Short Stories – The Unsaid Love!

He loved her. She loved him. They were like soul mates. However, they had to bid adieu not for themselves but for the betterment of each other. Here’s a short story on Love, Breakup and Relationship –


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The Joy of Real Togetherness – Come Let Us Look Beyond Ourselves

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. ~Henry Ford

This is an old progressive quote by Henry Ford. However, it seems the quote is only used in board rooms these days to motivate workers. Yes, the people who use this quote in the work space are seen staying aloof in their living rooms. Worst, they don’t even have time to see the changes in their partner, siblings, parents or their own kids. Forget being together they are not even close. Nobody has time to look beyond themselves.

This is not Togetherness….

Real Togetherness Means Standing for Each Other even if we are Strangers

Now a days we often come across people sharing videos on humanity on social media especially Facebook. I come across one on a daily basis where I see a little boy buys a slipper for a needy old man with his pocket money, a young bloke gives Rs. 4000 to an old vendor (his monthly income) simply because he thinks his passion of ‘Not to Give Up’ deserves a reward. Share a Smile, Share Happiness has become the new mantra in this fast paced world. However, though these videos get viral not many follow the lessons with the same enthusiasm with which they share on social media.

For me real togetherness is being with the needy and aiding them like one’s own family members. Then whether the needy is a poor boy who not just need food but also education or a rape/acid victim who needs your support to fight back the gender intolerance.

Interestingly, even Nature Helps us to Do Something Together if we Intent to

My nephew and niece are two notorious kids who cannot stop fighting with each other. Moreover, when they play with other kids our house become a big fish market where almost every kid yell in anger or cry in pain. However, a nest in the balcony of our living room changes everything for good.


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Yes, a pigeon gave two eggs in our balcony in a hay like thing. It was not a proper nest and the kids were concerned for the baby pigeons that laid inside the eggs. Then began their conquest to keep the eggs safe, not just from outside world but also from the crow’s eye. They ensured that each of the kid’s keep an eye on the eggs and when the kids went to school, my sister and her neighbors ensured they kept an eye on them. This way not just the kids even the elder ones got together.

The real life incident got fresh in my eyes the moment I saw this beautiful video of Kissan which showcases the real story.

No wonder, Kissan feels that it is high time that we free ourselves from the bonds of technology to enjoy the real relationship between our kins and the real world.

Khul Jaye Bachpan At Its Best When Parents Become Buddy Parents

Parenting is not that easy. Becoming too harsh will make them rebel and becoming too lenient would make them sit you on your head. In such circumstances, the best way to deal with them is by being their buddy. Yes, only a buddy parent can guide the tiny tots and make learning easy and playful.

While, I’m still not a parent, I have seen how my sister a mother of a 7 year old kid has been a buddy parent over the years. Here are few instances, “The Khushi Ke Pal” Between my sister (parent) and my nephew (child).

When She Taught Him the Magic of Science, and He Taught Him a New Regional Language – “Kannada”

Observing scientists experimenting in the labs while watching cartoons, my nephew gets excited about science and the so called experiments, wondering how such things would be possible. Watching her son’s curiosity and interest in these experiments, my sister and his mom thought of showing him the basic experiments which is possible right at the comfort of home.

Next, she announced that they will together build a lab in the house and carry out similar experiments in the house. Fully excited my nephew geared up for the event and even shared the news with his dad, asking him the details. His dad revealed things that only excited him more.

When I entered the house, my nephew immediately took me to the second balcony. I wondered what the mother and son duo was upto. My nephew introduced me to their lab (which was the balcony) and introduced me to the scientist in the lab (who was sis) and introduced him as her assistant.

My sis was ready with a bowl of water, surf, and turmeric. I understood.


She then showed the first experiment to my nephew. How turmeric changed its color and became red in the presence of soapy water. Overwhelmed, my nephew was too excited to see a magic happening in front of his eyes.




His mom in a playful way explained him the reaction. And this is the way they have been learning many things in a playful way.

While, it would be just a “kuch bhi….” for a grownup it sure is a khushi ke pal for a parent and a child where both enjoy the precious moments and even the spectators like me cannot stop but appreciate the bonding moments. Believe me, it was khuljaye bachpan at its best!

They also have litmus paper and magnifying glass in their lab. My nephew these days often describe how certain things look under the magnifying glass.

 Surprisingly, my sister could learn from my nephew too – How?

Well, we are a bunch of North Indians and south Indian language is almost like Greek and Latin to us. So, when my sister shifted to Bangalore, she had lot of problems while talking to the local vendors especially those selling vegetables. Neither my sister could understand their language, nor did they understand my sister’s language. They talked in sign languages.

My nephew was admitted in a CBSE school. However, they said, “Kannada” is compulsory up till 8th Std. Now this worried both my sister and my nephew.

However, during the vacations, my nephew started going to a teacher’s place in the same building who taught Kannada language. Being a fast learner to our surprise he could grasp the language very quickly. Not just the basic aa aa ee ee but also some key words used in the daily life. Now he is learning Kannada language both in school as well as his Kannada tuition classes.


Back at home, when he is free he often sits with his home, writes the Kannada alphabets and makes her repeat what he says. In a way, he is teaching her the language Kannada while he himself is learning it in school.


He now knows how to say 1 to 20 in Kannada and he has taught the same to his mom. So, whenever my sister now goes to the local sabzi thella, she bargains using the Kannada term for the numbers.

So, when it comes to Kannada, my sister is a student and my nephew is a teacher. While, my nephew teaches her patiently, my sister too learns enthusiastically and even ask question out of curiosity which he answers sometimes like…..”are baba….” And then explains her in detail. The role reversal pattern followed by my sister is nothing but a part of being a buddy parent. After all, such moments not only give us some memorable moments (khushi ke pal) but also help us to relive our own childhood in a unique way (khul jaye bachchpan)

Another Instance

She is Teaching Him Yoga, While He is Guiding Her With the Mobile Apps, & PC Games

These days my nephew is going to karate classes and so he needs to be fit. Unexpectedly, he asked his mother to teach him yoga so that he becomes proactive in his physical activity. Happy to help my sister is teaching him all the kid yoga poses like Butterfly pose, Child Pose. Prayanama and Kapalbhati is something he has been doing since he was 4!


This one hour yoga session which they do on weekends is truly “Khushi Ke Pal” The reason? Well, the family bond over it. During one such session in my presence in the end my nephew announced let’s end the yoga with the ghoda asan (Horse pose) and there was an great level of excitement on his face.

Next, I saw my sister became a horse and my little nephew was riding his horse around the world (the house). It was indeed a ‘Khuljaye Bachpan’ moment for me.

Few hours later after the lunch, I saw both the mother and son on the couch and my nephew shouting, “mom F1 F1, the arrow keys, no no the “N” button…” and when I came near I saw he was teaching the tricks of playing GTA Vice City.


I couldn’t help but smile after observing the significance of Buddy Parenting. No wonder, it did gave me those “Kushi Ke Pal” to cherish and even a “Khuljaye Bachpan” moment.

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Soulmate Intimacy : Heal It With A Touch #BringBackTheTouch

Relationships are complicated but there are modifiers to make it simple, easy, fun loving and happy. While a certain gesture can make it worse, a little shared moment can mellow everything. Discover what these gesticulations are that can simply turn you into soul-mates from mates.

Sometimes grand gestures, fireworks and huge spending don’t create that magic, than the obvious that makes the relationship stronger and happier. An authentic connection between the couples, simple shared moments, passionate touch, feelings of trust, closeness, transparency and caressing has tremendous potential in jazzing up their life in a special form, making them more closer and intimate.

You might wonder what are these simple moments? If you think that intimacy is all about sexual arousal and satisfaction, think again. It has more to do with romantic shared moments than sexual connections.

Let us find these simple tricks that can boost your love and make your relationship all the more better and worthwhile –

“Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.” ~ Francois Rabelais

Love – Sometimes the greatest justification that your partner loves you and you are well appreciated is when he or she makes small unexpected gestures. Yes, planning a romantic dinner and a weekend getaway is always valued and cherished. However, buying your wife a heart shaped earring simply because you happened to walk by a store, see it in the display window and know she would love it, will truly create an impression. It’s actually a “no-real-reason” feeling that makes the entire gesture mean so much.


“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.” ~ Mother Teresa

Caress – Most of the couples divide their chores. For instance, the wife does the household chores and it is his duty to throw away that trash. But once in a while, when he is really knocked down with all his work and its pressures, instead of nagging him for not observing the spilling over a dustbin, throw it out for him. When you love someone deeply, you pitch in, even if you might not be asked to do so. Little gesticulations to make each other’s life easy makes you remind as to why you put up with her snoring or his stinky feet, in the first place. In addition, giving your mate a break makes him a bit relaxed which makes it easier for you two to appreciate each other’s company.


“Action speaks louder than words and expression more than letters.”

Feel – Let’s face it, telling your better half how much she means to you can feel kind of silly or corny. But expressing them in a unique style can bring color to your relationship. Without expressions and feelings, you might risk yourself in falling into “taking each other for granted” syndrome. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to pen down long love letters for emotional emails but small notes like, “I love you” or a “kiss” in the morning, a gentle touch while going out for office.


Our smile will always be one of my favorite things like backward barbecue’s and front porch swings and evening breezes through window screens ~ Josh Turner

Discover – Trying to do something just for the sake of your spouse make them feel on top of the world. For instance, if you attend her nephew’s birthday party although you are not that social person to indulge these activities, she is ought to love you for this. Similarly, if you are too tired yet you indulge in sex because you know he would love it, will make him really happy. Sometimes saying “yes” for your usual “no” can lead to that intimate pleasure which has no comparison.

Let these romantic touch build up your chemistry and sizzle your intimacy. All ready to #BringBackTheTouch?

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Mahabharat: The Birth of the Pandavas and Kauravas

Often there are jokes around the Internet by Indians as well as foreigners on Dhitrashtr and Gandhari as to how they could manage 100 children. However, Indian mythology has its own mystics and so physical intimacy for 100 times certainly was not the cause. On the contrary, Kauravas were born from the lump of masses that Gandhari had delivered, courtesy Rishi Vyasa. Besides, the five children which were born back to back to Kunti and Madri were not due to physical intimacy but by the aashirwads and tathastus, thanks to various Gods again.

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So, how are the Gods involve in giving birth to Pandavas and Kauravas?

Well, Pandu had killed a sage in disguise as a stag mating with his wife disguised as a doe. He therefore was cursed by the dying sage that since he had killed a creature in its tenderest form he would die instantly too if he ever approaches a woman with a passionate intent. Saddened, he decides to leave Hastinapur and pursue the rest of his life in a forest as a hermit. However, after meeting several sages and gaining knowledge in the concept of salvation, he is startled to know that a man without children could never aim for heaven. He then seeks their blessings who bless him of many worthy sons.

Pandu then thinks of methods to have children and tells Kunti to beget children from illustrious men. Kunti too narrates the incident of her begetting a son from lord Surya as a girl from a mantr which she had received from Durvasa Rishi. Pandu is overjoyed after hearing this incident and he wishes his first son to be from Yama, the Lord of Justice as truth is the most superlative virtue any man may possess. So, this is how Yudhishtr is born to Kunti as soon as she chants the mantr and summons Lord Yama with waiting for the gestation period of nine months. When Yudhishtr was born, Dhritrashtr was still childless and so Yudhishtr became the eldest son of the Kuru dynasty.

When Gandhari got to know that Kunti delivered Yudhistr she beat her womb in frustration as her pregnancy prolonged for a very unusual time. She then did not deliver any baby but a lump of mass. Satyawati then approached King Vyasa who divided the lump into 100 equal parts. Kept each of them into the pots of ghee and sealed it into the earth for a period of 1 year. The show however shows that it was hanged and not buried unlike the tale. So, this is how the Kauravas were born, the first one being the Duryodhan.

Meanwhile, Pandu in the forest thinks that a man with only one son is equal to those who have none and so once again urges Kunti to beget a son and this time from Vyau, the Lord of the Wind. This is how Bheem is born exactly next day after the birth of Duryodhan. Next, is Arjun from Lord Indra.

Madri too desires children of her own and so Kunti teaches her the incantations and then Madri begets the twins, Nakul and Sehdev from the Ashwin brothers.

This is how the 105 children of the Kuru dynasty are born. Out of which 100 are Kauravas, the children of Dhitrashtr and 5 are of Pandavas, the sons of Pandu. One among the Kauravas is a girl who is called Dushala, which was granted to Gandhari from Lord Shiva after she had expressed her wish.

My Baby Strongest, the Ayurvedic Dabur Way!

A baby skin is almost five times slimmer than a grown up and so watch the synthetic and chemically processed products you use Bahu” Frowned my mom when she saw my sister-in-law using an all new expensive skin care set (lotion, moisturizer and cream) on my nephew.

“Nothing will happen, Maa this time; the products seem to have the entire necessary ingredient which the baby requires for growth and development” Confronted my sister-in-law once again.

Oh I only hope it doesn’t cause any allergies to my little bundle of joy but makes him as strong and healthy as my son once was! You know a healthy baby, infant and toddler” Said my mom.

Days passed and my nephew experienced the same allergies he had earlier possessed. Besides, he was becoming pale and cheerless. Neither expensive items like fancy nutritional cream, lotion nor any moisturizer that my sister-in-law brought worked – eventually making his skin extremely dry. Perhaps babies have immature immune system and so they are the most vulnerable ones to potential toxins that any chemically processed products might have, even if it is in small quantities.

Actually, one of the major contributing agents is the early introduction of petrochemical based constituents via synthetic products and this precisely was the reason of his skin allergy.

My sister-in-law who earlier wanted to take care of her baby all alone in her modern ways and synthetic methods then rushed to my mom for guidance and suggestions who in return advised her, Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine system which concentrates on the notion of holistic healing. Then my mom revealed that Ayurveda has a dedicated section exclusive for the growth and development of a child termed as “KumaraBhritya!”

This Ayurveda section is a one stop solution for all the children, from new-born to adolescence as it dealt with the treatments and ailments of almost all the issues faced by a kid in all the stages of his life, from the birth till adult.

All of a sudden, me and my sister-in-law realized that my mom has some traditional knowledge in Ayurveda . We were even convinced as she had studied Home Science during her college days. Besides, at the moment only she, through her experience and knowledge could help the baby. I still, remember the guilt on my sister-in-law’s face to underestimate her mother-in-law from years. Never mind, better late than never…

One by one my mom started calling out the name of herbs which would help in natural growth of my nephew and also help in preventing any skin allergies. This included Ratanjyot, Til Tail or Sessame Oil, Shankh Pushpi, Urad and Camphor. We noted it down. However, we had no idea what Ratanjyoti and Shankh Pushpi was. Moreover, our major concern was where on earth we would get it? As you now we were neither Hanuman nor any rakshasa to go in search out of jadibuttis.

My mom then calmed us with her soothing smile and informed us that there is nothing to worry. She said she knew exactly where and how these Ayurvedic ingredients which are not only very vital for a baby’s skin but also for his growth and development can be obtained.

She then assured us that the mixture of these ayurvedic contents will enrich the little one’s skin and work against flabbiness, rashes or any other nuisances of the skin. Moreover, it would even strengthen his developing body, nourish it and maintain its softness as well as suppleness.

How was she so very sure? Well because according to Ayurveda, Sesame Oil or Til Tail improves physical strength, boosts absorption and is favorable for post massage infant sleep, Shankha Pushpi on the other hand plays a vital role in escaping the general weakness while Ratanjyot is useful as it helps to prevent all the potential skin infections. Camphor too helps in improving the overall blood circulation of the body and lastly, Urad nourishes muscles as well as bones of the little vulnerable body. We had our Eureka moment on our faces and told our mom to give us the product with the magic formula that she had created and out there my mom exposed the 125ml bottle of Dabur Lal Tail from her closet. We were awestruck when we went through the ingredient as it possessed all the key ingredients that were mentioned in KumaraBhritya, the children section of Ayurvedic medicines. Ditto, my sister-in-law shouted.

We started applying the Oil and to our surprise my nephew never faced the issue of rashes. Also he wasn’t restless anymore and slept peacefully. A right natural product saved us from potential nightmare which had become a habit after trying and testing synthetic ones! Soon, we got the positive results. His growth and development as compared to other infants was also much better and so when my sister-in-law’s colleague (who too had a baby of the same month) asked her the difference in growth, she too advised her, the potent Lal Tail and proudly said “Dabur Lal Tail suggested by my saasu maa and recommended by me!”

Dabur Lal Tail not only saved my little prince from those thorny rashes but also kept away the usual saas-bahu cat fights. No wonder my modern sister-in-law understood not only the value of her mother-in-law but also the importance of our culture, traditional knowledge and ancient science.

This post is written for Indiblogger’s – Dabur’s  Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth Contest.

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Dabur Lal Tail

It wasn’t me, then who was at fault?

The girlfriend pointing at the boyfriend, the boyfriend blaming the girlfriend. The wifey bombarding on the hubby and the hubby retracting it on her. Who is at fault? We probably do not know.  Let’s find out…

How many times have you heard the prominent phrase,” it’s your fault and not mine?” Many a times, right? No matter whoever utters it, the recipient is generally aggravated by the allusion that they have made some mistake. It appears as if no one wants to be labelled by a fickle finger blaming them and charging them for something or the other.

A very common trait observed in humans, it seems that everyone hates to be in the situation of fault. However, the same person would leave no stones unturned to blame the opposite person. And relationship between a man and a woman, husband and wife, a girl and a boy is no different.

Why does it happen? Well, mainly because in a relationship often a person may find it thorny to say they made a blunder, did something they were not supposed to do or didn’t do something they were supposed to do. So what they usually do as an alternative? Well, to make it appear simple and very straightforward, they  simply remove their hand, point that index finger at their spouse and articulate, “It wasn’t me, it was you!”

Why is it hard for people in a relationship to admit the truth that they may be liable in a situation that has an ill-fated upshot? Maybe it has something in relation to the other sport that is played by several people. Accepting charge is accepting the reality that they are not faultless. It is so awful that  although they know they are not just right in every way, but still they don’t want people to discern that actually.

The sport of  Blame and the I’m faultless Game are sport that end up without any winners. It basically isn’t worth the time it takes to fool around by playing these blame games. On the contrary, it is so much healthier to engage yourself in the Integrity Game and to take the blame by saying you are at fault. It is always better and sensible to own up to limitation and imperfection. Flawlessness and perfectness are really dull and overestimated. To be honest, it is in fact unachievable.

Apprehension  is yet another aspect that comes into picture for those who play the sport of retribution, repercussions, fear of consequence, embarrassment,  blame game and payback.

Lastly, the most vital question to raise for yourself  if you are playing the Blame Game is, does it actually matter who is correct and who is incorrect in any given circumstances in any relationship. Does pointing your fingers on others can ever perk up a relationship? Of course not; in fact, it will increase more and more problem than solving the last few.

Well, conceivably taking the elevated road and opting integrity is a better alternative than playing the Blame Game, isn’t it?

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…Since Real love is love in its purest form

“I love you too” Pragati said struggling on her hospital bed as tears of joy and happiness rolled down her cheeks.

One of the most momentous days of my life till today, it was the day that made me experience true love in the form of my best friends, Pragati and Siddhant. It was a day when love triumphed breaking all the hurdles, eventually sowing a seed in my heart, so much, that today, even I dream of such an auspicious day in my life – The day of eternal love that is not only everlasting but also timeless.

“All men are indeed dogs!” I used to say and why not as all the guys I usually came across were either interested in physical beauty or concerned with the attractiveness of any girl they dated. Siddhant was no exception. However, his transformation for Pragati’s love made me change my opinion.

Siddhant was like Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor in most of their movies, famous for chivalry among the females. Happy go lucky he was more interested in wine and women like most of the college dudes than participating in causes and movements till I forced him to join National Social Service (NSS). The reason, well it could get me few additional marks on our mark sheet. Besides, I didn’t want to do it all alone and so I compelled and even terrorized him to join me all in the name of friendship.  From all the things we had done earlier in our lives, this was drastically opposite. Here, we were not smoking our fags or our parent’s money but doing something that was not only serving the society and human race but also helping ourselves in moving towards happiness and self satisfaction.

From volunteering at booths of free eye check up in Tardeo and working in the camps of Clean & Green Mumbai at Dadar Chowpatty to teaching underprivileged kids, our initial rounds of Social Service was more of hanging around with friends than working for a cause until we started working on a Project based on Women empowerment. Me and Sid were allotted as volunteers in the Sexual violence section.

It was during this period when Pragati came in our lives. A headstrong, career-oriented woman of the 21st century, she entered the office premise as a damsel in distress. She wanted our help as she was facing sexual tensions in her office. Her boss was harassing her day in and day out. She was of the same age as ours but since she was not originally from Mumbai she had thought of supporting her college and hostel expense by working in shifts. Me and Sid decided to help her at personal levels too after we met her outside the office. Back then, I too had my own medical issues and so I couldn’t give that much time to the NGO but Sid seemed determined and he was helping Pragati in a way that it was his moral duty to help any girl. Soon, Pragati got a job elsewhere and she quit her job. However, not before defaming her boss who had attempted to sexually violate her and others in the office.

This entire process brought the two together and Sid-Pragati became couple. However, after two months, Sid informed me that Pragati after moving from Mumbai was no longer in touch with him and after few days ditched him over the phone and had broke all the ties, leaving him completely lost and lonely.

I couldn’t believe my ears as Pragati was a decent girl and how could she ditch Sid, who was the world to her. I tried her number but of no avail. The woman on the line always declared it to be off. Contacting her through her Orkut account was of no use too, since she hardly went online there. Sid, on the other hand, went in depression as he thought it was all due to his past deeds. Things turned ugly and I was helpless. However, one of my usual doctor’s visits brought me face to face with Pragati. Their Pragati was sitting in front of me, weak and pale with a deformed face. At once, I couldn’t comprehend that it was her but the moment, I went near her wheelchair, I knew it was her. I controlled my tears and asked how she was. I waited till she went to the doctor’s cabin for her usual check up and accompanied her to her hospital bed along with the nurse. As soon as the nurse went and we were alone, she broke down and told me why she had sent that cruel SMS to Sid. She didn’t wanted to be a burden to him as he had his own life ahead. Besides, her face had deformed majorly and she had no clue when will she recover completely. Her audiometric results showed that she had lost 50% of our hearing power in her left ear. She was not the one who could tolerate sympathy towards her nor could she bear the sight of Sid rejecting her and so after knowing her condition, she took the hard decision of sacrificing her love for her love.

She begged me not to tell Sid anything about this and requested me to call him in order to hear his voice. I called him up and couldn’t control my tears and asked him to reach as soon as he could in Wockhardt hospital at Mulund. Within an hour, he was outside the hospital, I went below to bring him upstairs and told everything about Pragati. Something was running in his head which I couldn’t understand nor could analyze. But, the moment he saw her, he was shocked though he composed himself at his best controlling his tears. He went near her, kneeling on his one toe and did something which he had never done before, proposed Pragati for marriage.

“I love you Pragati and no matter what I’ll always be there for you, will you marry me?” he asked for her hand.

“Yes, yes, yes.” She almost cried with joy.


I had heard love is unconditional but had never witnessed, here I saw true love sparkling between two souls who promised to be together forever. Their love is still strong and they are now married with a beautiful baby girl. A love so very pure is synonymous to none other than the incomparable metal, Platinum which doesn’t tarnish or grow fainter with passing day but always stay true to its original form. That is why, among all major jewels that the world’s most fancy holds precious, “The Platinum” stands paramount especially when it is that timeless moment when you feel enigmatic in the delightful company of your eternal love – Celebrating Love in its purest form!


This post was written for Indiblogger’s Contest, “Platinum Day of Love

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Leave the past, live in present…


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. “Love has no desire but to fulfill itself.  To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.  To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.”  ~Kahlil Gibran

Our first kiss, our first date and our first love are the reminiscences that have quite an everlasting effect on ourselves. We might forget our greatest grief but it becomes very intricate to forget those moments which we had once cultivated from the threads of feelings and trust. What happens once when the equation fades, the thread ruptures and the person who was everything goes away from our life. What do we do then? Do we drown ourselves in self pity or try to come out by my moving forward.

Stalking his Facebook status, walking past through his home, waiting long near your ex office and call him from unknown numbers will do no good. Although it is difficult but it is better to forget about something that has been tarnished rather than trying to give it a shot every now and then.  Life doesn’t stop with one failed relationship but goes on. So, we need to accept the future with open arms and try to live each day blissfully like they say, out of the heart of the darkness comes the morning light.

Indulge with your buddies, pamper yourself, get a make -over or perhaps do what you feel the best. The idea is to get over the past to enjoy and live in the present. Not to cry for a lost relationship and the love of your ex but celebrate life as it comes!

You still cherish the gift he gave you on the first date? No matter how beautiful it may be, it is now worthless because as soon as your eyes go on it, you sink once again in the memory lane. False hope will only ruin and never heal you. Love letters, sovereigns or anything related to him will only remind you of your failed relationship. Trash it, dump it or throw it, but never try to hold it.

Often you and your ex may have common friends and acquaintances, avoid asking them about him and till the time you are completely over him, avoid connections or meeting with the common acquaintances. Stop putting his name in the Facebook search box to check what’s happening with him. The new girl in his pictures will only make your head spin. Unfriend him, stop peeping into his life and by any means do not let it become an obsession.

One of the essential part of loving is to let him go, so delete his number, stop chasing him or visiting his folks. Do whatever it takes to stay busy and get away from all that sick feeling of loneliness and seclusion. Remember, love is just part of a life and not life. Besides, the absence of your ex who has no significance in your present should not become a constraint of your future.

Close the chapter, let it go and get back to your road to happiness. Life is beautiful and is eagerly waiting for you, are you ready to start yet again?

Mother’s Day Special: Do you share your secrets with Mom?

The trade of keeping secrets is a very complex affair. That’s mainly because everybody’s after secrets. If anybody ever finds that you have been keeping a secret, they’ll track you or leap at you like a sniffer dog in order to dig up your secret. It is a universal truth that people starve for secrets even more than they starve for food. Such is the pull or magnetism of a secret.

You will be able to  keep anything in your custody safe and sound except for a secret. That very instant people makes out that you have a secret, they’ll pester you till you go nuts and divulge out your secret in utter frustration. At times, keeping a secret requires involvement with another  person. This can be an absolutely frightening state as you won’t know whom to rely with your secret.

The individual whom you think will keep your secret competently is perhaps the first and foremost person to go and tattle out your top secret to your colleagues, neighbors and so-called buddies. Or he or she may swindle you, pretending to keep your secret although they are  functioning for your adversary. The person might trick you into thinking that they are trustworthy to you by revealing to you your adversary’s top secret. By this line of attack the person is a confidant  to both you and your adversary while they are functioning for neither but themselves. Accordingly you can well envision the perils of trusting anybody with your secret.

Who Can Keep Your Secret a Secret? Mum’s the Answer

A secret can be in any form like a secret affair,a secret action, a secret wish, a secret thought, a secret letter, a secret happening, a secret meeting and any other type of secret. This planet is encompassed with secrets and many of us believe  that we have been born here to discover the secrets of the Earth.

Almost every one of us has some secret that we want to keep tightly locked within ourselves. But at that the same time, during some occasion, it is very difficult to keep even our own secrets. We, human beings often feel the excruciating want to let loose our minds in consequence of being burdened down by secrets, to share our secrets with a close associate most preferably a friend. However herein lies the hitch. Who is to take up the position of a close friend? Studies have revealed that mothers are the greatest secret-keepers.

Moms have a natural compassion and love for their kids that actually prompts them to keep their children’s secrets utterly secure and safe. However apart from your mom, it seems that there is nobody else you can risk with your top secrets. Associates and buddies nearly always let the cat out of the sack to have a good humor on the sly. If you inform a close friend that something’s very secretive and to be kept mum, the friend will without delay spill the beans to yet another associate or friend saying that it is a secret and supposed to be kept mum. Ultimately, you’ll find everyone is talking about you and your top secret in a hush-hush mode.

Spouses have a general tendency to misuse secrets when they are having a quarrel.  The moment you squabble, whatever you have told them when both of you had been together will be used wrongly and made public. Siblings, on the other hand also have a good laugh at your cost if they are privy to your secrets and make out that you have something to hide. Your weak points then become a great prospect to siblings who believe themselves to be your rivals and who try to win every possible chance to get hold of family attention. Fathers of the old school, who are arrogant, ambitious, egotistic and proud, cannot be considered as good keepers of confidences simply because they are unapproachable.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions. There are friends who would die but never leak out their buddies secrets. There are spouses who would gladly play the cloak-and-dagger sport to disguise the surreptitious moves of their spouse. There are siblings who would walk out of their means only to help and support their erring sisters and brothers, to cover-up their inadequacy. Excluding all exceptions to all set of laws, mothers are the best shield of their children and their children’s secrets.

I share all my hope, desires, dreams, wishes, conspiracy and even the deepest secrets with my mom, do you share your secrets with mom?


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