrochemical based constituents via synthetic products and this precisely was the reason of his skin allergy.

My sister-in-law who earlier wanted to take care of her baby all alone in her modern ways and synthetic methods then rushed to my mom for guidance and suggestions who in return advised her, Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system which concentrates on the notion of holistic healing. Then my mom revealed that Ayurveda has a dedicated section exclusive for the growth and development of a child termed as “KumaraBhritya!”

This Ayurveda section is a one stop solution for all the children, from new-born to adolescence as it dealt with the treatments and ailments of almost all the issues faced by a kid in all the stages of his life, from the birth till adult.

All of a sudden, me and my sister-in-law realized that my mom has some traditional knowledge in Ayurveda . We were even convinced as she had studied Home Science during her college days. Besides, at the moment only she, through her experience and knowledge could help the baby. I still, remember the guilt on my sister-in-law’s face to underestimate her mother-in-law from years. Never mind, better late than never…

One by one my mom started calling out the name of herbs which would help in natural growth of my nephew and also help in preventing any skin allergies. This included Ratanjyot, Til Tail or Sessame Oil, Shankh Pushpi, Urad and Camphor. We noted it down. However, we had no idea what Ratanjyoti and Shankh Pushpi was. Moreover, our major concern was where on earth we would get it? As you now we were neither Hanuman nor any rakshasa to go in search out of jadibuttis.

My mom then calmed us with her soothing smile and informed us that there is nothing to worry. She said she knew exactly where and how these Ayurvedic ingredients which are not only very vital for a baby’s skin but also for his growth and development can be obtained.

She then assured us that the mixture of these ayurvedic contents will enrich the little one’s skin and work against flabbiness, rashes or any other nuisances of the skin. Moreover, it would even strengthen his developing body, nourish it and maintain its softness as well as suppleness.

How was she so very sure? Well because according to Ayurveda, Sesame Oil or Til Tail improves physical strength, boosts absorption and is favorable for post massage infant sleep, Shankha Pushpi on the other hand plays a vital role in escaping the general weakness while Ratanjyot is useful as it helps to prevent all the potential skin infections. Camphor too helps in improving the overall blood circulation of the body and lastly, Urad nourishes muscles as well as bones of the little vulnerable body. We had our Eureka moment on our faces and told our mom to give us the product with the magic formula that she had created and out there my mom exposed the 125ml bottle of Dabur Lal Tail from her closet. We were awestruck when we went through the ingredient as it possessed all the key ingredients that were mentioned in KumaraBhritya, the children section of Ayurvedic medicines. Ditto, my sister-in-law shouted.

We started applying the Oil and to our surprise my nephew never faced the issue of rashes. Also he wasn’t restless anymore and slept peacefully. A right natural product saved us from potential nightmare which had become a habit after trying and testing synthetic ones! Soon, we got the positive results. His growth and development as compared to other infants was also much better and so when my sister-in-law’s colleague (who too had a baby of the same month) asked her the difference in growth, she too advised her, the potent Lal Tail and proudly said “Dabur Lal Tail suggested by my saasu maa and recommended by me!”

Dabur Lal Tail not only saved my little prince from those thorny rashes but also kept away the usual saas-bahu cat fights. No wonder my modern sister-in-law understood not only the value of her mother-in-law but also the importance of our culture, traditional knowledge and ancient science.

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