Top 10 point of Rahul Gandhi’s Speech in the AICC meet – Part II

Top 10 point of Rahul Gandhi’s Speech in the AICC meet – Part II

The remaining 5 points of Rahul Gandhi’s most stimulating speech at the AICC meet on January 17th is here as under:


6.       Democracy isn’t ruled by a single man

Highlighting on the definition of democracy, Mr. Gandhi stressed on the point that, Democracy is not something which is ruled by a single man. He further stated that, Congress is not like others who turn people of the same country against each other which illuminates the sparks of communal hatred. Now, everybody knows at what Mr. Gandhi seems to be hinting at.

7.       Dr. Manmohan Singh and team took the country to new heights

Rahul Gandhi openly admired how our current PM Manmohan Singh and the UPA II government scaled India to new heights by bringing in acts and laws that benefitted the country. He talked about the MGNREGA, Right to Information Act, and AADHAR card. While the former gave the people the right to work, the RTI gave the general public, the right to know and the latter gave a common identity to everybody. His speech also lauded Manmohan Singh’s government when he mentioned how the Panchayti Raji transformed in these 10 years.

8.       We will fight for Women and their rights

Rahul Gandhi in his power-packed speech gave due importance to women and even said unless women are given the power, our country cannot rest on its feet. The Congress leader also mentioned that it is his dream to see women as 50% of the Congress leaders in future.

9.       Raising the poor to middle class level

In a decade, Congress led UPA has brought 14 crore people out of the “below poverty line” in India. And in the next five years, Congress further aims to bring up the 70 crore people stuck above the BPL line and below the middle class into the middle class section.

10.   Opposition can sell haircuts and combs to bald people

Attacking the oppositions, Rahul Gandhi made an intelligent as well as humorous remark by calling them skilled salesman who are very much expert in marketing. He indirectly pointed at BJP by saying they are so good in marketing that they even have an ability to sell combs to the bald. On AAP, the newly formed party, Rahul Gandhi raised his voice by claiming them a step forward than the others. He said these new bunch of people can even sell haircuts to bald by opening a hair salon for them.

Rahul Gandhi’s powerful speech with lot of force and aggression in the AICC meet prior to the Lok Sabha Elections has given all his cynics a rest. The loud applause and cheers at the Talkatora Indoor stadium only evoked the rise of the much criticized Gandhi son. Good going Gandhi Junior!

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Top 10 point of Rahul Gandhi’s Speech in the AICC meet – Part I

Rahul Gandhi, on January 17th in the AICC meet delivered the most stimulating speech, focusing on democratization, ideologies of Congress and empowerment of the people. In what we call as one of the most passionate and aggressive speech delivered both in Hindi and English, the Congress Vice-President not only motivated the Congress karya kartas but also attacked the opposition for their policies and beliefs.


Below is the ten points of his rousing speech:

1.       PM will be selected by MP’s and not declared by the party

Congress workers from past few days were being impatient to hear Rahul as a PM candidate. They wanted a face for the campaign against the BJP’s PM Candidate Narendra Modi. However, Mr. Gandhi, reminded them of the Indian constitution, which clearly states the PM is elected by the MP’s and not by the party ahead of the elections.

2.       The Deal for the Common Man

From ages now, Congress has proved that the party’s aim is to empower the common people and give them all that what they deserve and desire. Going by the same line, Mr. Gandhi said our country is constantly changing. So, it becomes the prime duty of the Congress to meet the growing aspirations of the aam aadmi, who aspire fair pact.

3.       12 LPG Cylinder for every home

The most awaiting news for all the mothers and family is out. Nobody has to now worry of the huge amount one had to pay for more than 9 cylinders in a single year. Yes, Rahul Gandhi has himself confirmed that 9 LPG cylinders are not enough, our home needs 12 LPG cylinders.

4.       Congress is not a party but an “Idea”

Attacking his oppositions he said, those who tried to put an end to the “idea” named Congress never succeeded and will only fail if they try to do so. The Congress Vice-President further also emphasized the fact that this election is not just any other election but a turning event for India as a whole.

5.       Putting all our might to pass the 6 Pending Anti-Graft Bills

In his inspirational speech, Rahul Gandhi also talked about anti-corruption tasks which the party will start doing. He said, Congress will start pushing the 6 anti-graft bills in Parliament which will definitely help in weakening corruption from the country.

Talking about ideologies, plans and deal for the common man, Mr. Gandhi further talked about empowerment to women, other political parties and the rights that make citizens powerful which can be seen in Part 2 of the same article.

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